8 Tips to Find The Best Blenders For Smoothies And Ice


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The combination of smoothie and ice, no matter what season, always succeeds in getting us to smack our lips. Smoothies, being one of the most delicious drinks for everyone, is also a great source of healthy nutrients. Icy smoothies involve a variety of ingredients that are fresh and necessary for the strength and development of a human body, namely fruits, milk, natural syrups, and more. Thus, smoothies mixed with ice are consumed with a heavy demand as they can be easily customized and turned into whichever flavor one needs to have.

Having these many benefits and the yummiest of taste, it becomes really important for smoothies to get blended in the best blenders. A blender that is able to mix all the ingredients of a smoothie well, churn out their healthy juices, crushes down all the ice, and at the end, produces a mouth-watering smoothie for icy smoothie lovers will only be considered as the best blender of them all.

But this is not the case every time, as because of an unworthy, poorly-working blender, smoothies often get spoiled during their making. Sometimes it is the ice these blenders cannot crush, sometimes it is the fruits that cannot get chunked and juiced up by the bad quality blenders.

So, to prevent you from purchasing such blenders, we are listing down 8 tips to find the best blenders for smoothie and ice that will help you to keep your smoothie from directly going into the waste bin.

1. Size and material

When choosing for the right kind of blender, the size of its jar is an important thing to consider. The size of the blender’s jar depends upon the number of members in the family it is going to serve. The jar sizes vary from 32 ounces to 64 ounces. The next thing to consider is the material of the Blender’s jar. Usually, they are made of stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Among these, glass jars are transparent, thus they make the blending content more visible but are easily breakable. Plastic jars are more resistant to breaking as compared to glass jars and so are more popular. Stainless steel jar is an alternative of both the other two kinds of jars but is less popular because of its non-transparency.

2. Power capacity

To choose the best blenders, the power requirement is an important criterion. Powerful blenders use 500 watts or more of the horsepower. The high power-consuming blenders are easily able to crush the big ice cubes, frozen vegetables, and fruits and blend them into yummy smoothies without any leftover ice particles in the jar.

3. Price

The cost of blenders matters the most considering their quality. Some of their costs range from 1500 INR up to 30,000 INR. Cheap blenders, being less expensive might be of poor quality, in terms of durability and maintenance. Their motors burn out, Their smoothies are not as smooth as they should be, their jar’s plastic chips get into the food while blending. On the other hand, little expensive blenders provide high performance and require less maintenance. To help, Bullet blenders are not that expensive but they are in line with the refurbished high-performance blenders, so they can be chosen as well.

4. Design

There are many blenders that come in different designs and styles. Some are large in length, some are small depending upon the usage. Many of them come in a variety of colors to choose from. Being comfortable and easy to use, it becomes quite beneficial to purchase a blender that is stylish in appearance and has a classy design.

5. Crushing ability

Talking of blending, it would be easier for a lot of blenders to blend fruits and vegetables into smoothies, but whether they are able to crush the hard ice cubes, is where the real question comes into the picture. Ice cubes being quite tough and rigid to get crushed makes many blenders to get stuck in the middle of their blending process. So make sure that your blender is ice crushing enabled, as that will help you with two major tasks.

6. Easy cleaning

Blenders being made in a complex design might be not easy-going with their cleaning process. A blender that can be cleaned easily will profit you with your blending tasks in a much better way. Glass jars are really easy to clean. Whereas, stainless steel is comparatively less easy to clean up. Plastic jars are the hardest to clean as they catch the color of the food being blended and stains are quite visible even after washing them.

7. Available controls and other attachments

Blenders with a high price come with better controls. There is a tamper fixed inside the blender to make the ingredients inside the jar move better and get a good blend. There is also a plush button and other automatic controls to reduce the extra work of the user during crushing and blending. There are furthermore accessories and attachments that come with a high-performance blender, including some extra jars and pitchers and cleaning equipment for the ease of blending and cleaning. So better choose the blenders with a few attachments and accessories for making your blending work easier and fun.

8. Long-lasting quality and storage space

When looking for the best blenders, make sure they have a long-lasting quality. They are durable and can be easily handled and moved. A blender that is of high quality and lasts long will definitely comfort you throughout your task of blending. Blenders with longevity are definitely wanted more. The storage space of the blenders is also considered while their purchase. Different sized blenders will need large or small storage space. Do keep in mind that you have already planned the space to store them before the blender’s purchase.

The Bottom Line

These eight tips will definitely help you from choosing the best of the blender. Hope this buying guide helps you avoid all the confusion and hassles of choosing between the ideal blenders.

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