6 Benefits of Connecting Your Phone to Your Car 

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Smart technologies have become widespread in our daily routine. We use our smart devices in the kitchen, living room, and offices. Cars have become a natural extension of this smart environment. 

This article will highlight several benefits of connecting your automobile with your phone if you have not done so yet. The capabilities of smart devices connected to your vehicle can be rather impressive.

Connected phones increase the safety of your rides, help you to stay in touch wherever you are, and increase the comfort of your driving. Even if you are in academic debt and need to order essay online while driving to the college, your smartphone will cover you up in the car. 

You can connect your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth or manage a wired connection. Your smartphone will become a natural extension of your vehicle in both cases. Here we present to you the benefits which such a connection brings.  

1. Safe riding 

The first and foremost benefit of a smartphone connected to your car is a safe environment during the ride. The voice commands of the smartphone allow you to complete all the tasks with your voice. 

You may correct the navigation route, answer calls, and check the necessary information with a simple voice request. It will help you to focus on the road. The hands-free profile increases safety on the road significantly. The profile aids you have all the necessary functions at the tip of your fingers. 

2. Increased comfort 

Besides safety, a connected smartphone makes your ride more comfortable. You may connect the smartphone to your car’s audio system. This connection will increase its potential greatly. Eventually, you will have access not only to music and radio. You may listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or lectures.

If you have a long trip ahead, a connected phone will make this journey pleasant and fulfilling. In combination with a hands-free profile, your smartphone becomes an easily accessible media center. Such a feature will be a great companion on a long ride. 

3. Car connection applications 

Applications that synchronize with your automobile e-systems are one of the most advanced modern technologies. Such connection makes your smartphone a natural extension of your car and gives you even more control over your vehicle. 

Android launched its application Auto in 2015, and Apple released its Car Play in 2016. These applications serve as a software bridge between you and your vehicle. The following manufacturers support these applications in new vehicles models: 

  • General Motors
  • BMW 
  • Kia

If you are an owner of one of those models, you can connect your smartphone to your car via one of the applications. 

The applications expand the functions of the wireless connection between your phone and your automobile. Besides the voice commands and hands-free profile, you can manage navigation and even start your vehicle with the app. 

The mobile applications support autonomous GPS maps that work without an internet connection. You will always find your way even in the most distant location of your travel.

Another useful feature of these apps is customizable profiles for starting and unlocking the car. You can share keys with friends and family more easily and safely. The customary profile will work for a couple of hours even if the battery on your phone runs out. 

Besides, you can start your automobile with voice commands or operate other car systems with the help of your smartphone. It will make the analysis of the engine status easier and more accessible. 

Such applications will work well for novice and experienced drivers. People who are new to the road will be in closer touch with their vehicle and will understand it deeper. More experienced drivers will have an opportunity to trust some functions of the automatic systems and concentrate solely on the road. 

6 Benefits of Connecting Your Phone to Your Car 

4. General applications

Besides the specialized applications that connect to your car directly, numerous applications may be useful during your ride. With these applications, you will have all the necessary information to reach your destination. 

Maintenance apps. With maintenance apps, you can check the status of your engine and all the necessary parameters. The exact application depends on the model of your smartphone and your car. Yet, there are many options for different types of vehicles. 

Special navigation apps. General navigation apps serve as a universal solution for reaching any point. However, many specialized apps will help you find a good parking place or create a route with minimum traffic jams. 

Also, you can search for specialized services such as gas or car maintenance stations. These applications will show you not only the location of these services but also special benefits and services.

5. Communication

The connection of the smartphone to your car system makes сommunication during the drive safer. You can send voice messages via Siri or Cortana, answer the calls with a voice command, or even take notes. 

You do not need any additional devices for that purpose; your phone will cover everything you need during the ride. You may always be in touch and spend less time managing all the necessary apps or tools for efficient communication. 

6. Data tethering 

Often, we drive in a company. In a case when your phone is the only source of internet connection, you may turn your car into a Wi-fi hub. Bluetooth connection allows tether data to other users around your vehicle. This feature will be useful during a long trip or in case you need an internet connection somewhere distant. 

Final words 

Your smartphone connection to your car brings many positive enhancements to your driving. You may fully concentrate on the road and operate your device in a hands-free profile. Modern voice assistants will provide all necessary functions via voice commands. 

Besides the safe operation of your smartphone, you will increase the comfort of the ride. Quick and easy access to your audio system will make long trips more pleasant. Finally, many general conveniences come with a connected smartphone. Specialized and regular apps will make driving from any distance a pleasant experience.