A Simple Guide for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Kitchen Cabinets

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People often think that they have to change the kitchen cabinets once every few years. The truth cannot be further from this assumption. If you can take care of your CozyHome Custom Kitchen cabinets properly, it will offer you a lifetime of services and satisfaction.

Taking proper care involves cleaning, avoiding the harsh household cleaners, and regular polishing. With regular care, the beauty of the wooden cabinets will only enhance with time. To help you out, we have depicted the maintenance tricks of the kitchen cabinets in detail in the following section of this article.

Upon Installation

You should wipe the cabinet clean with a damp and soft cloth, and wipe it dry immediately with a soft dry piece of cloth. Make sure to wipe in the direction of the good grains. Once the cabinet is dry, apply a thin coat of polish. Make sure to choose a polish that does not contain any wax or silicone. Check the direction given by the manufacturer to find out how you should put the polish on the cabinets.

Basics of Cleaning

It is hard to shield the kitchen cabinets from the cooking fumes and the grease and grime build-up. Cleaning is the only way to make sure that the look and feel of your kitchen cabinets do not deteriorate over time. To remove the build-up, you should wipe down the cabinets with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Do this once every two weeks to make sure any buildup does not get deposited on your cabinet.

However, the frequency of the cleaning should always depend on your cooking style and volume. Don’t forget to wipe the CozyHome Custom Kitchen cabinets down with a dry cloth once the wiping down is complete.

If the routine cleaning procedure does not clean the build-up, you should create a cleaning paste by mixing some baking soda with water. Place this paste on a cleaning sponge and scrub the grime until it vanishes altogether. Once done, rinse the cabinets with water and wipe it down with a dry soft cloth. A mixture of the vinegar and water is yet another way to remove the stains and sticky grimes from your kitchen cabinets.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet Doors

While the above ingredients and washing methods do not harm the health of your kitchen cabinets, there are some products that do. Here is a list of common household products that can harm the health of your kitchen severely.

  • Solvents.
  • Petroleum-based products.
  • Bleach
  • Nail polish remover
  • Strong detergents or soaps.
  • Plastic brushes
  • Paint thinners
  • Scoring pads.
  • Steel Wool
  • Ammonia.

Repairing Scratches and Nicks

Generally, the manufacturing company of the kitchen cabinets provides the customers with a touch-up kit, so that they can keep the cabinets as beautiful as the first day. So, if you have bought a kitchen cabinet and have not yet received a touch-up kit, make sure to get in touch with the showroom and ask about it.

Wipe The Spills

Being a natural product, the wood of the kitchen cabinet tends to absorb the ingredients that spilled on it. That’s why with time, it becomes difficult to wipe down the stains and damages of spillage if it has prolonged contact with the kitchen cabinet.

To make sure that does not happen to your kitchen cabinet, you should wipe any spills immediately with a damp sponge or piece of cloth to dry the surface. Make sure to use a blotting action and not a wipe action while removing the spilled ingredients.

Avoid Using Excessive Moisture

Moisture is no doubt one of the worst enemies of the finish of any wooden cabinets. The cabinets that are located near the baseboard and the sinks are the most vulnerable of such damages. If any water gets spilled on the cabinets, make sure to dry them out immediately. Avoid keeping a dish towel or any such moist items over the cabinet doors. You also should not place the coffee makers under your kitchen cabinet.

Try to Avoid Temperature and Humidity Extremes

Extreme temperature and humidity can cause the wood to expand, swell warp, and contract over time. All of these can cause severe damages to the finishing of your cabinet. It is always essential for you to control the temperature and humidity of your CozyHome Custom Kitchen throughout the year.

Avoid Direct Light

You may not believe it, but the exposure to direct sunlight can cause severe damage over the year. Even if the cabinet is painted, laminated, or have thermo-foil surfaces, they are susceptible to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. So, it is best if you use window coverings to eliminate or reduce the chances of damages due to exposure to sunlight.

Guard Against Scratching and Abrasions

It does not matter how much grease and grime is deposited on the cabinets, you should never use anything abrasive to clean it. The scouring pads and the abrasive cleaners should be avoided as well as most of them dull the finishes.

All in all, when cleaning the CozyHome Custom Kitchen cabinets, make sure to use softer clothes or sponge. Do not use the regular household cleaners as they can be pretty abrasive and harm the looks and feel of your kitchen cabinet severely.