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Everybody likes to have a relaxing drink every once in a while. But too much alcohol has never been a good idea, regardless of how you consume it. That leaves only a few options in your hand to make for a good time when you are having friends over. One of them is a cool glass of beer.

Nothing brings out brotherhood better than a glass of beer. But that too is kept highly restricted when you do not have the glasses to match the occasion. In this article we bring the beer glass reviews for your consideration.

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#1 – Circleware 44373 Circleware tasteful Pilsner Beer Glasses

Circleware 44373 Circleware Tasteful Pilsner Beer Glasses product image

The best thing about this is that it has been made from BPA free substances and hence will pose no harm to you or your health. It contains no untreated particles that might bring about a sour taste to the mouth. It is made out of glass and that lets the drink shine. The transparent glass catches the shine of the beer just right and adds an additional sparkle to the drink. It increases the overall satisfaction of consuming the drink. Next thing that makes this the best beer glass is the design of the glass. It fits perfectly into the palm and provides a light yet firm grasp on the drink. It has been sized to perfection too. Each glass will provide half the bottle’s capacity. You can easily pour out two drinks when it comes to having one.

Any special occasion calls for a special drink! Why should this one be any behind? You can have the perfect evening out or night in with these glasses. It’s not just the drink but how much you pour out too. The solid glass base is thicker at the end and thus can provide quite a stable base to it. The sleek design of the glass make sit handy to use. You can set it down on a busy table without the least amount of worries as to its getting knocked over.

What we like about it:

The thing that stood out the most to make this the best beer glass for IPA is the overall compactness of it. Drinks do not flow over and you do not have to be overly cautious while handling them. The finish has been kept smooth to maximize the enjoyment that you get with every drink. So why go to any other option when you have a clear game winner on your hands.

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#2 – Libbey Craft Brews 6-piece assorted beer Drinkware Glass set

Libbey Craft Brews 6-piece Assorted Beer Drinkware Glass Set product image

Economy and enjoyment seldom go hand in hand. Each of them drives the other in its own way. If you want to enjoy then you will have to let, go of the need for maintaining a specific budget and if you want to go for a budget response then you seldom stand the chance to get a quality product. Like all others on this list this product too is lead free. This becomes a big deal because there has been a lot of hue and cry in the recent years over the correct type of glass that you ought to use.

A glass of beer is just so much more than just a go to drink. You can make beer more perfect by pouring it in a perfect beer glass. It is something that is perfect for every occasion and at every time of the day. Those who like to have beer are often found brewing their own for a hobby. It is just the passion of the people that drives them to do it. If you want to do the same then you would not want to come up with half measures, you would want it complete with the best glass for beer before you serve out the very first brew. Do not risk spoil your very first batch!

What we like about it:

The fact that the whole focus has been on providing diversity to the collection seems to have worked out beautifully in the favor of the people of this company. The collection is already making names for itself in the market and can be hoped to bring about a landslide sale in its favor. All that is left for one to do is to is order their own collection before the stocks run out of the model.

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#3 – Luminarc Pub Beer Glass

Luminarc Pub Beer Glass product image

There comes a time when functionality is so far promoted in a product that one starts to feel for it even in the presence of other significant competitors. This is one such example of such a glass. The makers have devoted complete focus towards making the glass top notch in its functionality and not left out anything when it comes to making the product a front runner in the market. Even the color of the glass has been designed keeping in mind the fact that it needs to be segregated from the rest of them in the market. All these endeavors on the part of the manufacturer have indeed made it possible for the user to make their pick easier in the market. After all, even while buying something as simple as glasses one prefers to have certain distinction in the category.

This makes it one of the best craft beer glasses here in the market. You can make the most of the deal if you decide to buy it straight off the internet. It not only makes your purchase easier but also that the product is delivered right to your doorstep. So why go with any other option when you have the best of choices available for you right here? Go check it out on the internet today.

What we like about it:

The fact that it can be washed in a dishwasher is what we appreciate most about it. You can have a gathering and be perfectly at ease when it comes to cleaning up the mess. You can do so by simply placing it in the dishwasher. All that it requires is a few minutes in the machine and it will be as good as new. A worthy addition to your collection.

