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The Bento Classic Lunchbox is an ultimate solution for all your problems of arranging and packing different food items all together. This compact Lunchbox is sure to win your heart for ensuring a healthy meal plan.

Product Description

The Bento Classic Gray Lunch box is an extremely functional product for carrying a sumptuous food to fill your appetite. It comes with two stackable containers which include three compartments. These compartments are of the right size to pack perfectly proportioned food items for an adult. Hence ensuring a healthy diet with the proper amount of required nutrients present in different food is just so simple. It is FDA approved, BPA free, and comes with a warranty period of 2years.

The all-new Bentgo Classic Lunch box has endless features. The box is a compact product with an easy to carry option. In addition to that, it has easy storage facilities. The container on the top can comfortably rest inside the container at the bottom. The functionality and versatility of the Bentgo Classic bento lunch box will undoubtedly amaze you.
Along with the three compartments, it is teamed with two lids which perfectly fit on the containers. You will also find a built-in knife, fork, and a spoon. A strong and secure strap holds the entire product, which makes it easy to carry.

Bentgo Classic Lunchbox – A versatile and Trendy Item

The Bento Classic Lunchbox has a classic look and vibrant color, just the way you would love it. The green shade becomes the kid’s favorite. The Gray color offers a sophisticated look to the box. It makes you flaunt it. The most important feature of the box is perhaps its sleek and flexible design.

It will make others drool over it. You can use both the boxes for carrying a heavy meal, or you can just carry only one of the two on the days you want a smaller portion of the meal. The versatile compartments can hold all sorts of food in healthy proportions. Thus Bento Classic Lunch box is just perfect for every appetite.

An Amazing Product for Kids Too

The Bento Classic Lunchbox can also be used to pack lunch for kids. It is lightly weighted, which allows the kids to carry it smoothly to the school. Moreover, kids love to explore various food items. Hence, they would be excited to find out what is in store for them in the different compartments of the lunchbox. They would be pleased to find different colorful fruits, a delicious sandwich, and some finger foods and would gobble them up in no time.

Bentgo Never Compromises On Safety and Quality

Bentgo understands that safety needs to be prioritized. Hence it is a BPA free product and is FDA approved. These special features ensure that the food inside the box does not get contaminated. The plastic used in the box is made of premium quality. Surprisingly, the product is a freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Hence it is a great product made of eco-friendly material. (Note: The center divider must not be put into the dishwasher)


  • Manufacturer: Bento
  • Model number: Bento-Y
  • Capacity: Can hold a full meal for an adult.
  • Special Features: BPA free, FDA approved, 2 Stackable Containers including 3 Compartments, Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe
  • Color Availability: Gray, Green
  • Size: 7*4.2*4.5 inches
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Rating: 3.7/5


With Bento Classic Lunchbox you will have an easy cleaning experience. You can wash it with a mild liquid soap or soapy water. All removable compartments of the box allow you to wash the entire box thoroughly. As the product is dishwasher safe, you can also use the dishwashing option to avoid your hard work. Finally, wipe out the water from the box with a soft and clean cloth.


  • It has easy access to transportation
  • Extremely trendy and impressively designed
  • Too easy to clean
  • Successfully saves a lot of space
  • Can be used for packing lunch for both kids as well as adults


  • It is not an entirely leak-proof product
  • Minor issues are related to the strap which holds the box
  • Food items in one box are likely to tip over the other
  • Too many movable parts


A bento lunch box is a utility product. Apart from filling the appetite, it brings back the school memories of a working man. Food means happiness, and Bentgo Classic Lunch box is the carries happiness. For two years, Bentgo has been spreading this happiness by donating more than 1, 50, 000 dollar to feed the hungry kids. Bento is the first choice of a health-conscious person who can carry a variety of food items in the different compartments of the box.

In addition to it, it can be a great travel partner. Whenever you plan to go out on a small trip, never miss out on the health benefits of home-cooked food. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Hence you can enjoy the whole trip with a hassle-free experience of carrying homemade delicacies.

The BPA free feature does not let the food to absorb the smell of the plastic used inside the box. So, on opening the box, you enjoy the smell of a fresh meal. Bento Classic Lunch box is also a treat to the eyes. The silverware in the middle brings about the uniqueness of the box.

It is a great solution for every lunch problem. It is a perfect gift idea too. Send it to a near and dear one to delight him on his special day.  The elegant look and sleek design would amaze him, and he would be pleased to discover its usefulness. Most importantly, Bentgo understands the worth of a customer.

The user manual gives the right guidance of its usage, and the 24×7 customer care executives are there to look into your problems on the arrival of any issue related to the products. In case of any major issue or if at all you do not like the product, a total refund will also be done. Thus Bentgo Classic Bento Lunch box is a great and satisfactory product that every person should own.

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