Benefits of Baking from Scratch

For many, baking for scratch is something reserved for people with advanced knowledge of baking. It is a myth that baking from scratch is difficult and painstaking. Of course, there are times when it is better to bake from the box. It is can faster and easier than cooking from scratch. Some recipes are wonderful from scratch, but here are a few reasons why cooking from scratch is beneficial.

Tweak Recipe

Most box mixes require a handful of additional ingredients and the requirements are specific. Because of this, you cannot customize the recipe to fit your own desires. If it was from scratch, a few simple changes could yield something more pleasing to the palate. Substitutions can also make the product healthier. You know what sugars and fatteners are going into the recipe. You can make your own choices about how much and which types to use. This is important when cooking for people with food allergies and other illnesses such as diabetes.


During this economic climate, saving here and there goes a long way. It is always cheaper to cook from scratch than it is to buy a box mix. The savings may be small but every penny counts. There are usually leftover ingredients when you cook from scratch. You can repeat the same recipe without going back to the store. There may already be many ingredients in your kitchens such as flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. You may not have to go to the store at all.

Tastes Better

In general, foods from scratch taste better. The ingredients are fresher and richer, which makes for a better product. There is also probably a placebo effect knowing that you made it from scratch. Your brain thinks it is getting a better product. Either way, it is worth it to make it from scratch and skip purchasing a box mix.

Sense of Accomplishment

There are certain bragging rights when you have cooked from scratch. It can be intimidating when you know someone can cook from scratch. You have the satisfaction of knowing what you did was easier than what people think, but you can still revel in their jealousy. Even still, there is a sense of accomplishment even if you do not wish to brag. Overcoming that obstacle will boost your baking confidence. With each recipe, you will feel more accomplished as a baker and you will develop your own list of items you prefer to bake from scratch.

I try to bake something from scratch on a regular basis. Admittedly, I occasionally buy mixes for their simplicity but I will always prefer the results of baking from scratch. Feel free to share your thoughts on baking from scratch.