6 Fish Preservation Tips Every Fisherman Needs To Know

6 Fish Preservation Tips Every Fisherman Needs To Know


Whether you are a professional fisherman or an amateur, it always pays to know how to properly preserve your catch. Remember that you won’t be able to eat all of it in one meal, and it would be such a waste if you let it rot out in the open. Here are 6 fish preservation tips every fisherman needs to know.

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Salted fish is one of the oldest preservation methods for both meat and fish products. Salting is a very popular form of preservation for fishermen because salt is always a constant during long sea trips. If the fishermen don’t have any ice or a fridge on board, all they need to do is create salt from the salt water, and then preserve their fish.

The trick to making salted fish depends on its size. If your fish are small such as anchovies or sardines, you could just coat them with a lot of salt. However, if you catch a large fish, you should cut it into smaller pieces and pat it down with a handful of salt. The salt will draw out the moisture in the fish and make it easier to dry.


Drying is somewhat older than salting although the methods are quite similar. The main intent of drying is to remove as much moisture from the fish as possible. The lack of moisture will prevent the pathogens from developing

If you are going to dry your fish, it is very important that you wash your hands. Try to use hand sanitizer before you work on your fish. It is also important that you wash and sanitize your knives before you use them as well. All these precautions might be a bit tedious, however, you should remember that you won’t be using salt for this method. So the fish won’t have a substance that will stave off decay.


Fermenting fish is quite common in most cultures. Many cultures all over the world ferment their fish in order to preserve them for long periods. Some examples are fish paste and fish sauce.

Fish paste is made up of salted fish that has been allowed to ferment for over a month or three. The fish slowly ferments, which eventually becomes a salty and fish paste. Fish sauce is a type of sauce that is made up of anchovies or other kinds of fish that have been allowed to ferment for over a year. The juice from the fermented fish is then distilled and stored in glass jars. This type of sauce is usually used as a seasoning for Asian dishes.


While fishermen from colder climates used ice to preserve their fish, freezing only became common after the invention of iceboxes and fridges. Nowadays though, freezing fish is an incredibly effective way to preserve your fish. It is also the easiest, because all you need to do is dress the fish, place it in a flexible plastic container, and you could stick it in the fridge. The fish will last for weeks or even months, just as long as the cold temperature of the fridge is consistent. Oh


If you want your fish to last for months or even years, you should really invest in a canning machine. By having your fish canned, you could ensure that your fish is as protected from pathogens as possible. If you are going to can your fish, the very first thing you should do is wash your hands. You could also wear a pair of gloves during the process so that it could protect your hand from the fishy smell.

When you work on your fish, it is very important that you debone the fish, and cut it up into chunks. It is important that you cut it into chunks because a whole fish won’t go inside a can. After cutting it up into chunks, it is time to create a preservative mixture for your fish. You could use olive oil, brine, or even vinegar to suspend the fish inside the can. This liquid will not only help the fish to last longer it will also flavor it.

Aside from the preparation process, it is also important that you invest in a canning machine. It is almost impossible to do canning by hand. Having your canning machine is especially important if you are running your own fishing business. If you want to invest in a good-quality canning machine that is perfect for can filling lines, you should try out Levapac. It is a company that manufactures the best canning machines at the best prices ever.


Smoking is similar to drying and salting and is one of the oldest types of fish preservation methods. The main difference in the smoking method is that the smoke is used to dehydrate the fish.

It is relatively easy to smoke a fish. First things first you should gut the fish. This ensures that none of the fish organs could add moisture to the fish. There is also the fact that the organs are also the very first place that bacteria will grow on. After gutting the fish, you should cut the fish into strips or cut them open into a butterfly cut. This will ensure that the fish is as open and flat as possible. This will ensure that there are no hidden areas in the flesh that the moisture could seep through.

After preparing the fish, it is important that you prepare a smoker or a smokehouse. Spread the fish on the smoker or smokehouse, and leave it there for two or three hours.


If you are a fisherman, it is important that you know how to properly dress and preserve your catch. There will be times where you will catch a lot of fish, and you won’t be able to eat them all in one sitting. This is especially important if you are a professional fisherman, and you need to sell large amounts of fish. With these tips, you’ll know how to properly preserve your fish.