5 Best Beef Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Butchering and cooking beef meat has gradually evolved since the prehistoric periods. Shredding the large creatures into smaller and manageable pieces and preparing for the cuts for instant consumption and preservation may sound simple and easy, but in reality, it is quite challenging. But there are ways to master these methods and explore some infinite recipes of beef meat.

After you learn the basics, it is time for experiencing and practicing the process of honing perfect knife strokes. Whether butchering or delving into the regional beef cuisines, this following Beef Cookbooks provide you with ultimate education in tackling with the beef recipes and cuisines.

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#1 – Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book: The Game-Changing Guide That Teaches You How to Cook Meat and Poultry

Cook's Illustrated Meat Book The Game Changing Guide That Teaches You How To Cook Meat And Poultry

Whether you are a lover burgers, ribs, steak or roasted beef meat, this cookbook is the best source for you when it comes to achieve best results when cooking beef meat. The cookbook features the best menu shopping guide and cooking beef in a pleasant way. The editor has over 20 years of experience in purchasing and cooking different recipes of beef meat and hence he has illustrated his experiences in step by step chapters in the cookbook. The cookbook starts with a 27 page of master class in the beef meat cookery and also covers the shopping that you need for preparing the meat recipe. It features guide for preservation of the meat and storage of the dishes so that it can also be consumed later.

Right from matching, cutting to cooking techniques, the author has mentioned each and every step for beef cooking and the guide includes the comprehensive pages that are dedicated to all major cooking methods for beef and meat recipes. From sautéing to pan steering, roasting, pan roasting to grilling and barbecuing, every step for meat cooking is well mentioned in the cookbook. The author has mentioned the best cuts methods and explains it point by point and how and why you need to follow the steps and what would be the outcome. The cookbook comprises of over 400 meat recipes which you can try in your everyday meals and also recipes for special occasions.

What We Like About It!

The cookbook is not just only dedicated for beef meat, but also provides you recipes for other meats like veal, pork, lamb and poultry. The book has plenty of options and recipes which you can try at home for special occasion or for your everyday meals. The cookbook also includes the equipment recommendations and step by step illustrations guide which helps you to learn the core techniques for meat cooking and preparing meals with beef meat.

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#2 – Pure Beef: An Essential Guide to Artisan Meat with Recipes for Every Cut

Pure Beef An Essential Guide To Artisan Meat With Recipes For Every Cut

Pure Beef is the beef cookbook comprising of complete details regarding process of preparing and cooking beef meat. This cookbook by Lynne Curry answers all the questions of people that they have regarding the leaner variety of meat, including the process to choose, sources from where to buy it and the process for preparing and cooking the beef meat. The cookbook features the interesting tutorial along with the informative beef cut chart and it also includes the essential guide that explains the amazing difference between the grass fed and grain fed meat and also provide the readers with the instructions on how to roast, grill, simmer, stew and sauté the cuts of artisan beef to the perfection.

The cookbook comprises of well-organized chapters regarding beef cooking along with details of beef cutting and preparing. The cookbook comprises of over 140 recipes that you can prepare and cook every day for meals right from shepherd’s pie to the pot roast and also the global cuisines that use the lean meat of beef including the Turkish Kabobs and the Korean barbecue. The cookbook also features the full coloured pictures of the beef recipes and the landscape images across the pages for easy explanation. The author has a passion for the locally raised beef and hence he provides a guide to artisan beef which is the must have for all meat lovers who want to sustain the ranch to table dining experience.

What we Like About It

This cookbook is not all about beef recipes, but also extends your interest towards other meat recipes by providing your authentic tips and tricks for preparing meat recipes that will enhance your taste buds for lean meat. This is the cookbook featuring the 140 recipes for your everyday favourites and this includes the all-time favourite kabobs form Turkey. So, enjoy the elegant and mouth-watering dishes of lean meat and beef recipes along with sides and other appetizers made with beef.

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#3 – Michael Symon’s Carnivore: 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers

Michael Symon's Carnivore 120 Recipes For Meat Lovers

Michael Symon is the celebrity chef, restaurateur and the meat lover and in this cookbook, he shares some of the best and killer recipes for chops, steaks, wings and the less popular cuts. People across the country highly prefer the charismatic and big persona of the celebrity chef and his love for seriously delicious food made out of beef meat. But he is also known for his other recipes which are less known and he has a passion for meat which made him explore some of the best recipes of beef from across the world. So, in this cookbook he shares his passion and expertise in beef recipes. With his cookbook he gives the home makers with the right amount of knowledge on breeds, cuts, methods to help them at meat counters and in kitchen and also help them with a variety of recipes which they may try in every day meals.

