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Our chefs bring families back to the dinner table.

No commitment. Scheduling is flexible.

A professional chef cooks in your kitchen once a week, so you can cross dinner off your to-do list. All plans under $30 per person.
How it works

In Your Kitchen

Chefs cook, serve, and clean up, all in 30 minutes.

Ready to Go

Chefs bring all cooking equipment and ingredients.

On Your Schedule

Set your preferred dinner time, and skip meals if you need to.

Family Time

Enjoy your meal and spend quality time with loved ones.

This Week's Menus

We source ingredients from farms and producers who share our commitment to natural, sustainable and ethically-produced food.

“It's your new secret weapon.”

“Spoiler alert: having a chef come to your house is totally normal.”

“As good as a restaurant, if not better.”