8 Interesting Logic Games For Kids

8 Interesting Logic Games For Kids

When kids can follow the logical chain of progression in their mind, it represents a highly valuable skill for children. Children can apply this skill to their everyday life which will serve as an avenue to accomplish any of the following:

Predict the future

  • Making rational decisions
  • Solving problems
  • Limit errors/mistakes.

Logic should never be taken for granted because it represents a learned skill. The games in the list below will prove valuable at bringing the best out of every child when it comes to the issue of logic and reasoning. We shall be taking a look at each of them. Here’s the list made by Best Essay Help:

1. Mastermind

This is perhaps one of the purest games of logic that is in existence. Kids will have to think about the guess that will provide them with the purest game of logic; powerful connections are involved in the Mastermind game and it will be of immense benefit to thinking faculty of kids. Playing this game will bring the creative best out of kids in code-cracking and it will go all the way to revolutionalize the thought process in kids.

2. No Stress Chess

This is another worthy game that was released by Winning Moves Games. It is a known fact that chess is a teaching tool for a wide variety of life skills. It is ideal for bringing the best out of kids including logic reasoning. This is a fun game to play and ideal for seasoned veterans. Some cards Can be used to teach beginners as well as level the playing field. It makes it easy for beginners and sets the bar on the choices of veterans.

3. Solitaire Chess

This game is more than a chess tool. It is a fun challenge even for non-players. If you are familiar with the game; then you are going to find it easy with this game because there are some similarities between the two. It is advised that you approach this game like a chess position by attempting to solve the puzzle in your mental faculty without touching the game. Check out Spilsbury’s free jigsaw puzzle catalog for more fun games like Solitaire Chess.

4. Cat Crimes

ThinkFun is an authority when it comes to the game of logic; this is the reason why we are including Cat Crimes on the list of 8 logic games for kids. The difficulty levels come in diverse forms and the puzzles involved are the height of fun challenge. It requires reading; therefore the kid should be able to read to enjoy the best benefits of this game.

5. Laser Maize

This is yet another super delivery from ThinkFun. The reason why this game is popular among the kids can be attributed to the presence of laser. Some kids love a player with Laser alone and have the dog chase it while they enjoy unlimited fun. The puzzles are well designed; exploiting it will raise the bar of the fun to the rooftops for the kids.

6. Logic Land

The fantasy theme of this game is superlative and the presentation is well done. The packaging is incredibly attractive and the kids will easily fall in love with the presentation of this game from Brainwright. It comes with a spiral book that contains all puzzles as well as the answers to each of them. The beauty of this game lies in the fact that younger children can play independently.

7. Guess Who

Kids that are involved with this classic game will end up having fun memories of it. In this game, the kids will have the opportunity of choosing their question which will end up eliminating several potential people. There is a lot of productive learning to be derived through this game.

8. Clue Junior

This game from the stable of Hasbro is a logic game that comes with loads of nostalgia for the youths. This will be too much to handle for the youngest kids, yet it holds a lot for kids who are after the best in terms of logic.


The list above represents 8 of the best logic games that the kids can easily relate with and which will help boost their thinking faculty.