5 Best Canned Tuna for your Kitchen


Canned Tuna is an inexpensive source of food that is packed well with proteins. It is mild in its flavor and can be included in various nutritional recipes. You can go for the best canned tuna products with low saturated fat.

Such canned tuna provides you around 100 calories per serving. One can get a great dose of potassium and iron from it. If you are aiming at losing weight it can be a great addition to your salad. Go for the top-rated canned tuna to stay safe as there is a risk of high mercury content in cheaper products.

Comparison And Rating Of Best Canned Tuna:

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Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna with Sea Salt

Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna With Sea Salt Product Image

This is the best tasting canned tuna which is known as the eco-brand that is highly dedicated for greening the store shelves & drives the industry change completely. It can be called as the product which is ocean safe. This comes with fully implemented and as a strong policy of sourcing and offers information on its site for informing the customers about all its cans. All the products of the wild plant make use of two fishing methods as a troll caught and pole. This comes with less impact on the marine life of other animals. This is known widely for protecting the oceans and has also vowed for not sourcing the tuna from proposed sanctuaries of the high seas ocean of Central Pacific and Western.

You can call it the healthiest canned tuna which offers reliable information on sustainability on all its labels. This allows potential customers to get this product easily. This also advocates for all improvement for strengthening the fisheries management & shift industry of tuna towards the responsible practices of fishing. These cans are available all over the world and hold a market presence with high-end demand. They offer both albacore and skipjack canned tuna. Both are very tasty. You can find the best-canned albacore tuna bit milder than skipjack. It is a popular brand which is ranked number one as a canned tuna.

What we like about it

You can get the best tuna fish from Wild Planet. It is ranking on top in terms of its sustainability. They all are known for offering rich options and varieties and even some more seafood which includes sardines. You can have them as your staple at lunchtime. They are tasty, inexpensive, and nutritious which can be used well in different ways, beyond the tuna sandwich. This makes use of troll or line-caught, avoids the overused fisheries, and is completely FAD-free.

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BUMBLE BEE Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water

Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna In Water Product Image

This best-tasting tuna fish offers the line and pole caught of tuna fish. One can get skipjack tuna under it. It comes with better social responsibility and sustainability policies which offer an option for all the customers for tracing tuna. Its standards are all high. You must know that it is a company in North America which is a famous seafood company and occupies a market for canned tuna. If you will have a look at its website of traceability, you will find transparency and it is known for all sustainable fisheries. One can get responsible caught tunas fish from them. It offers all better options for people around.

Being the best-canned tuna fish, the bumblebee can offer quality as soon as you open it can. It is fresh, light, and firm. They are known for having all the perfect ingredients for enhancing well the favorite dishes, mild flavor, and nutrients variety which includes healthy fat, lean protein, and even essential minerals and vitamins. One can have better meal plans with their canned fish. You can get wild-caught tuna which is higher in protein, perfect, versatile, and delicious as a main meal ingredient. You can try its recipes today which are mouthwatering and one can discover on their own as of why they are so popular with people around and why people are getting crazy about it.

What we like about it

Bumble Bee can be called as the best-canned tuna brand. All the cans are completely free from BPA. For adding taste, they include nothing than the salt to tunas. They are packed in cans and further cooked for retaining maximum nutrition and flavors. It is worth its value price. This is super tasty and called the best tuna in taste. You can also call it better than other tuna cans available in the market.

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StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna In Water Product Image

The StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water, the best tuna brand is packed carefully and even cooked for preserving trusted and naturally mild flavor of tuna for all the people that expect to have this. It is lower in the fat naturally as well as cholesterol as compared to chicken and beef. This is called the light tuna in the water which stands as an affordable option and amazing value for helping everyone to stay comfortable and fit. One can prepare cool salads of tuna or can prepare a hot meal with them. The StarKist is one company which is owned by the seafood giant globally as, Dongwon.

This brand ensures the safety and healthiness of oceans. Their tuna which is water-packed is the best option for all those that love to have a complete flavor of tuna without any other additional flavors. These tuna fishes are handpicked by the experts and then packed in the pouches which are flavor fresh. One can get fresh, flaky, and firm tasting tuna that you would love eating and serve your guests. You can also go through the product label to understand more about the best canned fish. If you will have a look at its product features you will find that it includes Omega 3, completely free from gluten, includes 70 calories, and only 17 g of protein.

What we like about it

The best tuna cans can be attained from StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water only which are fresh in taste and don’t even drain. There are no issues with its quality factors too. They are known for their sustainability; one can call it a transparent company that includes zero additives in their canned tuna. One can either it like a salad or can add them in their meal plan for tasting its real deliciousness.

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Genova Yellowfin Tuna in Pure Olive Oil

Genova Yellowfin Tuna In Pure Olive Oil Product Image

As per the top canned tuna reviews, this is packed well with the tasty Yellowfin Tuna and is packed uniquely in the olive oil. You need to only take them out for start serving as a salad, antipastos or in the main meal. It is packed in virgin olive oil which is really 100%. It is highly preferred for light color & mild flavor in rich olive oil which is flavored too. You can call it all-natural and they are wild-caught. They are dolphin-safe and high in the protein naturally. It is the natural omega 3 source that comes with no preservatives and additives.

These best albacore tunas are packed in the tradition of Mediterranean with the olive oil. It holds delicious flavor and called the natural source in Omega 3. It is the standard can of 5 ounces which includes the best canned tuna. It comes with a handy pulling tab which makes them easy in the opening. When you will open the can, you will get well-drained tuna. You can hold lid top for getting most of the oil or water out from the same. It comes with a large certification of MSC label and with the dolphin-safe label. At its bottom, you can get the expiry date. The product itself says with its label, that it is a Thailand made product.

