5 Best Brazilian Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Brazilian food is extremely popular throughout the world because of its unique flavor. Usually, most Brazilian dishes are quite spicy and rich in several spices and are slow cooked to bring out the exact flavor of the food. If you are unaware of the cooking methods a Brazilian cookbook can be of great help to you.

We’ve put together a list of the 5 best Brazilian cookbooks that you’ll find for your kitchen. Each of these brings something unique from Brazil. They’re cheap enough so if you grab a few of them you’ll be able to cook nearly every Brazilian meal!

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – D.O.M.: Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients

D.o.m. Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients

D.O.M. is one of the most famous restaurants in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. This was set up by Alex Atala a famous chef expertized in the flavors of Brazilian food. Alex thus wrote this cookbook to give the world a taste of his unique Brazilian flavors even without a visit to Brazil. This was the author’s first cookbook. This cookbook deals beautifully about how to use every ingredient in a dish so as to bring out the maximum flavor out of it. The book has 65 unique recipes of his famous dishes like the fresh heart of palm with Scallops and Coral Sauce; Lightly Toasted Black Rice with Green Vegetables and Brazil Nut Milk; Lamb Hind Shanks with Yam Puree and Pitanga; and Priprioca, Lime, and Banana Ravioli.

Not only that this cookbook has 150 illustrations of the dishes to help bring life to the recipes and also help beginners life easy with cooking. Some of these pictures are of people of Brazil cooking their traditional dishes and even about the native surroundings of Sao Paulo. By reading this book you would feel like you are on a food exploration trip across the streets of Sau Paulo. The book deals mainly with Brazilian ingredients which might not be possible to find in every corner of the world as some of them are unique to this country.

What we like about it

The best thing about this book is that the author has formulated the recipes keeping in mind the authentic flavors of Brazil and how the ingredients are commonly used by the people of Brazil. Thus, if you are fond of tasting Brazilian food and want to experiment with it then this cookbook is definitely your ideal match. This book is definitely a piece of inspiration for reading as well as for cooking.

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#2 – Churrasco: Grilling the Brazilian Way

Churrasco Grilling The Brazilian Way

As the name suggests this cookbook is exclusively dedicated to grilling and barbeque methods and recipes existing in Brazil. This cookbook is written by Evandro Caregnato who illustrates the gaucho way of life and their traditional grilling strategies known as Churrasco. These are very famous all over Brazil, so if you are interested to taste a unique Brazilian grill then this cookbook is the best option in front of you. It has 216 pages of these kinds of unique recipes along with about 100 photographs dedicated to the life of people in the south of Brazil. The book shares about 70 savory recipes from the author.

It is a journey across southern parts of Brazil portraying their way of life through their food habits and choice of meat. This unique taste of Amazon is a must have in your kitchen. It is available for a very reasonable price across several stores as well as online and for an even cheaper rate in a kindle version.  The book not only tells you how to prepare different varieties of meat but also about the different ways to prepare the ancient grills which would help you to achieve the taste of the meat even better. So, go ahead and build your own grill before you start preparing these unique dishes and enjoy the traditional Brazilian grill.

What we like about it

This cookbook has been highly appreciated by its readers all across the world.  the book has different recipes for different varieties of meat so if you are someone who is not fond of all meat varieties then also this book is an ideal choice as it gives you plenty of options. People who want to taste the traditional South American food should have a copy of this book in their kitchen as it can change your outlook for Brazilian dishes.

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#3 – The Food and Cooking of Brazil: Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes, Techniques, 65 Classic Recipes

The Food And Cooking Of Brazil Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes, Techniques, 65 Classic Recipes

If you are looking for a cookbook which deals with all varieties of traditional Brazilian ingredients and a glimpse of Brazilian culture this book is ideal for you. If you are new to Brazilian food and its unique flavors and varieties this is your ideal match. But as we know that Brazil is a huge country and with its distance, its diversity in taste and flavor also increases. This book revolves around the taste in the southern parts of Brazil and around the ancient city of Rio de Janeiro. The cultural influences in these dishes are from these parts of south Brazil. So, you are looking for flavors of the north of the country you might not find it in this cookbook. The flavors of Brazilian food in this book is conveyed to us by Fernando Farah who is the author of the book. With 128 pages of recipes, the book has about 400 stunning photographs to make to the life of beginners easier as they start exploring with this book. The book is easily available on several offline stores and also on popular online retail sites so you can easily get your hands on it. The book retails for a very reasonable price so that would not be a matter of concern.

What we like about it

The specialty of this Brazilian cookbook is that it has all nutritional information about the ingredients used and the complete dishes which is mentioned in the book in a detailed manner. So, if you are someone who is super conscious about health and want to measure every calorie you take then this is a good option for you. So, go ahead and get your hands on these unique Brazilian recipes and start experimenting than in your own kitchen.

