Awesome Spider Web Cookies Easy to Make


Spider web cookies are so easy to make. Spider web cookies start showing up in magazines, bakeries, and even the grocery store once Halloween is nearby. They look complicated and taste great.

Although spider web cookies may look complicated, they are so easy to create! Each cookie will take your about 2 minutes to decorate and may lees time once you get the hang of it.

Amazingly though, decorating cookies to look like spider webs is so easy even the kids can help with this one. So, make a fun day with the kids in the kitchen and teach them how to decorate cookies to look like spider webs!

I love using pre made sugar cookies as the base for this spider web cookie craft project for Halloween, but you can use any cookie you want to have icing on!

To Decorate Spider Web Cookies You Will Need:

  • Cookies (pre made, make your own…)
  • White or orange icing
  • Black or purple writing gel icing
  • Tooth pick
  1. You can use almost any cookie to decorate the spider web cookies. If you do not have time to bake your won, even pre made cookies will do.
  2. Now, take some of the white icing, from the tub is fine. Spread it onto the cookie.
  3. Spread the icing right up to the edge of the cookie.
  4. Now, take your writing icing and start making circles in the middle of the iced cookie.
  5. The first circle should be close to the outer edge of the icing on the cookie.
  6. The next circle should be in the center of the cookie and the smallest.
  7. In between these two cookies you will need a third circle of icing to create the spider web cookies.
  8. Now, take the toothpick. Start in the center of the cookie. You want to draw a straight line out to the edge.
  9. Directly opposite that firs line repeat working the opposite direction.
  10. Now, you need to repeat this step cross that line like a cross.
  11. Start in the middle and pull the line out. You will see as you pull the icing the colored circles will drag out like a spider web.
  12. Now, repeat this process again making an X through that T shape.
  13. Tip: Be sure to drag your spider web cookie line while the icings are still pretty wet.
  14. If you ice a bunch of cookies and then go back to pull the icing lines to create the spider webs, you find that it does not smear easily!

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