What we like about it

The Genova Yellowfin Tuna in Pure Olive Oil can be an amazing choice for all the fans of canned tuna. You will be able to enjoy its rich taste. It is packed in the most sustainable way and comes with no additives. It also claims to be one of the safest tuna as it is tested for the mercury and is FDA approved. There is less involvement of processing which makes tuna to completely retain its nutrients and flavors.

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Chicken of the Sea Tuna Chunk Light in Water

Chicken Of The Sea Tuna Chunk Light In Water Product Image

This is the best tuna to buy which is great for dishes, casseroles, salad, or another small piece of dishes. They are 99% free from fat and can be called as the rich source of Omega 3 and protein. Before you can get the delicious feeling of the tuna can, there are many of the steps which Chicken of the Sea Tuna Chunk Light in Water follows for ensuring that you get high quality of the seafood. They are different from all other tuna brands. Their tunas are wild-caught & even sourced from all over the world. They evaluate all the tuna through their canning process for ensuring their standards get upheld accordingly.

One can learn more about them by getting this best canned fish. The trader joe’s tuna is delectable highly, comes as light tuna, and with mouthwatering one in the water. They are proud of offering the products which are MSC certified. It is their deep commitment to ocean sustainability. Being aware of what you are eating, you can also have a sustainable and healthy diet. You can call it the best tuna fish which is traced by them from the ocean to your plate. You can be completely dependent on this brand to get a rich taste as they are known for their affordable price and quality tuna cans only which you can buy online.

What we like about it:

You can get this tongol tuna fish can which also comes with albacore variety. It is offered to customers after rigorous testing only. You can call it a foremost option if you prefer having the albacore tuna fish. There are endless numbers of benefits which are associated with this product. They are known as the BPA free cans, come as FDA approved, and caught sustainability. They are good in taste and pass through all safety check options.

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How we choose the Top canned tuna in our List

When it comes to the shelf-stable tunas, the customers might want to reconsider as for which tuna cans you should go. Not all the tunas are created equally, whether you are in need to get low mercury options or want to be sure that fishes were caught in the manner which is eco-friendly. Well, here the experts have tested these top canned tunas themselves. They took into consideration some of the important things like sustainability, health, packaging, water or drained options, fats and omega 3 involvements, and much more. Most importantly they also took into consideration the mercury options. Some of the top features which they found for the best tuna in a can are,

  • Emergency dinner: It can be consumed as an emergency dinner when you are not giving other protein options in your kitchen.
  • Fresh in taste: Although it is packed a few days back, the canned fishes retain its freshness and quality. They look impressive just like the freshly caught tuna fishes.
  • Affordable: The tuna fish can is nutrient-dense, convenient and affordable
  • Taste: They are highly rich in taste and can attract all your guests or family members with their deliciousness.
  • Mercury: The top canned tuna fish brands are lowest in the mercury level.
  • Variety: One can get a variety of tuna fishes which range from skipjack tuna, light tuna, Asia, United States Tuna, and many more.

The tuna fish can also be used in daily meals, salads, or dressing your dishes too. Choose your favorite brand today.

Different types of canned tuna

One of the best things about these canned tunas is that there is various varieties that offer a different number of qualities in terms of price, texture, and taste. There are some common tuna types which are mentioned below. You can go through them to know the real difference and to know about their nutritional values. The top ones are,

  1. White tuna: They include chunk white and albacore tuna of solid white. They refer to the variety of albacore tunas. They are called the larger fishes which come with the light color of flesh, the firm texture, and mild flavor as compared to chunk and a solid variety of fishes. For such a reason, people around prefer the albacore ones over the light tunas for some dishes.
  2. Light tuna: If you want to know what is the best canned tuna? Then you should check out light tuna. It is the rich mix of small tuna species, which includes big eye, tongpol, and yellowfin tunas. The best use for these chunk light or solid tuna can be in casseroles, pasta dishes, or tuna salads. Its strong flavor also makes it best. They are called as the least expensive ones which make them a more attractive option to go for.
  3. Chunk vs solid: This only indicates the sizing of tuna pieces in the can. The solid tunas are ones that are large and firm in a piece with fewer flakes. On the other hand, the chunk tuna holds small pieces that might vary in size.

Why you need the best canned tuna in your kitchen

Tuna fish is an amazing food for adding to diet. It is highly rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, cardiovascular health. It is an excellent lean protein source as well. If you are the one who is in love with sushi, then you can understand that canned tuna fish comes in distinctive flavors. It is called the famous ocean fish which is used in Asian countries extensively and in other places too. It comes with all the nutritional benefits. This can be called as a healthy choice. According to the reports, many people don’t eat enough amount of seafood.

The dieticians also recommended eating fishes and mainly tuna for being healthy and fit lifelong. They also recommend eating around two-three servings of seafood every week as they are rich in all important nutrients as Omega 3, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, and others. Eating canned tuna can offer you an endless number of benefits which are as following:

  • Immune system: It helps in improving the immune system as it is rich in the selenium, vitamin C, manganese
  • Protects from diseases: It helps in protecting from many diseases like cancer and others
  • Weight loss: You can get canned tuna fish and can eat them at any point in time. It is best for people that want to lose weight in less time. It helps to balance calories, rich in the nutrients and proteins and lower in all fat content.
  • Strengthen bones: It includes Vitamin B which is the main component to strengthen up bones.
  • Taste and quality: The canned tuna fish maintains its taste and quality.

Order the best brand of canned tuna fish today.

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