8 Most Delightful Austrian Desserts to Try

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Do you wish to treat your guests to some popular European dessert? If your answer is a yes, you can try Austrian dessert recipes and impress your guests with the richness and sweetness of the fare. Dive into a world of sweet delights to explore mouth-watering and delicious sweet dishes like apricot cake, scrambled pancakes, apple strudel, and more. This will help you decide the dishes you would prepare for your next party.

1. Linzer Cake

Linzer cake or Linzer torte, hailing from the lovely city of Linz, is a fruit dessert with a single layer like a pie. Bite into a torte, and its crumbly and buttery texture will create an avalanche of spicy sweetness in your mouth. Made of chopped and groundnuts, a filling of jam of apricot or redcurrant, cinnamon, and lemon, the dish is adorned by a beautiful lattice on the top. It is a traditional dish made for Christmas and holidays.

2. Salzburger Nockerl

As the name suggests, the dessert was born in Salzburg in the 17th century. As a memory of the originating place, the airy mass is arranged in three mounds, representing the three hills around the city. The dish comprises delicate dumplings and is often called soufflé because of how it is prepared. Serve it with fruit sauces and powdered sugar to offer a flavorsome touch to it.

3. Apple Strudel

When it comes to desserts from the Austro-Hungarian era, Viennese apple strudel or Apfelstrudel is the first dish that comes to mind.

The dessert consists of several thin layers and a flaky texture and treats your taste buds to a combination of aromatic filling of apples, tart, breadcrumbs, cinnamon, and sugar. Apple’s sharpness and buttery pastry make for a luscious side dish. With whipped cream or a spoonful of custard as a topping, the dish tastes divine when you accompany it with a cup of coffee or hot tea.

4. Austrian Chocolate Cake

Commonly called Sachertorte, the Austrian chocolate cake is one of the yummiest culinary offerings in the country. This indulgent chocolate torte derives its name from the well-known Austrian chef Franz Sacher. The cake is formed by assembling two circular halves with a thin, sweet layer of apricot jam in between.

After assembling the halves, create a deep and smooth layer of chocolate icing on the sides and top of the cake. Relish the intense chocolaty taste and sweetness of the jam with every bite of the nectarean dessert.

5. Scrambled Pancakes

The scrambled pancakes, a favorite of Emperor Franz Joseph I, is a light scrambled dessert made with a sweet batter, which splits when frying in the pan.

Initially, the recipe consisted of rum-soaked raisins to add tartness and depth to the pancakes. But, in modern times, the formula has become liberal, and you can add several ingredients like apples, plums, nuts, caramelized raisins, etc.

The dish works perfectly for a light lunch or dessert when served with apple sauce or fruit compote. Like apple strudel, this preparation too tastes fabulous with piping hot tea.

6. Krapfen

Krapfen was the first doughnut concocted in the European style and was later followed by similar variants in other countries. Deep-fry leavened dough until crispy and golden on the outside and light, soft, and airy on the inside. With a bite into the scrumptious, sweet dish, let your guests plunge into the sea of vanilla, jams, or chocolate custards. The drizzled chocolate or powdered sugar on the top is an added pleasure to experience at a fun-filled party.

7. Austrian Topfen Dumplings

Whip up Austrian curd dumplings or Topfenknodel in your kitchen if you wish to render a savory and more mature flavor.

With a rich flavor and soft texture, the dish can be the ideal ending to your feast. When you have finished cooking, roll the dumplings in toasted breadcrumbs and add a generous dusting of icing sugar.

It tastes equivalent to doughnuts, and you can serve it with sour cream, jams, and different types of fruits as toppings. Extremely tasty, the preparation imparts a euphoric feeling towards the end of any meal.

8. Apricot Cake

Marillenkuchen or Austrian apricot cake is the ideal choice if you want to cook a flavourful and light dessert. It proffers the desired balance to the tartness of the glazed apricots ornamenting the cake’s top with a lemon-infused base. Simple to make, it tastes great with coffee or tea.

From wholesome, dense cakes to fluffy pastries, a universe of aroma, splendor, and flavor opens up when you go over the Austrian dessert options.

Add some love to the ingredients and a little bit of practice to make an array of extraordinary desserts for future parties.