Ma Ingalls’ Vanity Cakes

baked cupcakes on black surface

I loved reading the Little House on the Prairie books when I was a child. I loved learning about all of the different characters and their stories. I don’t know about you, but these books were always some of my favorites growing up. There was something so special about reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder’s early …

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5 Reasons to Look for a Fixer-Upper in New England

white and gray wooden house surrounded by green plants during daytime

Buying homes in Boston, Providence, and Hartford can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. You’ll see everything from condos that cost a half-million dollars to 2-bedroom bungalows tucked into historic neighborhoods. New England is beautiful, but getting into the real estate market can be a challenge. Finding homes in certain neighborhoods is …

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How to Clean a Quartz Kitchen Countertop

stainless steel faucet on sink

If you are considering purchasing a magnificent quartz stone for your house, how to wash quartz is a great question to ask. If you choose to buy quartz countertops for the kitchen or your restroom, this is a counter surface that you’d be pretty pleased with. Quartz counters aren’t difficult to maintain; in addition, these …

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5 Unusual Pokies

slot machine

Oranges, cherries, grapes, hearts, diamonds, sevens, and bars — are some popular symbols you can find playing your favorite slots. With a good number of software providers, gamblers can enjoy themed slots. As a rule, these are tributes to famous bands, movies, books, cartoons, historical figures, food, sports, and many more. Slot machines can fall …

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