5 Magnetic Products You Must Have in Your Kitchen

Magnetic products can be a great addition to any kitchen. The wise use of magnets can help you in organising your kitchen efficiently. However, they are particularly useful for small kitchens that do not have enough cabinets for storage and less counter space. Here are five magnetic products that you must have in your kitchen. These are items that will make your kitchen look clutter-free.

Magnetic Knife Holder:

If you have a small kitchen or if you can’t drill into your wall or tiles, you should get a magnetic knife holder for fridge. Simply place it on the side of your fridge to keep your knives, choppers, and peelers. You have to make sure you get a strong one so it won’t slide off your fridge.

Having such a product in your kitchen will ensure help you save space for which you would otherwise use the counter. If the knife holder is big enough, you can also use it for hanging up some of your metal utensils. You can even find knife blocks with neodymium magnets that are hidden. They are a perfect choice to secure knife blades and add style to your kitchen too.

Magnetic Towel Holder: 

For homeowners having a small kitchen, finding the right place to hang kitchen towels is a task. Having a magnetic towel holder in your kitchen will solve this problem permanently and offer a neat look.

You can conveniently use the magnetic towel holders to place the kitchen towels anywhere you want provided the place has some metal. For example, you can hang it around the fridge handle or put it on a hook.

Magnetic Meat Timer/Thermometer 

A vast majority of the kitchen timers available these days are magnetic. However, it is not easy to find a timer with a built-in meat thermometer. If you want your meat to be perfectly cooked, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a magnetic meat thermometer/timer.

Having this device will allow you to see whether the meat has reached its optimum cooking temperature. The ideal place for hanging this magnetic product is your oven.

If you opt for one of the high-end devices, you’ll also be able to operate the unit via your smartphone. This also helps you monitor the temperature of the meat even if you are not standing near the cooking area. Most of these units will allow you to monitor the meat’s temperature from a distance of 100 metres.

Magnetic Measuring Spoon

This unit must be a part of your kitchen if you love baking or keep trying unique recipes from time to time. Keep a couple of magnetic measuring spoons hanging on your fridge or oven. This will assist you in speeding up your cooking/baking process. That’s because you’ll not need to pick through utensils to get hold of your regular measuring spoons anymore. Moreover, nesting the spoons together will allow the magnet to hold all the pieces together.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Bottle opening is not a job that can cause serious issues in your kitchen if not done in the right manner. However, there’s nothing wrong with taking the necessary steps to complete the job perfectly. So, when looking for magnetic products for your kitchen, do consider buying a magnetic bottle opener.

You should opt for this unit particularly if you are a party person and keep hosting parties at your place at regular intervals. Having a bottle opener that sticks to the refrigerator will make it easier for your guests to open their bottles.

If you fail to get a bottle opener that comes equipped with a magnet, buy a magnetic stand or rack to which you have stuck a metal opener. You can use the rack also for keeping your metal spoons, spatulas, and knives.

The article talks about just a few magnetic units you can keep in your kitchen. The market has more such useful products like magnetic spice jars/rack, cell phone stand, spot scrubber, etc. These products indeed make your life easy and add convenience too.

You might sometimes find it difficult to stick the magnetic kitchen accessories to your refrigerator if its stainless-steel body contains excessively high levels of nickel. In such a case, you must stick these products on the sides of your fridge. Most of these are also good options for renters who wish to use their apartments carefully without drilling the walls.