5 Reasons Outdoor Kitchens Are Worth It

If you’re a foodie who finds yourself hosting often and enjoying cooking in a beautiful and relaxing environment, there’s an upgrade to your outdoor space that may change your life. We all love feeling like our homes are luxurious getaways where we can relax, recharge and enjoy our hobbies. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home could be what you never knew you were missing. Let’s look at some reasons that outdoor kitchens are one renovation that is absolutely worth it.

5 Reasons Outdoor Kitchens Are Worth It

They Add Value 

Starting the list off from a financial and logical point of view, outdoor kitchens will show you more than a positive return on your investment. While some additions may detract from your home’s value, like a swimming pool or too much wallpaper, outdoor kitchens elevate your yard space and add value to your home. Even if you know the home you’re in is your “forever” home, it’s nice to know that picking out those outdoor cabinets and brick ovens will positively impact your home’s value.

They’re Beautiful 

It used to be that the standard of beauty for the American lawn was flat green grass and no leaves in sight. These days, people are opting to up their backyard game much differently. Additions like serenity pools, rock gardens and walls, outdoor kitchens, and even outhouses are common. This is because more of us love spending time outside our homes and not just in them. Aside from the luxurious beauty of having an outdoor kitchen, you transform part of your backyard into a more liveable space. With the addition of the kitchen, you’ll likely add a gorgeous dining area to your patio and probably upgrade much of your outdoor space at the same time.

They’re Useful 

If you’re an avid home chef, perhaps even a professional, you likely enjoy cooking for friends and entertaining. When you add an outdoor kitchen to your home, you have a unique cooking environment that allows your guests to join in or relax in nature while cooking for them. Besides, hosting parties outdoors comes with a lot of additional setup than serving indoors – with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, it’s easy to go from oven to table seamlessly. Enjoying food outdoors with the ambiance of sunset or rainfall is built-in entertainment and makes for nights you and your loved ones will never forget.

Often, we renovate things in our home that we don’t get as much use from as how much we invested in them. Sure, that designer wallpaper in the bathroom is beautiful, but it’s wallpaper. The same way you invest in a car because you’ll use it often – investing in outdoor kitchens is a significant expense that’s well worth it.

They’re Comfortable

Depending on the size of your home and kitchen, if you’re an avid home chef, cooking a massive meal in the summer heat can be unappealing as it heats your home. Having an outdoor kitchen means you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine without making your home’s interior and kitchen uncomfortable. Circling back to the entertaining aspect, this keeps you and your guests comfortable, too, all while you prepare the things you want to cook and aren’t limited by fear of heating up the place.

Adds Square Footage

Sometimes, it’s not realistic to add rooms to your home, but you have plenty of yard space. The addition of an outdoor kitchen adds another room and hangout space to your home without having to build higher or if you have no other space to go. Adding the outdoor kitchen is a trend that’s gained some serious staying power over the last several years, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

If you live in a state where the climate makes sense to invest in this beautiful renovation, outdoor kitchens make sense. While they can be costly, some of them running around $50,000 to do it right, they are a sound investment for the reasons outlined above. Especially if you enjoy entertaining and living the high-life, this is one addition you should consider to turn your home into even more of a relaxing haven than it is already. Cheers!