Accidental Perfect Cornbread


The best discoveries are often made by accident. This is especially true when it concerns cooking recipes. Following many years of making cornbread, I accidentally discovered how to make truly delightful cornbread. If only I could make it in my bread machine!

Whether making cornbread or corn muffins, I always follow the recipe on the box, bag, or one of my several cookbooks at hand. I find that the easiest quickest way is to use a box recipe such as Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix. Everything that follows though works equally well with cornbread made from cornmeal from scratch.

Cornbread recipes all call for the addition of some sort of oil or shortening. I have found that this ingredient is not really necessary. Making it with and without this addition has never made any difference to the cornbread according to my palate. Therefore, I now do not use this fat additive.

I have always had a sweet tooth, and have found that few recipes call for any sugar. Adding a spoonful of sugar to a box mix adds just the right light, not cake heavy, sweetness. If making a full scratch recipe, that is a cup of cornmeal and a cop of flour, I add a large tablespoon of sugar.

The best change I’ve made is the amount of milk that I add to the mix.

One day, while making supper, I was tired with a pounding headache. Instead of making the cornbread from scratch, I decided to just do it quick with a box of Jiffy. That’s when I made an accident. I added a whole cup of milk to the mix instead of half a cup. When I realized my mistake I said “oh well” and decided to bake the mess and see what happened. To my delight, the cornbread cooked in the same amount of time the recipe called for. When I cut it, it was both light and fluffy. The taste was better than any cornbread I had ever made before.

So if you want delicious cornbread or corn muffins skip the fat and double the milk. Add a bit of sugar for the sweet tooth.

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