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A bar, also known as a tavern is that part of the house where all the beverages, usually cold and alcoholic are stored. Certain bars have a counter, behind which an attendant, called the bar-tender fixes the drinks or makes the drinks and serves them. These counters are usually heighted and require special, heighted stools on which people can sit comfortably and sip on their drinks.

Apart from comfort, these stools should also be elegant with respect to their looks in order to enhance the beauty of the house’s interior.This is why people often undergo great pain in order to find the best bar stool or the perfect  bar set for their homes.

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#1-Boraam 8829 Augusta Bar Height Swivel Stool

Boraam 8829 Augusta Bar Height Swivel Stool product image

This product has soft or cushioned seats which increases the comfort level. The seat is also covered with high quality leather, which does not tear very easily and has a longer life span. The back rest of this stool is shaped keeping in mind, the comfort level the resident expects. The back aches and other back related problems are reduced by leaps and bounds. Different bar stool reviews exhibit the fact that these stools are indeed preferred by a large percentage of the masses and the clients have zero or minimum complaints. The foot rest provided adds to the comfort and the ball bearings help the resident to rotate. Hence, one need not strain his or her back or get down of the chair in order to look behind or in the opposite direction.

The stool has an optimum height and it helps residents converse with or talk to other people, standing or sitting without the resident having to get up himself or herself. The Boraam 8829 Augusta Bar Height Swivel Stool looks elegant and can be used for the household as well as other light commercial uses. People order this stool for their homes as well as restaurants. This stool can undoubtedly be considered as one of the best wood bar stool. Place the order for this product on any of the online shopping wesbite and it be will be delivered at your address.

What we like about it:

This stool is available in three different finishes. It is light-weight and can be assembled very easily. It is strong and durable, due to which it cannot be broke  very easily. The company that produces this stool or the brand is trust worthy. The legs of this stool are slightly flared which increases the stability and the resident does not lose his or her balance easily. The seat diameter is also sufficient for comfortable sitting.

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#2 – Powell Company Big and Tall Copper Stamped Back Barstool with Arms

Powell Company Big and Tall Copper Stamped Back Barstool with Arms product image

This bar stool, made of copper is designed to suit people of a large range of sizes. Tall or short, this stool suits each and every individual. The seat of this stool is upholstered which provides optimal comfort. The legs of this stool is curved and not straight. This prevents the stool from looking too manly or masculine. The floral pieces enhance the beauty of the stool and add to the elegance. These stools are mainly used in the households and the kitchen. Apart from a generously sized seat and a comforting back rest, the stool also contains two arm rests. These arm rests provides extra comfort, specially to the fore-arms. A foot rest is provided which helps individuals sit comfortably. It also serves as a stepping and climbing support for short residents who may face problems while sitting otherwise.

Many a times, the company provides free shipping facilities which makes the stool cost effective or economical for the client. The stool has a bronze finish and good quality faux leather for the seat. It can be assembled very easily and is also light weight, as a result of which not much pain is felt in the transfer of these stools from one place to another. This product can easily be transfered from one place to another and is available at a reasonable rate in the market.

What we like about it:

The designers and makers of the Powell Company Big and Tall Copper Stamped Back Barstool with Arms have concentrated not only on the comfort aspect of the stool but have also laid stress on its looks. Soft covering for the bottom part of the legs is also available to prevent the floor tiles from getting scratched and spoil while shifting these stools. This is the best home bar stool a client would ever encounter or come across.

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#3 – Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool

Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool product image

These stools come in set of two. With a single order, the client receives two different pieces. Lesser orders need to be placed for a particular requirement and hence, the waiting period is also reduced. These stools are economical and cost effective. Thus the client need not spend a lot of money and receives full satisfaction at extremely low prices. These stools are available in white in colour which makes the interior look sober and beautiful. Dark colours like black and brown are also available for those clients who do not prefer light colours. This product will give a perfect and elegant look to your collection.

These stools are used in the houses as well as restaurants, lounges and other bars. The stool is covered with good quality upholstery that does not tear or get spoilt easily. If water or any other liquid is dropped accidentally, the client need not worry as the fluid can easily be wiped off without leaving behind any stains or damage. Hence, the upholstery is stain proof and water proof.The seat weighs around twelve pounds only which is approximately six kilograms. The seat is also shaped and sized appropriately for maximum comfort. No need to worry about the price as it is quite economical and cost-efficient. The customers are bound to get complete satisfaction with the quality of the Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool.

What we like about it:

Many people believe that beauty lies in simplicity. This stool is a perfect example that complies with the saying. The designers and makers have laid stress on simplicity, strength and functionality of the stool. The ideas of the people involved in the making of this stool was channelized in the right direction and not much energy and thought was wasted on unwanted decor. The cost of production, as a result is also reduced. Along with an appropriate counter, these stools serve as the best bar stool set.

