5 Best Cabinet Pulls for your Kitchen


The Best cabinet pulls come in a form of handle for pulling a cabinet, drawer or the chest of drawers in your kitchen cart. They come in endless variety of the materials, styles and finish. You will be completely amazed on having a look at their small details which can change whole look and feel of your kitchen.

Now updating the cabinet hardware of your kitchen can be a great idea. It can be done with less effort and is inexpensive relatively. The kitchen cabinet play huge role in overall styling of the space. Before your final purchase, read cabinet pull reviews online.

Cabinet Pull Review Center 2020

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#1 – Franklin Brass P29615K-SN-B Satin Nickel Drawer Handle Pull

Franklin Brass P29615K-SN-B Satin Nickel Drawer Handle Pull product image

This is the best cabinet handles which features attractive design that is full of the character and brings sense of the inspired beauty in any of the room of your home. This is called as a classic silhouette which is perfect for the casual or traditional cabinetry or even the furniture, which is crafted from the zinc of die cast for durability and quality, which is long lasting. The installation hardware comes along with these handles. It is having a satin finish of nickel, which is known as classic compliment for the decorative accents or brushed nickel appliances. It includes the ten packs of the cabinet pulls along with 4” center and the installation hardware.

This best cabinet pulls are stylish and modern alternative to the bar pulls of classic silhouette. As said, its finish of satin nickel acts as the main attraction. This one can feature transitional style which complements kitchen décor variety. Addition of the cabinet hardware is one of the excellent way for accenting style and décor of the existing furniture or cabinetry. Updating the cabinet hardware is quick and easy way for adding personal touch for changing look & feel of whole room. Make the cabinet pulls as part of home décor now. This comes with ten packs of cabinet pulls for assisting to complete great projects. You can order these cabinet pulls online.

What we like about it:

The Franklin Brass P29615K-SN-B Satin Nickel Drawer Handle Pull is the premium alternative to the brushed nickel and can well coordinate with the slate appliances. The product is backed by the life time warranty from manufacturer. Its overall dimensions are also accurate and can match well with the needs and preferences. You can buy these cabinet pulls online which comes with affordable price tag and can fit in any of the cabinet for fulfilling the purpose.

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#2 – Ultra Hardware 59156 Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull

Ultra Hardware 59156 Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull product image

This is one of the finest and useful cabinet pulls. It features the finishing of satin nickel for bringing out the best look for your place. It is ideal enough to be used as functional accent for bathroom or kitchen cabinets & furniture. The 1” of mounting screws comes along for easy installation. This product is made in the USA. It can pair perfectly with the home or kitchen décor. You can match them with your wooden cabinets, colored cabinets like white or black and can benefit everything from this hardware which is of satin nickel finish. They match well with your bathroom and kitchen. They look great with the appliances and fittings for cohesive home. It is made of higher quality for both cabinet hardware and builder’s hardware.

Within builder’s channel, this Ultra Hardware 59156 Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull spans around 14 different categories that includes the screen and storm door hardware, gate and garage, door security, wire goods and home hardware or more. Its product line proffers complete range of the pulls and decorative best cabinet pulls from tested to trending traditional style & finishes. With great number of decorative finish and designs, they offer every homeowner best option for premium finishing touch for completing room renovation or makeover. You can check out its cabinet handle reviews which prove that this product is one stop solution for all your cabinets.

What we like about it:

The package of the Ultra Hardware 59156 Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull includes one handle pull, 10 counts for adjusting as per door thickness. They are made of quality wood and as of stain nickel. You must select right cabinet pulls which are ideal to be used as functional accent for bathroom or kitchen cabinets and for furniture. They have a modern finish of satin nickel which adds on the modernized look. It comes in a perfect size too.

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#3 – South Main Hardware 25-Pack, SH503-SN-25 Modern Straight Bar Handle Pull

South Main Hardware 25-Pack, SH503-SN-25 Modern Straight Bar Handle Pull product image

These handle pulls are excellent accessory for your kitchen. These entire units include around 25 pull handles in total as individually with the 1” of mounting screws. The South Main Hardware 25-Pack, SH503-SN-25 Modern Straight Bar Handle Pull is known as ideal hardware to redesign home, bathroom or kitchen. There are high qualities of the hardware accessories at best prices. One can never go wrong with these cabinet pulls. This three inches of the satin nickel pulls are also having clean design which goes well with all modern style of kitchen. Handle also comes with 2 sets of the screws, the two 1” screws and other have two 1-9/16” of the screws for thick wall cabinetry. The finishing of these cabinet pulls are nice and have optimum quality.

With this 25 pack, one can install it on its own. This is the highly recommended cabinet pull for all the buyers. This is the cabinet accessory for all rooms. It comes with 25 total units. It can offer a simple upgrade to your any cabinet. This can be installed easily and have a good length, width, projection, the decorative drawer pulls and many other features. You can find them in different shape, finishes and style. But they can pair well with all cabinets which are in your kitchen and offers sleek elegance essence to them instantly.

What we like about it:

If you want to add on a modern look to your kitchen cabinet, then order the best cabinet pulls now as they offer best style which can complement your décor. This can be your foremost choice for deserving your both time & consideration. Using the subtle cabinet pulls of satin nickel finish can really highlight your cabinet and they lasts for long. It works for most of the kitchen having lot of traffic and opening or closing of cabinets.