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#4 – Fine Dine Premium Grade Stainless Steel Pint Cups Water Tumblers

FineDine Premium Grade Stainless Steel Pint Cups Water Tumblers product image

Ever wanted your drink to be both perfect and break proof? Well here is the perfect product for you then. It is made of stainless steel and makes for the perfect addition to your collection. One look at it and you will know that this is the perfect member for you and your beer buddies. It is the kind of glass that you pack when you want to set out to travel to a foreign location and have a few glasses of beer with your friends. They do not break and can last for a long period of time before you need to buy another one. Being made out of steel mean that they are strong and will not give in or rust on exposure to moisture. Also, the properties of steel are perfect not to ruin your taste of the beer and be breakproof at the same time.

It is one of the best beer glasses if you have been looking at the list with an eye for functionality and long-term usage. Your search ends here with this very perfect addition to the family of beer glasses. The size is just perfect too it holds enough amount of beer to last per serving. You can easily fit in a bottle in two glasses. Thus, perfect companion to the perfect drink.

What we like about it:

The fact that the makers have kept the practicality of it at the top is the thing that we liked the most about it. They have not concentrated on profiteering just like the other makers. They want the product to last for a life time and not just as a showpiece but as something that serves them perfectly through the time of their usage. It is everything that you can ask of it and then some more.

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#5 – Libbey Belgian Beer Glass

Libbey Belgian Beer Glass product image

Ever wanted to drink beer and yet be completely classy about it? Well here is your perfect way to do it. This model of glasses is designed to serve specifically the interest of those people who prefer to have their drink with a bit of panache. It means that you can have your drink in a glass that is shaped like a wine glass and be completely cool about it too. This review has listed a number of glasses that have made their mark on the international platform and market but few that have managed to do so in their own country or state of origin. This is one such glass that manages to break that stereotype. It has managed to make a bit of progress not only in the market at home but also in off shore markets. Those who love to have beer will tell you that it is so much more than just a drink. It has got many health benefits too.

This model of the beer glasses served commonly in different parts of the world finds its place in the very select few of the clubs and country houses all over the place. And therefore, it is one of the best forms of welcome anywhere you go. A classy lass of deliciously filled beer.

What we like about it:

The fact that we liked the most about it is the fact that in spite of being so highly made and thought of, it has yet retained its humble roots. When you look at it, you do get to see a sophisticated glass but also a very rooted in its meaning kind of approach to the making of it. Do not go looking elsewhere when you have the perfect option available for you right here.

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How we choose the top beer glass in our list:

For beer glasses reviews we tried to take the comprehensive approach. That is to say that our test group was kept large and all of them were given adequate time to study and surmise their results. The test group was divided into two groups. The first one was made up of regular drinkers who were just fond of drinking and had one in a day. They were given all the glasses with strict instruction to use them all in circulation. They were given time to get used to one before moving on to the other and then they were also told to write down their views and the suggestions that they had for each one of them. This is how they were each targeted. At the end of the given time, they were all, asked to submit their views and hand over their ow rankings of the product.

Another panel of experts was also formed and this one comprised of the actual in-house panel of experts that we had they looked at the product with a more critical eye of view and noted the very minute things that might have escaped the eye of the casual observer. At the end of the stipulated time period they too were asked to submit their test results and be one with it. Then both these lists were combined and then made into one comprehensive list that then decided the actual ranking that you are now seeing in the above-mentioned paragraphs.

Why you need the best beer glass in your kitchen:

You do need it in your kitchen. And there can be no argument about it. All that it askes from you is that you take the due time to pick it out and set it according to the purpose or occasion that it demands. After that it is just about cleaning them and putting them back into the stand till the time that you need them again. Without it you would just be serving beer in paper cups and glasses that are meant for drinking water and not serving out drinks. It is not only about knowing how to drink but also about how to serve a drink properly to the people who visit you over for it. Half the enjoyment that you get from having a cold glass of beer lies in the fact that it has been properly chilled and then served. Those who are fond of drinking often take great pains to ensure that they are doing it right.

All that it takes is a little practice and some investment. You will not have to buy a beer glass again and again. Once that you procure them they will continue to serve you in the long run for a lot many times to come. So why run after every other tiny glass when you have the perfect one right here in the list. Visit the market today or order your one on the internet. You will be making a wise choice and investment.

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