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#4 – Zuri Furniture Black Ego Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Zuri Furniture Black Ego Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool product image

This stool is one of the most versatile available in the market at the moment. They are mainly used in bars or taverns but can be used in other places as well. They have a unique and contemporary design. A back rest, a foot rest and two arm rests are provided which increase the comfort level for the resident by leaps and bounds. The tubular seat cushions make this stool one of a kind. The seat contains foam of very high density, which is covered with high quality faux leather. The life span of the cushion is quite a lot as well. The stem is made of steel which is stainless and corrosion resistant.

Rubber floor protectors are provided for the protection of the floor tiles while transferring the chair. The chair is free to rotate in any direction, through any angle. The height is also adjustable in order to suit people of different sizes. The base has an eighteen inch diameter which increases the stability. This product is very durable and as such will not get damaged in the process of rpugh handling. Talking about the price, they can be purchased from online websites which offers amazing discount offers as well as provide for a warranty period as well. In case of any defect, the product can be exchanged for a new one without the need to pay for the service.

What we like about it:

The Zuri Furniture Swivel Bar Stool is available in eleven different colors which gives the client a wide choice to choose from. The company, therefore has ensured that these chairs suit a wide variety of households, having different colored walls and other furniture. One would not be wrong if he or she declared this stool as the best adjustable bar stool. These stools can also be used in offices. The base of this stool is chrome plated which gives it a sleek and elegant look.

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#5 – Best Office SET of (2) Black Bar Stools

BestOffice SET of 2 Black Bar Stools product image

Available in black colour, this set of two stools is usually bought along with a round table counter as an entire bar set. It is provided with a lever just below the seat which can be used to adjust the height, in order to suit the height of the resident. Its seat has a slight depth for added comfort of the user along with a high back support. It has the capability to rotate or swivel through 360°. The ring at the bottom is coated with rubber in order to prevent the floor from being scratched while moving the stool. Nowadays, vinyl flooring is used in houses and other places which look excellent but should be handled with care. A single scratch can spoil the look of the entire floor.

The chrome base and synthetic leather give the seat an elegant look which suits different settings, be it a bar or an office. Assembling this stool is an easy task and the stool is ready to use in absolutely no time. Many stools in the past have had hydraulic piston problems but this stool has absolutely no complaints about the same. The product exhibits excellent durability properties and will last for a longer time without getting damaged. Use it for yourself and enjoy the features it has to offer. The quality of this brand of product is unmatched and it is already in demand in the market.

What we like about it:

These stools are elegant looking. The seat is shaped keeping in mind the comfort levels expected and the rules of medicine for a strong healthy spine or back. Hence the user is least likely to use orthotics for this seat. It is one of the best home bar stool and is most likely to remain as on for several years to come. Good quality material has been used in the making of this chair. The steel used is highly resistant to corrosion, even in the presence of reducing and oxidising agents and is definitely stainless.

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How we choose the best bar stools for the kitchen

Nowadays, with the growing market for furniture, a large number of companies have developed and progressed with different models of furniture. Chairs, tables, cupboards and other objects are being produced at a very fast pace. In such a case the clients definitely tend to seek advice and are constantly looking for the best products.

A list of the different products was made and then a group of several individuals was employed to study these products. Each person was allotted a single product for the best and in depth study. These observers were made to note down the different qualities and specifications they liked about the product assigned to them. After a particular time interval, these observations were collected and summarised. Another group of people were employed to study the technical aspects of the stools. They focussed mainly on quality, finish and other technicalities. These experts also noted down their observations, which was collected in the end. The two separate reviews of the same product were then clubbed together, to formulate the final review which is published above. It is most likely to cover all the aspects of the stool, right from technicality to appearance.

The review does not classify or arrange the products according to their ranks. Hence it does specify any product as superior or inferior as compared to others and the client is free to choose any product he or she desires. Go through the review article and select the best suited product brand for your personal use. The article will help the readers to know in detail about the several aspects which usually go overlooked.

Why you need the best bar stool in your kitchen

The bar stools are not available free of cost. The client pays or spend his or her hard earned money on these pieces of furniture. Hence, the user has certain expectations from these products. The best adjustable bar stool should not be considered as mere items for improving the beauty but the fact that users are going to sit on it should also be considered and focus must be laid on the comfort level.

If the stool is made up of good material, the maintenance also becomes easy and the maintenance cost is also lowered by leaps and bounds. The shape and size of the stools should also be appropriate. A kitchen comprises of several furniture items and hence, space must be left for other items as well.

A good product is one which delivers satisfaction and the best experiences at the least price possible. Compromising with the quality for quantity is not the wisest decisions to take. One must adopt smart measures for his or her house in order to make it their dream home. The products should also be easily available in the market or the internet with easy follow up for maintenance. Each of the product comes with a specific warranty period and the customer who are not satisfied with the product’s quality can get it exchanged. The manufacturer will get it repaired or will deliver a new bar stool to the customer. In both the situations, the customers are bound to get the best stainless steel bar stool delivered directly at their doorstep.

We love using bar stools when we want to sit at our kitchen island. Since dining chairs usually need to be tucked under a table, the metal bar stools work great!

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