3 Tips for Saving Time on Cooking

As much fun as cooking can be, it can often become boring and monotonous when you have to do it every day. If you are someone that cooks for yourself or for your family on a regular basis, you will understand that cooking can often feel draining and take up a large amount of time in your day. If you’re struggling with spending a long time deciding what to cook (and cooking it), have a read through this article for three great tips on how to save time in the kitchen.

3 Tips for Saving Time on Cooking
Five friends cheerfully cooking for an upcoming party

Meal Preparation 

Meal preparation is an essential step for anyone that wants to save time on cooking. Meal prep involves making big batches of meals in a singular sitting and then decanting this meal into various containers, freezing and refrigerating some of them until a later date. By cooking in large quantities in one go, you save a lot of timing in the cooking process. You can simply defrost one of the portions from the freezer and you are good to go!

Meal preparation can also involve chopping or organizing your food as soon as you buy it. For example, a great way to prepare meals is to cut your fresh veggies as soon as you buy them and then put them in a jar of water with a lid on. Keeping your cut veggies like this will save you on chopping time when it comes to cooking and will keep your cut veggies fresher for longer. If you are meal prepping, you’ll want to buy some good-quality containers to store your frozen meals. These are some good containers for meal prep as they are sturdy, reliable, and adaptable.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is another essential step for saving time in the cooking process. There’s nothing that wastes time more than trying to come up with a meal from the random scraps of food and leftovers that you have in your fridge. If you plan ahead, you should be able to plan what you’ll have for dinner each day of the week and shop accordingly. This might seem like a lot of effort but it will save you time in the long run. Nothing feels better than coming home from work and knowing that you have all the ingredients necessary to make a comforting, warming meal – all you have to do is cook it. If you’re cooking for a family, consider getting a chart or simply just a piece of paper that you stick up in the kitchen with the plan for what meals you’ll have each week. If you have children, you could make it more fun and interactive for them by allowing them to write what they would like for their weekly dinners on the chart.

Consider Meal Plans

Meal plans are a great idea for anyone that struggles to come up with things to cook on a daily basis. Cooking can be fun, but it can easily become a chore when you can’t decide what to cook. Decision fatigue is easily experienced with cooking for yourself and this is why meal plans can be such a great option. Meal plans can be catered to your specific dietary requirements and can make sure that you have a good balance of carbohydrates, fats, and protein as well as getting a good number of calories for your height and body weight. Remember that buying meal plans doesn’t mean you have to stick to them exactly; you can still go out for dinner at restaurants and enjoy treats and snacks – meal plans simply make deciding what to eat on a daily basis much easier.

Cooking can sometimes feel like a chore, but with a bit of forethought and planning, cooking can feel like a simple task once again. Sometimes all you need is a few hours every week to meal prep, chop up vegetables and plan ahead for the whole rest of your week to feel blissfully easy. If you’re prepared to dedicate a few hours on your weekend to sorting out your meal plans for the coming week, you’re sure to save yourself a lot of stress, decision fatigue, and running to the local shop to buy that ingredient you forgot you needed!