The Fat French Cook

Antony Cointre

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“The proof is in the produce!” – as he likes to say. To Antony, the ingredient is key.

Fresh, sensual and bursting with flavor, Antony’s cooking is influenced by the change of the seasons and his own good humor. What excites him most is the inauguration of each harvest: each with its own unique gifts and many an idea to birth. The preparation is always straightforward: the best ingredient, with healthy acidity to bring out the most prominent notes of flavor and vegetal to provide for balance and freshness. Never heavy, fore he is not your typical Frenchman, quick to butter and cream. Contrary to his own abundant physique – the dishes are always light, leaving you craving for more.

4 reviews

Kathleen D. April 17, 2013

Chef Antony helped throw a dinner party for 15 of my family members. It was planned at the last minute and Chef Antony was very accommodating. He worked with us to create the perfect menu, avoiding particular food allergies. He showed up on time with all the ingredients and found his way around the kitchen flawlessly. We have never had so much fun (or such good food) at a family dinner. Would highly recommend Chef Antony when planning you're next party. Thanks again for a great night!

John C. March 25, 2013

Incredible 8 course dinner for 12! Each course was creative, well plated and delicious. Antony has a great demeanour and was a hit with the other guests at the dinner. A 10 our of 10.

Brooke W. February 11, 2013

Antony was amazing once again! Delicious food and he was able to accommodate our requests for the meal. He was also wonderful with our guests!

Brooke W. February 5, 2013

Our experience with Chef Antony was wonderful! It was a beautifully prepared, well spaced tour of French cuisine. He was very warm and friendly to host. He was very good with fielding our questions and requests for our meal and menu, a pleasure to work with. Overall, it was a great ride with Kitchensurfing and Chef Antony!