Add Some Glazed Fruits to Your Muffins for Tasty Texture

When was the last time you got fruitcake as a holiday gift? Chances are, you probably weren’t’ all that thrilled to receive fruitcake… again. Still, it seems that somehow someway, people have the idea in their head that people actually like receiving fruitcake for the holidays. So they give and give fruitcakes to each other. Indeed, there’s so much ‘fruitcake traffic’ every holiday season that you really can’t be faulted for thinking that people have closets full of fruitcake. Considering the fact that these baked good can last a long long time, you really can’t be faulted for thinking that somehow many people have a private closet full of these holiday treats. Sounds crazy, right?

A lot of Americans make a big joke out of fruitcake. Fruitcake is like permanent luggage but not as practical as luggage when it comes to gift giving. After all, who has not been given fruitcake that seemed to sit in your cupboard for years on end without spoiling? It is like an heirloom that you can give to the next generation and which they can unwrap and eat for a tasty treat.

There is just something about fruitcake that provokes all sorts of jokes, but besides the humor, there is a reason why fruitcake continues to remain the favorite holiday season recipe. There is just something about those preserved fruits in fruitcake that keeps people going back repeatedly. Make no mistake about it, well-produced and crafted fruitcake is worth the money.

I guess the reason why a lot of people crack jokes about fruitcake is because there are so many bad fruitcake recipes out there. Seriously, let us be honest here. Most people do not really give it the amount of time and attention to detail that these recipes deserve. Not surprisingly, people crank out substandard, and then they pass this along to their neighbors, family members who subsequently repackage such gifts and afterward pass it along to hapless neighbors and so on and so forth. Do you see how sad this is? It is also quite funny.

Nevertheless, it really boils down to the recipe which is seriously too bad because those preserved fruits at the top of fruitcake truly are the stars of the show. If you are looking for the essence of amazing fruitcake, it is those glazed fruits. Not only are these glazed fruit items tasty, they seem to withstand the test of time. Seriously. Normally, fruits would rot. They would turn sour. They would go bad. Not so with fruitcake glazed fruits. These tender morsels of flavor can stay good for months or even years thanks to the way they were cooked as well as the healthy dose of rum that normally makes its way into the typical fruitcake recipe. Best of all, they keep their sweet taste. In terms of texture, glazed fruit toppings’ texture actually improves with age. They start out as soft and squishy. Given enough time, they get tougher. This tougher texture makes them very appealing-especially when you’re eating a mouthful of them along with the nuts on your fruitcake.

What if I told you that you can buy those at your average bakery supply store and add them to your muffin mix? Seriously. Whip out those muffin pans and baking pans because if you want your muffins to reach a much higher level of flavor as well as texture, you cannot go wrong with fruitcake toppings.

This amazing ingredient really creates a win-win situation. You win twice seriously. First, you get great taste. Let us face it; unless you are mixing in some amazing spices to your muffins, muffins tend to taste pretty much the same. Let us just get that out of the way. Seriously. Even if you add some orange peel gratings or lemon peel gratings or even lemon essence, it is still not enough to make your muffins truly come alive. When you add glazed preserved fruits, to your muffins, people cannot help but notice the additional flavor.

Additionally, they win by getting a much added texture. Believe me, when you bite down on a muffin that has fruitcake preserves in it, you will not be able to ignore this ingredient. Seriously. It has a firm texture, and the cherry pieces are to die for. Make no mistake about it. If you really want to make best use of your large muffin pan or any other bake ware by producing the very best muffins, look to add some fruitcake element to your muffins. You will not regret it. They deliver both taste and muffin’s texture. This ingredient truly makes for amazing muffins.

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