The cookbook is designed by keeping in mind the nutritional needs of the readers and it includes the techniques to have the cut to perfection. The cookbook shares some of the fantastic recipes for pork, beef, lamb, poultry, goat and game. Some of the favourite recipes of the author included in the cookbook are ribs with Cleveland BBQ sauce, broiled Porterhouse with Lemon and Garlic, Lamb Moussaka, Braised Chicken Thighs with Chiles and Kale and Bacon wrapped Rabbit Legs and more. The cookbook also includes the sides that enhance the overall events like celeriac and Apple salad and Sicilian Cauliflower.

What we Like About it

The cookbook is the unique combination of world class recipes and all recipes were well organized into chapters. It includes the information of cuts and beef recipes along with 75 beautiful coloured pictures of the recipes that are being shared in the cookbook. From world class recipes to the traditional beef dishes and even the sides and salads with meat, you will find every possible meat recipe in the cookbook as it is not just only restricted to meat.

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#4 – The Book of Steak: Cooking for Carnivores

The Book Of Steak Cooking For Carnivores

Take your cooking to next level and make every meal tasty and mouth-watering with the recipes mentioned in the Book of Steak. This is the meat cookbook designed for people who are wondering to explore some new recipes and dishes in their meals. From burgers to brisket and steak you will find recipes for all your taste buds and you will never disappoint with the recipes and preparation methods that are mentioned in the cookbook. Forget about the same old recipes of meat and give try to the new and modern-day recipes of steak with this cookbook. From stewing to poaching to broiling, frying and roasting, every method that goes into making steak is mentioned in the cookbook to make your day and enjoy new meals every time. The cookbook features the different and innovative ways to prepare and cook beef. This makes the cookbook the only best carnivore’s recipe book.

In the cookbook the details about cuts are mentioned and hence you will learn from where the cuts come from and it has a guide to help you buy the best beef for your recipes. The cookbook also features over hundreds of new and unique beef recipes and this includes the slow cooked brisket with spicy dry rub to the beef carpaccio, from the sirloin steak in lime and tequila marinade to the tri tip steak in an Asian spiced marinade.

What we Like About It

This is the cookbook that comprises of details regarding different beef recipes in easy to understand way. It gives you the ways to take your cooking to next level and you will learn everything from stewing to poaching, broiling to frying and roasting. The cookbook also some sides which will enhance the overall dish and event where you have served the dishes. The cookbook has over 100 of new and unique recipes of beef that you can try at home.

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#5 – Beef Everyday Cookbook 365 Beef Recipes

Beef Everyday Cookbook 365 Beef Recipes

Beef is the most versatile and healthy protein than any other meat and it is rich in healthy nutrients that are required by your body. You can make use of beef in different ways and in this cookbook, you will learn the ways to make use of beef in your recipes in innovative ways. From tantalizing steaks to the brisket and quality cuts, you will learn everything that goes into preparing and cooking beef recipes with this cookbook. The cookbook comprises of 365 recipes which you can try every day and the star ingredient of all these recipes is the beef. Inside the recipe book you will learn the facts and crucial details about beef and health benefits of this ingredient in every recipe. From preparing beef to beef cuts and uses along with 365 easy to prepare recipes and more, you will find different recipes and details of beef cooking and preparing in this cookbook.

The recipe book has the delightful appetizer recipes like the make ahead sweet and sour meatballs and the galangal lime beef satay. Apart from beef recipes, you will also find some refreshing salad recipes and sides which are included to enhance your overall beef eating experiences. The cookbook also has some pasta recipe that includes details of integrating beef into the pasta recipes along with the main dishes like slow cooked sauerbraten, Szechuan beef and Italian spiced spinach flank steak and more.

What we Like About It

This cookbook is the wholesome guide for amazing beef recipes. The cookbook features 365 recipes of beef from cuts to preparing and cooking of the cook, you will find every detail of 365 days recipe that you can try every day in your meal. Apart from meal plans and recipes, the cookbook also comprises of recipes regarding main courses and salad recipes and pasta recipes that include beef as a prime ingredient. The cookbook gives you the knowledge for preparing beef recipes in different ways.

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