5 Best Cake Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Well, when you talk of food there are multiple things that you can prepare and serve to your loved ones. Cooking food for someone is actually a form of manifestation of love and care and the best dish that exists for every occasion is Cake. A cake is a type of sweet dessert course that is baked using an oven and is based on bread, but the best cakes can be prepared by a step by step process with the help of some of the best cake cookbook available in the market.

A cake cookbook contains a variety of cake recipes and is easy to read and understand. There is a cake cookbook for every type of cook, be it a beginner or a recipient of the prestigious Michelin Star. Cake cookbooks have recipes for everyone’s likes and tastes. There is a healthy cake cookbook, dump cake cookbook, mug cake cookbook, and you can name the variety and the cake exists for you.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!


The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum Product Image

It tells you how to bake a really good cake in less than 10 minutes. The book has all kinds of cakes and for all occasions. The book unravels all the basic and higher-level techniques of baking cakes. It is a guide to using the fillings, icings, and layers of different flavors in your cakes. The book tells us that almost every cake can be baked and given a form in the real sense if it can be imagined. Each recipe in the book contains direct and detailed explanations about the recipe. The book has all measurements given in almost all units and this makes it easy for people to measure ingredients in the right way no matter which country you belong to. The book contains numerous cake recipes ranging from small puddings to multi-layer wedding cakes. There are clear instructions as to how to mix the batter, ingredients to be used, storing, and the utensils to be used for the cake. There are around 50 different cakes for just chocolate, buttercream, fruits, and many more. The book is also known for being the best Bundt cake cookbook, as it has around 26 variations of the Bundt cake only.

The book is thick and is not a good choice for people looking for small pocket magazines and shortcuts. The cake bible has recipes that are time-consuming so if you are looking for easy two-minute cake this is not the book for you

What we liked about it

The book is everyone’s favorite. The book has all the old and famous recipes of cake from around the world and has cakes that can be baked using cups and mugs. The book is not just a book but acts as gospel for cake lovers and who love to bake cakes.

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Betty Crocker's The Big Book of Cakes by Betty Crocker Product Image

The big book of cakes by Betty Crocker is the whole new edition with around 180 different cake recipes. The book has ideas for puddings that will make your party a special one. The cake recipes are easy to prepare and do not require any special type of oven or equipment. It is easy to use cookbook and is also called as the healthy cake cookbook. The recipes mentioned can be prepared readymade batter mix which is readily available in the market thus you do not have to worry about the ingredients that you might find hard to find at your local grocery shop. Then there is always the fear of the ingredient not being fresh which is especially required for a cake. The best thing about the book is that it has recipes that go with the trend. The book also has clear instructions on how to bake cakes of different varieties and with the least complexity.

The book does not contain grandma recipes if those are what you are looking for. The modern recipes are there but if you are looking for something special then this is not your book. The book is centered on cupcakes and does not include many recipes that are fit for every occasion.

What we liked about it

The thumbs up aspect of the book is that it has recipes that are easy to prepare and do not consume much time and energy. It is the instant noodle book for cake lovers. Also, the base of each recipe is made of the mix that is readily available in the market.

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#3 – AMERICAN CAKE: FROM COLONIAL GINGERBREAD TO CLASSIC LAYER, THE STORIES AND RECIPES BEHIND MORE THAN 125 OF OUR BEST-LOVED CAKESAmerican Cake From Colonial Gingerbread to Classic Layer, the Stories and Recipes Behind More Than 125 of Our Best-Loved Cakes by Anne Byrn Product Image

The American Cake book is all about cakes in America and revolves around the history, culture, evolution of cakes in the country. The book describes that cakes are an integral part of the evolution of American society. It also states that cakes are the staple food for the people of America and symbolize their food culture. The book has also been named as the best cake cookbook by readers globally. This is the best book if you want to learn about American cake culture and its evolution. The book contains recipes that consist of cakes and frozen cakes also called ice cakes which is a completely new trend and is catching up in other parts of the world. The book is about American tea cakes and all the cake varieties that are home to American kitchens. The stories of the evolution of cakes and their inculcation in the daily life of the people. The recipes that are mentioned in the book focus on easy to do recipes and have been designed to ensure that the busy work-life schedule that citizens follow in America. It is a book that has recipes from all fifty states of America.

The only con associated with the book is that is centered on the American food culture. The recipes in the cake are more of the cold and have with tea type of cakes that do not fit every occasion.

