A Comprehensive Guide to Sourcing the Best Real Estate Agent to Sell your Property


When the time comes to relocate, selling your home is obviously a priority, yet that often hinges on the abilities of the real estate agent, and making a wrong choice could cost you valuable time. How do you know which real estate agent to choose? They will all tell you their service is second to none, as you would expect, yet there is a real estate agent-finding service available in Australia, and this gives you accurate data on the performance of all the agents that are registered with the program. If you have access to the agent’s sales figures and how many units they have managed to sell this year, then you are in a position to make an informed decision on which agent to list your property.

A Comprehensive Guide to Sourcing the Best Real Estate Agent to Sell your Property
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Search, Compare & Connect

These 3 simple steps will enable you to find the best performing real estate agents that cover your region, which is really handy when you are trying to compare real estate agents in South Brisbane, or in any Australian city for that matter. The network covers the entire country, with over 15,000 suburbs, and almost all the real estate agents are signed up with the agent-finder, as they understand that this is a major source of inquiries and are therefore keen to be a part of the program. Without an agent-finding service, you would never know which agents are performing well, and this is critical information when choosing an agent to list your property.

Sales or Rental

The real estate agent-finding service can be utilized by both owners that wish to see and those who want to rent out their property, and when you land on the agent-finder’s website, you choose ‘sell’ or ‘rent’ and the process begins. Those who are looking to sell simply enter a few property details and the postal address and in seconds, you have a list of recommended agents, along with performance data, and if you are looking for tenants, enter property information, the expected rental, and the address and you will receive a list of real estate agents that deal in rentals.


Once on the agent-finder’s website, you simply enter some property details and the postal address and you will receive a list of recommended real estate agents that cover your area. If you wish to see more agents, simply click on ‘see more’ at the bottom of the page and more agent details will appear. When you are ready to move, here is some great advice on how to carefully pack wine glasses to avoid a breakage, which is the last thing you want.

Comparing Agents

With all the relevant data, it is much easier to make an informed decision, and the following information is given for every registered agent:

  • Number of listings this year.
  • Number of current property listings.
  • Average number of days for a unit to be sold.
  • Average sale price of a unit.

Aside from the above, the agent’s commission rate is also posted, alongside the national average, which is essential information to know prior to making any decision. You can compare agents by suburb, the time it takes to sell a property, or compare by commission, all at the click of the mouse, and with more than 15,000 suburbs covered across Australia, you can be sure of the best information.

Connecting with Agents

You can make contact with as many agents as you wish, the more listings, the better the chance of a quick sale, and agents that do not seem promising, you can simply ignore. Once you are in contact with the agent(s), you can log in to the agent-finder’s website anytime and talk to your agent in real-time, which makes things very convenient. A single digital platform is all you need to search for, compare, and connect with real estate agents, and the great thing is that this service is free for Australian homeowners.

Award-Winning Real Estate Agents

Like most industries, the real estate sector has both local and national awards, which are all visible on the agent-finder’s website, so you know who the high fliers are. An agent with several awards to his name would most certainly adopt best practices, and you can see who has won what awards, which will certainly help in your quest to source the best agent to represent your property.

Read the Online Reviews

When a homeowner engages a real estate agent, they are encouraged to leave an online review, all of which are available to you, and this is one more tool that can help you make the right choices regarding real estate agents. Reading reviews gives you peace of mind, and if they are all positive, you should be very happy with the service you receive.

Virtual Property Inspections

Some real estate agents are already using this technology, which enables a potential buyer to experience a virtual tour of the property (inside and out), which is a great way to narrow down a viewing shortlist. In the event a particular agent has a small video camera icon next to their name, this means they offer virtual property inspections. If you use an agent that offers this service, potential buyers are attracted to this and it might be the difference between a sale or not. Here is a government website about property taxation, which is a must-read if this is your first time as a seller.

Free to the Australian Homeowner

The agent-finding service is free for the homeowner, which is possible because the agent in question pays the finder a small commission, and when you are in need of a real estate agent, you no longer have to take any chances. The easy to use agent-finder’s website empowers you in many ways; it enables you to take a good look at any agent’s figures and that tells you who are the high fliers, and you can then make an informed decision and hopefully see your home sold at the asking price and in a timely manner.

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