All You Need to Know About Luvme Hair 8-Inch Wigs

All You Need to Know About Luvme Hair 8-Inch Wigs

8-inch wigs are a gem. They are short and effective and can bring almost any style to life. You only need to ensure you get a high-quality unit to enjoy its numerous advantages.

Luvme Hair is a top store popular for its wigs, weaves, and haircare accessories. You can learn more about its products by visiting the brand’s website.

This article will educate you on all you need to know about Luvme Hair’s 8-inch wigs. You’ll understand what they are, their benefits, and how to maintain them.

What are 8-Inch Wigs?

8-inch wigs are any wigs that have a length of 8 inches. It’s considered by many as the standard short wig length. Any other wigs shorter than 8 inches won’t provide a very versatile styling option.

8-inches in a wig can also differ depending on the texture. If you buy a deep wavy or curly unit, it’ll appear shorter than a straight unit because of the curls. An 8-inch curly wig would only stop around the middle of your face, while a wavy one would be slightly longer. The straight-textured 8-inch wig will extend to your jaw.

An 8-inch wig can be human hair or synthetic, but Luvme Hair 8-inch wigs are 100% human hair. It makes them look, feel, and bounce more naturally. 8-inch wigs are available in different textures, colors, and densities.

Why Buy Luvme Hair’s 8-inch Wigs?

Here are some of the advantages of buying Luvme Hair’s 8-inch wigs.

It’s Cheaper

The price of wigs is directly proportional to the amount of hair present in them. Therefore, you’ll spend considerably less buying an 8-inch wig than longer ones.

It’s Easy to Maintain

An 8-inch wig is incredibly easy to maintain regardless of whether or not it’s human hair. The primary factor is that it doesn’t contain as much hair as fuller ones. You’ll use fewer products and spend less time maintaining them than most others.

It’s Comfortable

A human hair 8-inch wig will feel lightweight and comfortable on your head. You can keep them on for as long as possible without experiencing any inconvenience. They’re also a practical option if you live in a region with high temperatures.

You Can Wear It in Different Styles

You can wear an 8-inch wig in many different styles that you want, with some of the most popular being the bob, bangs, or pixie.

It’s Available in Different Types

Another advantage of Luvme Hair’s 8-inch wig is the fact that you have options. Whether it’s frontals, closures, headbands, full lace, headbands, or ready-to-go wigs, you can get them all at Luvme Hair.

Easy to Install

Luvme Hair has a fine collection of 8-inch glueless lace wigs. Their glueless nature makes them easy to install, as you only need to secure them with the combs and clips attached. It also makes them safer, especially if you have a sensitive scalp.

All You Need to Know About Luvme Hair 8-Inch Wigs

How to Style an 8-inch Wig?

You need to make your wig as adorable as possible after wearing it, and that’s where styling comes in. There are many styling options that you can consider, and this section will explore some of them.


A bob wig is cut symmetrically at the base to give it a stylish look. They’re perfect for a straight 8-inch wig and complement your face and look. Women of all face shapes and skin colors can wear a bob wig and look adorable. A straight 8-inch wig is one of the best for a bob style.


Bangs are another styling option for your 8-inch wig. It’s a style in which a section of the hair in front of the wig is let down to cover the forehead. Wigs with bangs disguise the hairline while also adding beauty. If you’re a woman of fashion, you can combine bob and bang styles to take your styling to the next level.


Layers are a style in which the hair on the wig is in irregular lengths. It’s perfect for adding volume and texture to your hair. A layered cut wig gives you a vibrant look and brings dull hair to life.


Shag is a perfect way to flaunt the texture of your wig. It’s a type of layer feathered on the sides. You can do the style with straight, curly, and even wavy units.

These are some Luvme Hair 8-inch wig styles. Understand that you can take the styling to the next level by wearing them with accessories or enhancing their beauty with quality care products.

How to Choose the Right 8-inch Wig Color?

You can save yourself the stress by choosing your natural hair color. It will always appear natural, and people will barely notice you’re wearing a wig. A wig of your natural hair color would also match your skin tone.

You should also consider your eye color when selecting a wig. Dark brown, deep blue/blue-gray or dark hazel eye colors work best with wigs with natural wig colors like black, brown, and blonde. Go for golden brown, auburn, chestnuts, or red highlights wigs if you have green, hazel, golden brown, or light blue colored eyes.

You can also experiment with different shades. Discover one of two colors that work for you, and you’re good to go.

How Long Does Luvme Hair 8-Inch Wigs Last?

Luvme Hair 8-inch wig will last approximately one year under good maintenance. However, they can last longer if you don’t use them often. It’s best to buy two or more units if you wear your wigs a lot to ensure they also last long. You could also alternate between styles effortlessly if you have more than one unit.


Eight inches is one of the best short wig lengths on the market. It gives you most of the advantages of short wigs while ensuring you look your best when you wear them.

Remember, buying a quality one at a top store is the principal to enjoying your wig. You can visit the Luvme Hair website today and get introduced to the world of top-notch 8-inch wigs.