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#4 – Alpine Hardware SOLID Stainless Steel, Bar Handle PullAlpine Hardware SOLID Stainless Steel, Bar Handle Pull product image

This is the European style of the cabinet pull of satin nickel which can add on strong flavor of contemporary nature to the flat panels of complete overlay & inset of the styles of cabinet door. This stylish design of the cabinet can coordinate with different décor themes, durable, and strong. They can also prove their elegance and functionality through the long years of their use. These cabinet pull reviews also suggests this product which are formed from solid cylindrical stainless steel bar, the index tapped which is plated with nickel hand brushed, offering the attractive finish of fine brushed and polished lightly for giving the shine of semi-gloss.

You can call the Alpine Hardware SOLID Stainless Steel, Bar Handle Pull as durable and strong hardware which proves itself in functions and use for long years. You can add modern look to any of your cabinet or drawer. They are made of solid stainless steel as its name suggests. They are available in three different sizes as 3”, 3.75 and even in 5”. It comes with lifetime warranty and you can initiate a replacement or refund for the product. You can give your kitchen or bathroom the modern makeover, a sophisticated look with this stainless steel cabinets pull. They are perfect to create all new look for the existing cabinets or can add modern touch to installation of new cabinets in your kitchen area.

What we like about it:

You can complement well the existing fixtures and faucets with this Alpine Hardware SOLID Stainless Steel because it well completes the appearance of its pulls. It comes in a convenient packing for completing kitchen cabinets. Its polished finish can also highlight any of the cabinet. This is crafted well with stainless steel and known as the most affordable product for everyone around. They are made of heavy duty material, making it durable and strong for daily purpose.

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#5 – Cosmas 305-030SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Euro Style Bar Handle Pull

Cosmas 305-030SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Euro Style Bar Handle Pull product image

According to the cabinet pulls reviews, this is one cabinet handle pull which is designed to fix up in your bathroom or kitchen. They don’t make charge of any of the unnecessary markups for hardware like other brands usually do. They offer best hardware at affordable price which can suit well all the budget. This features well beautiful finish of satin nickel & perfectly coordinates with the cabinet hardware. Nothing on this market can offer greater value than this and can also last longer as well. There are certain benefits of having the cabinets in which these pulls get added. They can offer additional organization and can increase storage as well. By adding them, one can gain added storage to their shelves.

Other reason for installing the Cosmas 305-030SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Euro Style Bar Handle Pull is that it can take stress off the body. Many of the people working in kitchen are seniors or baby boomers. The common issues as arthritis make accessing of items in kitchen in the cabinet without pulls as difficult. The addition of best cabinet pulls in your kitchen can make your work in the same area as convenient and can save you both time and energy. Installing them can make almost everything as handy without twisting, bending or lifting. You can actually install them on your own without taking any expert help.

What we like about it:

The Cosmas 305-030SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Euro Style Bar Handle Pull comes with many benefits as stated. You can have a complete plan with the ordered product. You can install them as per your choice. They are the slim beauties which are for modern cabinetry and come in satin nickel finish, making it as best choice for all types of cabinets. They are sleek, roomy and elegant cabinet pulls. Its affordable price tag is also a plus point.

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How we choose the top cabinet pulls in our list:

An in-depth research was conducted to come up with these best cabinet pulls. The experts divided some people in a group and different products were given to them for using them in reality. In that period, they were asked for noting all the pros, features and its installation process about the product which they find on its positive side. Through this the honest and trusted cabinet pulls reviews were published. On the other hand, the experts were also asked to pen down all its technical features which proves their outstanding nature. With keen details and expert eyes, they submitted their review about the top cabinet pulls.

For giving the best reviews about the top notch brands, the whole list was put together and conclusive report was formed. These cabinet pulls are glamorous and sturdy pulls which compliments well different cabinetry styles. They highlight the look and feel of the kitchen and even eliminate need of having additional pulls on wide drawer. All of these pulls are reviewed by the experts, thoroughly tested and they only specified as the best amongst all. One pull can be enough for your kitchen cabinet due to the super wide pulls. They are better option than the knobs and offers secured gripping with streamlined appearance. The materials used in these cabinet pulls are also of high quality and known for their long lasting durability. Based on the cabinet handle reviews, these top pulls stands as the best in terms of quality, price, features and much more.

Why you need the best cabinet pulls in your kitchen:

When it comes on the kitchen cabinets, the hardware is really a little thing which can make a great difference. The top and best cabinet pulls are available in the market which are sorted in high categories and can fit in your budget. Well updating an existing kitchen or designing a new one can be the overwhelming experience and the fun element is installing the cabinet hardware. They are the minor fixtures which can add on modern look, a great style to your cabinets of kitchen and can offer finest vehicle for creative spirit. When looking out for these cabinet pulls, you must decide on the style first.

Defining the style of your cabinet can help you in buying a complemented cabinet pull. Various understated, simple stainless steel hardware are available which can offer blank canvas for your cabinets. They can also help you in saving time, simplifying designing process, exploring other options and designing aesthetic in your kitchen. You can go for the different styles as per your needs and create a unique look which can catch eye and add on spark to the conversation. The pulls are expensive as compared to the knobs but can add on a significant look to your overall designing of cabinet. They are much more appealing from standpoint of handling for all homeowners. The satin nickel is also a safest choice for the hardware. You must read the cabinet pull reviews online and decide on the best one today for redesigning your kitchen space.

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