Add Chocolate Chips to Your Muffins for Extra Gooey Goodness

If you are looking for muffins that are extra special, you really cannot go wrong with chocolate chips. To say that chocolate chips make almost everything taste better would be an understatement indeed. Most of us have a soft spot for chocolate chips.

It can be persuasively argued that the reason why people have a soft spot for chocolate chips is because these tasty chips highlight everything that’s fun and memorable about being a little kid. There’s just something about the sweet and light taste of chocolate chips and its gooey texture that rekindles warm childhood memories. There’s a sense of anticipation. A thrill. And a sense of satisfaction that you get with every mouthful of chocolate that recalls the same thrill and anticipation you felt when you were waiting for the holiday season to come around when you were a little kid. Maybe it’s the sense of wonder you had. Maybe it’s your innocence. Whatever it is, chocolate chips recall all those warm memories.

Still, even if you might not be the biggest chocolate fan in the world, at the very least, you probably would not find the taste objectionable.

This is why chocolate chips have always been the safest “go to” ingredient as far as baked goods are concerned. Whether you are baking a home-made loaf of bread, some muffins, brownies, cookies and whatnot, chocolate chips are your safe bet when it comes to an ingredient that can take the texture and overall fun quotient of your baked goods to a much higher level. At the very least, by introducing chocolate chips into the mix, you bring in quite a bit of flavor and texture.

Now, does this means that it is a slam dunk? Does this mean that all the people tasting your baked stuff are guaranteed a good time? Well, not quite. There are some people who, for some reason or other, just do not like chocolate chips. Fair enough.

Still, for a vast majority of people, chocolate chips as ingredient are a fun and safe. You will not get a lot of violent reactions. A lot of people would not throw down the stuff that you bake because they found out that there are chocolate chips great in it.

They probably would do that with coconut shavings or peanuts or any kind of nuts but not necessarily chocolate chips. Again, some people do object to the flavor. Other people have an issue with the texture but for the most part, you probably are safe serving any kind of baked goods with chocolate chips.

Now, with that said, there are different kinds of chocolate chips you can use for your cookies, muffins and anything else that you can put on a baking pan, bread pan or the best muffin pan. You just have to pay attention to the milk chocolate level and cocoa butter. That is how you distinguish different grades of chocolate chips.

There is a rising trend in the United States of using dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has quite a good reputation because its anti-cancer and other health-boosting properties are becoming rather well known. Chocolate, it its purest form, has certain anti-oxidants, which can help fight cancer and other health conditions.

With that said, a lot of people do not like really dark chocolate because it can be on the bitter side. Others expect a little more sugar added to their chocolate. Even others prefer a nice milk chocolate mix. If you are looking into mix things up, add chocolate chips but experiment with different types of chocolate chips. You would be surprised as to how much more fun and tasty your baked goods can become by simply adding this ingredient to the mix.

Now, keep in mind that there are many different colors of chocolate chips. A lot of people prefer that marbled combination of white and dark chocolate. There is just something about that swirly brown-and-white color combination that make people sit up and pay attention. Others prefer the classic dark chocolate chip look while others would like white chocolate.

Experiment with the different chocolate colors and types you come across and see which of your muffins disappear the quickest. That is the surefire way of knowing what types of chocolate chips are most popular among your family and friends. People can talk, people would try to avoid hurting your feelings, but they cannot lie with their actions. Just pay attention to how much of which type of muffins they eat so you can get proper guidance for your future baking activities.

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