Learn to Cook with Recipes

Some people are natural born chefs while others cannot even boil water without burning down the house. Of course, there are also many people in between who can and want to learn to cook, yet the actual process seems daunting. For those, it is essential to use recipes to make something edible or even delicious. However, even with the help of many recipes some could-be chefs end up with barely edible food. Many times, it is not necessarily the recipe or the cook’s fault, but a combination of the two.

Know Your Limitations

While impressing friends or family with a superb dish sounds wonderful, if you are just starting out cooking, it may end in disaster if you take on a recipe that is too difficult. It is usually a good idea to start off with a good understanding of what you are and are not capable of. For example, if a person has not mastered instant oatmeal, it may be risky to assume that that same person will be able to produce a six course dinner for eight people. Remember that there is plenty of time to produce a delicious meal after you have learned to use a recipe.

Know Your Recipe

Selecting a recipe is simply not enough. Before deciding to cook anything, it is important to understand everything the recipe is asking to do. For instance, a recipe that states that a particular item should “simmer” could have a possible different result if it is instead “boiled”. There are certain worlds in the cooking world that are not used anywhere else. Because of this, it could be helpful to research basic cooking terms and become familiar with them before attempting a first dish.

Following Your Recipe

The recipe is there for a reason. Some seasoned chefs can take a quick glance at any recipe and add ingredients, delete ingredients and still have the final result be excellent. With the exception of those few, it is almost always better to follow the recipe exactly as its written. For great success, read through the recipe a couple of times to be sure that there is complete understand of what is being taken on. In addition to understanding the recipe itself, make sure prior to cooking that all them ingredients, including seasonings are on hand. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of preparing a meal and not having all the ingredients.

With a little care and patience, learning to cook with a recipe can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

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