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#4 – The Brazilian Kitchen: 100 Classic and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook

The Brazilian Kitchen 100 Classic And Creative Recipes For The Home Cook

This book is a piece of gift for those who want to experiment with the Brazilian flavors by adding a twist to it. The author of this book Leticia Moreinos Schwartz has formulated this book keeping in mind that the Brazilian cuisine is actually a combination of African, Portuguese and Native Indian taste and dishes. This cookbook is thought to be the passion of the author as it offers the taste of the entire country of Brazil and not of a particular region like some other cookbooks. Brazil is geographically very diverse country and the diversity is also evident in terms of food from the wide variety of flavors mentioned in the book.

The book has 100 Brazilian recipes which include traditional age-old dishes as well as modern dishes of contemporary Brazil. Thus, it also creates an image of the cultural evolution of Brazil and the change of flavors over the course of time. You should not expect all popular Brazilian dishes in this cookbook as it focuses on the diversity and the food highlights of different parts of the country. So, if you are looking for a particular dish available in a definite region which is not very popular among the Brazilian people this cookbook might not be the ideal option for you.

What we like about it

The best part of this book is that the author has made some minor changes in the ingredients which might have just enhanced the taste of the traditional food even more. The book has a major concern on health issues and all recipes are such designed that they are healthy for everyone out there. The illustrations given are also quite descriptive about the dishes. The book is available online as well as offline easily for a very reasonable price.

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#5 – Cooking with a Brazilian Twist

Cooking With A Brazilian Twist

The author of this cookbook is Cynthia Presser who have designed the recipes of this cookbook depending on her vision of Brazil. She thinks Brazil is a country of lively people full of excitement and enthusiasm who love playing football and shaking their feet with the music. Thus, the recipes mentioned in this book is a celebration of Brazilian flavors. The book consists of 50 Brazilian recipes along with 40 other recipes which are inspired by other South American or American countries like Argentina, Mexico, United States, France, and some other countries. The dishes in this book might be a North American or European dish but it sure has a twist of the Brazilian flavors in it.

This book is thus not a traditional Brazilian cookbook rather a cookbook which deals with the flavors of Brazil. Thus, the book not only focuses on Brazilian ingredients which might be difficult to find in the market of other countries rather it deals with the flavors and uses simple ingredients which can be found in any part of the globe. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to experience Brazilian flavors in a part of the world far away from Brazil then this cookbook is the ideal option. It will not constrain you to experiment with the dishes due to lack of ingredients.

What we like about it

The easy availability of ingredients mentioned in this cookbook is a major plus point which is lacking in other Brazilian cookbooks as they aim to focus on traditional flavors using traditional ingredients which may not be available in other corners of the world. the book is available offline as well as online on different retail sites at a very reasonable price so you can easily get your hands on it.

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How we choose the Top Brazilian Cookbooks in our List

All the cookbooks in this list are very unique in each aspect some deals with traditional Brazilian flavors while others tell us not only about traditional dishes but also how to prepare a traditional grill system. But the one that stood out for me was the Cooking with a Brazilian Twist and there is one main reason for such a choice which is the availability of ingredients mentioned in this cookbook. The ingredients mentioned in other cookbooks may become very difficult to find in other corners of the world. Thus, if there has to be a cookbook for the entire global audience for experiencing Brazilian flavors then Cooking with a Brazilian Twist is undoubtedly the option. The book has beautiful illustrations which give a unique experience of Brazilian culture and also the incorporation of Brazilian flavor into other cuisines. The Brazilian flavors are quite distinct in terms of the spices used or pungency obtained in food. The book is also ideal for beginners who are not quite expert in dealing with the balance of flavours as it gives a clear idea about the proportion of each ingredient and spices used. The illustrations also help in better understanding of the procedure of cooking.

Why you need the Best Brazilian Cookbooks in your Kitchen

Brazil is a cheerful country of football, dance, and flavors. So, if you love cooking and want to experiment with flavors then you give a try to Brazilian food. Such a unique diversity of food and flavor is a major missing in many other cuisines. This is also because Brazil is geographically very diverse and this creates diverse flavors in a different part of the country. So, give these cookbooks a try and experience the Brazilian flavors. There are dishes for people of every preference. There is a wide diversity of flavors in this cookbook so go ahead and experiment these flavors. If you choose the Cooking with a Brazilian Twist, then your options are even diverse and you can incorporate the Brazilian twist of flavor in your favorite Mexican or Portuguese or other European dishes. The book is available easily and conveniently so go ahead grab the Cooking with a Brazilian Twist cookbook, taste the unique Latin American flavors, organize a theme party or a surprise for your kids and family and utilize the cookbook to its fullest. This cookbook is a treat to read and experience the Brazilian culture. Happy eating!

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