Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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Why do we love drinking coffee in the morning so much? Is it the wonderful aroma that flows through the air or the crisp flavor that instantly grabs you? Whether or not you realize this, but coffee has considerably more health benefits than you’ve previously heard before. Now you can enjoy a second cup knowing what health benefits go with your fresh brew.

Break-up the muscle ache

Many of us are getting-into looking good and going to the gym for a physical workout. A good workout also comes with reminders that too much lifting and stress on our muscles results in muscle fever. However, this can be instantly remedied with drinking coffee. With just two cups of coffee, you can cut the muscle pain by up to 48%! It seems that the effect of caffeine helps to stimulate sore muscles and joints. It then helps prevent the buildup of lactic acid after your workout. And you won’t feel so tired and sore the next day as a result.

Chase away the blues

Let’s be honest, there are some days when nothing seems like it’s going to get better. Being depressed is not uncommon since we all have those down-and-out days. But fortunately, the extra benefits that coffee can provide will make any sad day go away. Caffeine does more than just waking you up as it also positively stimulates your brain. Allowing you to feel positive and less prone to those- really bad thoughts… A recent 10-year medical study showed that suicide prevention could be effective with the treatment of drinking coffee. Check out these coffee guides for detailed analysis. An estimated amount between 3-4 cups per day was proven highly effective as an alternative to medication and anti-depression drugs.

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Helps to Hulk-up your DNA

While it sounds like something straight out of the Marvel Universe storyline, this is no science fiction. Those who enjoy drinking coffee every day won’t notice how their DNA is transforming. White blood cells in your body can have a habit of spontaneously breaking down for various reasons. Those who regularly drink coffee have fewer chances of this occurring, making their body DNA stronger as a result. You won’t be turning green or throwing tanks through the air, but coffee does help you live longer. With more connected DNA, the threat of cancer and disease is prevented more often.

No more Get Along’ shirt needed

If you have a hard time being around co-workers or family occasions when your mother-in-law is around, you need coffee! It sounds impossible that coffee can increase positivity in how you feel, but a cup of two does the trick. It also boasts improved team activities where you need to work together. Not to mention that drinking coffee is a social activity that brings conversation and creative thoughts. You might find that there are things you have in common you could never talk about. And that’s worth more in the long run since your interaction has improved by the effects of coffee.

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Beneficial To All your Organs

Over the years there have been a lot more negative things being said about the risk of drinking coffee. But many medical studies have shown that your liver, heart, and colon all show fewer cases of cancer all due to drinking coffee. There are new cases where your retinas are strengthened from the antioxidants found in coffee beans. They have also found that it can protect and prevent melanoma from occurring. The onset of gout can also be prevented with regular coffee consumption among men. And the lowered risks of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s are all attributed to drinking coffee too.

What about the risks?

While there are some health risks for drinking too much coffee, these usually come-around when additives are used. Sugar is a big culprit in this case since it leads to many negative health effects. This is why natural sweeteners are recommended instead of using regular sugar. You can learn more about these alternatives and the kinds of coffee that are beneficial to you from the guys over at Voltage Coffee. Additionally, they feature tips on making coffee and espresso at home as the coffee houses make them.