3 Amazing Facts about Online Casinos in Thailand

The history of gambling in Thailand goes back a long way which is why you’ll find the majority of locals gambling actively. When online casinos were introduced, they were welcomed wholeheartedly by avid gamblers of Thailand, and thus, online gambling in Thailand got popular in no time.

3 Amazing Facts about Online Casinos in Thailand

Online gambling is mysterious and unpredictable, attracting millions of players from all over the world. Additionally, a good internet connection and the fast working procedure get you anything done at a moment’s notice. The online casinos in Thailand offer several promotional offers and bonuses, which get more and more people onboard. Nonetheless, online casino is highly favorable gambling as compared to traditional gambling in Thailand, especially in current times.

Despite it’ popularity, only a few individuals are familiar with its history, from its creation to the present day. Additionally, besides its introduction, there are some other amazing facts about online casinos that you should probably know.

Here is a rundown of amazing facts related to online casino, listed as follows:

Gambling is Not Legal in Thailand

Gambling has been an essential part of Thailand’s culture and society. By the 18th century, the people of Thailand had already adapted about 100 gambling games. During this time, gambling was quite mainstream and Thailand being an important country for trade and immigration, welcoming people from around the world, which gave further boost to the evolution of gambling in Thailand.

However, in the mid-1990s, gambling activities were banned in Thailand. A law was passed which is still intact today. Thailand has labeled gambling a punishable crime.

But what may surprise you is that despite a ban on physical casinos, people of Thailand actively pursue online gambling. Thailand is one of the biggest markets of online gambling and if you wish to gamble when in Thailand, online gambling sites are your best bet.

Football Betting is the Most Popular

Despite the ban, online betting on Football is the most popular in Thailand. Although betting and gambling are deemed illegal in Thailand, the evolution of technology in form of the internet, mobile betting apps, and the possibility of online transactions has made online betting popular that has found a massive market in Thailand. About US$5.3 billion are generated via football betting in Thailand every year. Thai people are avid gamblers and with so many online betting platforms today, they get to satisfy their craving to bet and earn.

Online Casinos in Thailand Offer Plenty of Bonuses

It is only understandable that many gambling enthusiasts keep their distance from gambling due to the fear of being arrested and charged for violation of the law. But one thing that may astonish you is that online casinos in Thailand offer some of the best bonuses and promotional offers to attract gamblers. Thai people are known for their love for gambling and online casinos in Thailand cash out on just this. All you have to do is sign up and get started. The process is simple and quick just like you will see at fun88 ทางเข้า.

Lesser Known Facts About Online Casino in General

Besides the facts listed above about gambling in Thailand, there are some lesser-known facts about online casinos in general.

Men are likely to gamble more

11 percent of internet users are active gamblers. However, more than 80 percent of gamblers are men. Even though there is a huge difference, but more and more women are joining to have fun at online casinos besides winning money. In Australian online casino, people spent $12 billion dollars.

Slots are a popular game

Slots machines are used to dispense chewing gum, that can be traded for real money! Thus, this amazing fun fact, and is the reason several slot machines still use fruit symbols. Additionally, as per an estimate, 70% of online casino profit comes from slots.

The biggest win ever was 17, 861, 813 Euros

Online gambling is a lot of fun, and if cards are played right, this can be your biggest win. Jackpots are increased with every bet, and some jackpots turn out huge. In 2015, an individual bet 25p, and won a whopping amount of 13.2 million pounds. However, the biggest win is recorded by a Finnish man. In 2013, he placed a 25 cent bet and won 17,861,813 euros.

All winnings aren’t paid

Yes, this is true. Imagine winning a hefty amount, and not getting a penny of it because of a technical glitch. In reality, this happened with an Italian man, who bet 18 pounds, and won 650,000 pounds. However, operators refused to pay for this, stating that there was a glitch with their software. He tried his luck in court too but lost this case since there was a small print in terms and conditions stating that in case of computer errors, no winnings are paid.

If you happen to be in Thailand, you’ll come across numerous online gambling options because the love for gambling runs in Thai blood. They just can’t stay away. However, when gambling in Thailand, make sure you stay under the cover as much as possible. the less you brag, the more exciting your gambling experience in Thailand will be.