What we liked about it

The book is the best book on tea and frozen cakes from America. The reason why it is a hit among people is that the book is not only about baking cakes but is also a soul-enriching experience for readers globally. The taste of American eating has been lucidly elucidated in the book. And it is easy to understand and bake your favorite cake.

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#4 – CAKE MAGIC: MIX AND MATCH YOUR WAY TO 100 AMAZING CAKE COMBINATIONSCake Magic Mix Match Your Way to 100 Amazing Combinations by Carolyn Wright Product Image

If you are looking for the best dump cake recipes then dump cake cookbook is your bible. The book has all the combinations that you can imagine in a dump cake ranging of chocolate syrup, Nutella, icing, milk chocolate, candies, chocolate chips and all that you can fancy mixing in your cake. The book has very easy baking tips and recipes included are vegan. Thus even if you dislike eggs you can use this book to bake cakes.

The book has around 120 recipes for dump cakes which is the favorite one for all school going kids who come home hungry and then they want to have something that instantly that satiates their hunger. The book contains recipes that can be prepared instantly and you do not need any special preparation for this type of cake. The cake cookbook uses recipes prepared from locally available ingredients that are healthy too and can be cooked in your cooker and on pans. The book has colored graphics that explain each step and process very clearly and in an attractive manner to make it easy for people to understand even if they are not very good at interpretations. The book focuses too much on the mix cake style also known as mug cake or dump cake and does not include recipes that are conventional and are for weddings and birthdays. The book is not the right choice for chefs who are looking for the next level cake-baking techniques.

What we liked about it

The book is for people who are busy and still have an affinity for cakes. The book has simple recipes that let you prepare cakes using many materials and do not require any high-level baking equipment.

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Vintage Cakes Timeless Recipes for Cupcakes, Flips, Rolls, Layer, Angel, Bundt, Chiffon, and Icebox Cakes for Today's Sweet Tooth by Julie Richardson Product Image

The book is a perfect collection of some old and forgotten recipes that are held in high esteem among bakers. This book has cake recipes for every occasion and taste. The book is extremely simple to read and has cakes recipes that were made ages ago. The recipes have been reintroduced in this book with modifications to suit the taste of the young and old alike. The book is also an insight into the age-old history of cakes and what all occasions they were a part of. The book is famous for its Bundt cake and is known as the best Bundt cake cookbook. The book also has cakes that are especially for couples for showcasing their love to one another and is so simple to comprehend that it can be understood even by a novice. The recipes are time-consuming and do not appeal to everyone’s taste. The cake recipes are more occasion oriented and do not cater to eat anytime kind of cakes.

What we liked about it

The book is the best cake recipe book if you are looking to recall the taste of your granny’s cakes and puddings and has recipes on basic butterscotch and vanilla flavors that appeal to everyone’s taste buds. The books mentioned here are the top five books that have ever been written on cakes and make a great guide for all categories of bakers.

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How we chose the top cake cookbooks

Although there are plenty of cake cookbooks that are available in the market but not every book is necessarily a good book. There are certain parameters on which a good cake cookbook is selected. Selecting the top cake cookbook is not an easy task and there are certain parameters that a book has to fulfill to be rated among the best cake cook book. The readers’ preference is of utmost importance.

There are cake cookbook reviews, their demand among readers, the utility of their content, ease of use and understanding, the number of languages that it is published, the feedback and reviews of great chefs in cake industry and the number of people who would refer the book to someone else is also taken into consideration. There is also a process of voting that is conducted, “vote for your favorite cake cookbook”, and the voters have to share their experience related to the book.

The most important points that are considered while rating is: The book must first have an introduction about cakes and throw light upon their importance in our culture, the next thing that it should have is the basic pre-requisites for baking cakes, a good cake cookbook will have information about the utensils, containers, cooking devices required for baking cakes, they have a whole chapter about the dos and don’ts that should be adhered to while getting ready to bake cakes.

Why do you need the best cake cookbook in your Kitchen?

There are reasons why the best cake cookbooks exist and that is that they have their own purpose of existence which is to teach and spread awareness about the food culture especially cakes and puddings, their history and social transformations, and acceptance that cakes have received. Also how the cake baking process has evolved over generations, then there are secret grandma cake recipes that many of us are ignorant of. A good cookbook lets you explore your latent skill and also lets you introspect by letting you explore your inner self. You can share your recipes that you learned using the book and later on modified them by creating your own blog and be the next big author. The books also have various secret tips that can be used as home remedies to cure various skin problems and also increase your knowledge about how the kitchen ingredients can be used for personal uses.