5 Items to Give Your Kitchen a Country Look


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If you grew up eating cookies in grandma’s kitchen, you know how comforting a country kitchen can feel. You don’t have to live on a farm to enjoy the warm decor of a classic country kitchen. Many of the items you need for decor also serve a purpose. You may even own some of these items, all ready. If you have an iron skillet or canning jars, you can simply find a way to display them, for example. With a little creativity and some smart shopping, you can have a cozy country kitchen.

Decorative accents make your kitchen interesting and can help reinforce your theme. For a country kitchen, focus on checkered patterns, plaids, and farm animal prints. You can often find dish towels, table cloths, and chair cushions with these patterns on them. You can incorporate farm animals into the decor with wall hangings, salt and pepper shakers, and rugs. Save money on your decor with online Walmart coupons.

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Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware looks great and enhances your cooking. Many people already have a cast iron pan tucked away in their kitchen. You can display your cast iron cookware to create a country kitchen. Many people hang cast iron cookware on the wall. If you have inherited some original pieces that look to be in poor condition, you can easily restore them. Cast iron gets better with age, so these items add function to your kitchen, as well.

Canning Jars

Canning jars can fit into your kitchen in a variety of places. You don’t have to can fruit or make jam to use them. You can store spices, beans, or rice in them. Add to your country kitchen look by displaying them on a shelf or counter. Many people use them as drinking glasses, as well.

Bread Box

Bread boxes still serve a purpose in the modern kitchen. Even if you don’t make homemade bread, you can store your bread inside one. They also work great for artisan bread from the bakery. You can often find metal and wood versions. Both styles look great for a country kitchen.

Canisters for Dry Goods

If you bake a lot you may already have decorative canisters for your flour and sugar. You can find these in many styles. Stores often carry glass, metal, and ceramic canisters. For a country kitchen, you may enjoy colorful ceramic canisters or canisters with animals on them. If you like a simple look, perhaps some antiqued white canisters with descriptive words on them. Canisters contribute to the country’s aesthetic while also keeping you organized.

An old-fashioned country kitchen can make your home feel more cozy and cheerful. Whether you want to reminisce about your grandparents or follow trends, you can easily get affordable items for a country kitchen makeover. If you need to adhere to a budget, look for coupon codes and shop discount stores. With a few small changes, you can enjoy a brand new look.

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