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The super exciting and extremely vibrant Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunchbox is an ideal lunch box for kids. Its superior quality and top features make it the most desirable product of every mother.

Product Description

The spectacular Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunchbox is an extremely durable and leak-proof snack-packing solution. It is the best bento box, for it includes five practical compartments to hold just the right quantity of food to fill your kid’s appetite. It is powered with leak-proof technology which relieves you from the woes of mess. The removable compartment’s tray allows microwave reheating. Bento ensures safety as it is BPA free. It is microwave and dishwasher safe too.

Bentgo styled lunchboxes are exclusively designed. This product is sturdy and durable. Owing to its lightweight, this lunchbox can be easily carried by kids aged 3 to 7years. The compartments are spacious enough for holding the right proportion of nutritious food items. The kids are quite comfortable with the functioning of the box as it is easy to open. The user manual available with the item guides you about its convenient usage. It comes with a 2 Years warranty period and 24×7 customer service.

Bento Encourages Health

Kids love to explore the new variety and colorful things. You can pack an endless number of combinations of food items of different colors. So now you can add fresh and colorful fruits, veggies, a half sandwich with sauce and his favorite choice of snacks, to the diet. Thus, packing the right proportion of nutrients would help them grow much faster.

A Great Kid’s Friendly Product

Kids generally love to make things messy and love to play with almost anything in the world. Although we have no control over them when they are outside, we can save the food by packing it into a leak-resistant lunchbox. Again, the leak-proof technology keeps the food fresh and in place due to the sturdy seals which lock the different food items. The attractive bright purple color makes the box your little one’s favorite too. Hence, the Bentgo Kids and Children’s Lunchbox is undoubtedly an ideal product for the kids.

Best Bento Box Brings A Smile On The Little Faces

If you choose Bentgo products, you would be glad to know that Bentgo is a proud supporter of a Non- profit Organization. Feed The Children is an NGO that provides an array of hope to many underprivileged children. It attempts to feed hungry children and their families. Bentgo has been supporting this move since 2017 by donating a great amount to the organization. This has put an end to the hunger of many and has brought about a smile on their faces. Customers feel proud to be associated with Bentgo for taking such a humble initiative.


  • Model number: BGOKIDS-P
  • Manufacturer: Bento
  • Capacity: Can hold the full meal of kids of age group 3 to 7years
  • Special features: BPA free, Microwave safe
  • Color availability: Purple
  • Size: 8.5 x2x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.23pounds
  • Rating: 4.1/5


The all removable compartment tray of Bento Kids and Children lunchbox is easy to clean. You can clean it thoroughly. It can be washed with mild liquid soap or even soapy water. If you want to avoid your hard work and toil, just put it in the dishwasher as the box is dishwasher safe. (Note: It is recommended to hand-wash the outer shell to keep the longevity of the product)


  • It allows the packing of different food items.
  • The latches are easy to open.
  • It is very easy to open and close the box.
  • The containers get cleaned quickly.
  • The seals are of extremely good quality, which enables the lids to stay attached at the bottom portion.


  • The seals tend to get moldy and hence should be maintained properly.
  • Dishwashing might damage the quality of the seals.
  • The plastic around the clips is weak.
  • Overall it is a flimsy product.

Tips to Follow

  • Be gentle with the product. Do not snap the box while shutting it.
  • To keep the quality of the seals intact, avoid dishwashing the lids.


For several years, Bento has been carrying happiness in the form of containers. Bento Kids and Children’s lunchbox ideas are innovative and trendy. One hardly finds a product with so many functionalities. Bento is built of good quality plastic. It is highly durable and easy to use and maintain. It does not hold much space on your shelves. The BPA free feature prevents the absorption of the plastic smell in the food which is packed inside. Also, it stops the food from getting contaminated.

The seals do not allow the mixing of food as the lids fit into the containers tightly. Liquid food items do not spill out. Hence you do not get the complaints of stained school bags or greasy school uniforms. The children love to explore colorful things, and the exciting purple color of the box builds up a connection between food and the kids.

They love to munch from their favorite lunch box. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily carried to different places, and your kid would happily handle the box all by himself. So, not only to the school, the kid can easily carry it anywhere, including school picnic or school campaign.

In addition to that, the little one never misses out any nutrient as you can pack the right proportion of the nutritious meal. The most surprising fact about Bento Kids Lunchbox is that this box successfully holds the meal of an adult too.

If the adult is following a controlled diet plan, then this product is suitable for him. It is a toilsome task to hunt for such a great product with so many functionalities. Finally, the overall ratings and reviews say that the customers are happy to use this product. Therefore, it is a highly recommended lunchbox for your kids.

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