Benefits of Non-slip Kitchen Floor Mats and How to take care of them!

Benefits of Non-slip Kitchen Floor Mats and How to take care of them!

There are a lot of benefits and facilities of kitchen floor rugs and mats. Especially, when it comes to a commercial kitchen, the one most important way to increase safety and hygiene is using a rubber mat or anti-fatigue mat.

The fact is, your floor gets dirty over heavy use. There are chances of sinks leaking, hazards tripping, or leaking pipe and it will make your floor wet and dirty. This type of floor is dangerous and it can cause an accident. You can slip and have a lengthy breakdown.

However, the easiest solution to this problem is using a kitchen floor mat that will give you a strong grip when you’re walking or standing there for a long time.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of a non-slip kitchen floor mat. Besides, there will be a few tips that’ll show you how you can take care of your mats and how you can clean your kitchen floor mat.

So, let’s get started!

Benefits of Kitchen Floor Mat

  • Prevents slipping

If you’re using a mat for the kitchen floor, there are no chances of slipping accidents. Trips and slips are most common in hard work stations like the kitchen or your garage as there are various kinds of things falling off all the time.

A leaky pipe or greasy oil can turn your kitchen floor so slippery. In such a case, rubber mats give you grip and stability to stand and work for long hours. This mat also allows debris and spillages to pass away underneath. So, there’s no chance of slipping.

  • Fights fatigue

When you’re working in your kitchen and working there all day, there are chances that you get fatigued, headache, muscle pain, or achy joints. When you’re not standing on a hard cold messy floor and you’re giving your leg a proper grip by using a mat, the blood circulation of your body will be at ease. It means that your heart doesn’t need to press blood that hard. This will keep you healthy.

Using the mat causes less fatigue. Besides, this boosts your working efficiency and productivity. With a comfortable working environment, you can work more and easily. If you’re running a commercial kitchen, this will be great for you. Your employees will take less time to do something and they’ll be able to work in a good manner.

  • Gives hygiene control

The kitchen floor mat comes up with numerous holes in it. It means when you’re dropping something or when something is falling off like debris or dirt, it will go through the holes. Later, you can collect all of them underneath the mat. In this way, there is no chance for the debris being trodden all over the floor with footsteps. This is more hygienic and healthy.

If something is spilled on the floor, it will also run through the holes and it will sit there until you pull our mat off.

  • Protects your appliances and floor

Suppose you’re working in your kitchen and somehow you dropped a glass of water. In this case, if the glass falls on the floor, it surely will tear apart. But if it falls on a rubber mat, it’ll be okay. So you see, your rubber mat will be protecting your kitchen equipment. Besides, it’ll protect your floor tile too.

If you use a lot of ceramic and glass items in your kitchen, a rubber mat or a rug will be a great choice for you.

How to Clean Kitchen Floor Mat: A few tips

  • Do not wash or clean with a machine

Rubber mats are not made for the extreme cleaning process. They are soft and if you use aggressive cleaning formulas, there are chances of damaging your mat. There are a few steps for cleaning your mat. Those steps are

  • Flushing
  • Solution application
  • Rinsing
  • Water draining
  • Drying your mat off

These 5 steps should be done within 20 minutes. If you have a colored mat, there are possibilities of getting discolored.

  • Use mild solvent or soap

When you’re cleaning your mat, make sure that you’re using a mild detergent or soap. If you’re using a degreaser with hot water, that’s okay too! But make sure that the temperature of your water is not more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides, it should not be cooler than 115 degrees too! Try cleaning your mat at least once a week. If you don’t clean on a regular basis, your mat will get damaged.

  • Use a brush regularly

Though you’re cleaning 1 time per weak it’s essential that you sweep your mat regularly one time with a brush. In this process, you’ll be removing regular grim, dirt, dust, or soil that are taking place there. This fact is amazing that the amount that deposits there is pretty high daily.

  • Do not use high pH chemicals

Before you choose a cleaner, make sure that it’s ideal for your mat. Do not use high pH chemicals or solvents. Don’t bleach your mat. Make sure that your chemical pH is lower than 9.5.

  • Always dry your mat before using

Drying is a must before you restart using your mat after a cleaning. If your mat isn’t properly dried, it’ll get attached to debris so easily. So, dry your mat before using it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the point of a kitchen mat?

A: The point of using a mat is to make your long working sessions easier. The main role is to cushion your achy joints and hard floor.

Q: Are kitchen mats necessary?

A: Yes, they are necessary. There are a lot of benefits you can get from an anti-fatigue mat. This reduces foot stress. It also prevents slipping accidents and keeps your kitchen hygienic.

Q: How long do anti-fatigue mats last?

A: According to user feedback, an anti-fatigue mat lasts between 1 to 3 years. You’ll get the maximum lifespan if you maintain your mat regularly and clean it in a proper manner.


So, there are a lot of benefits to a non-slip kitchen floor mat. If you’re feeling the necessity of it, buy one for you. You can find a lot of designing ideas for kitchen mats online. Clean it on a regular basis and keep your kitchen healthy and hygienic.