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Many households indulge in wine tasting ceremonies. And for this they often have guests over too. You must have been to a few yourself, haven’t you? Well, did you enjoy the ceremony and moreover, did you notice the very fine set of cutlery that they used for serving the cheese? That was a cheese plate, put into use in occasions. You can buy it from the market or order it online from a reputed seller.

But as the product is not advised on televisions nor has much market coverage in terms of advertisement, it is understandable that there is not sufficient knowledge among the public when it comes to buying the perfect one. With the help of this article we bring to you the best cheese plate. We’re going to show you our top 5 picks. You can click on the links to read buyer reviews and check latest price.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Decodyne Cheese Board Set

Decodyne Cheese Board Set Product Image

At the first glance you would fall for the sheer beauty of the product. It has been crafted with passion and the maker has lent a personal touch to the cheese board with the help of the graphics, so fondly implemented on the board. The best wood cheese plate on this list, it has the makings of a match winner already. The next thing that we liked about it is the magnetic side arm that has been provided to keep the tools upright and standing to be put into use at all times. This integrated magnet is not visible to the eye and is kept hidden by the help of a wooden block that serves as a leaning handle to the knives too. The whole setup looks neat to the eye and you cannot help but appreciate the practicality of the thought.

The cheese plate comes in at number one position in cheese plate reviews because of its completeness too. You will not finding anything to be missing from the list of its utensils and items sold separately. It comprises of both wood and steel handles and knives that make the cutting of cheese easier to accomplish. Over all this product will make a valuable addition to your kitchen. It has not been priced too steeply too.

What we like about it:

The thing that we liked the best about it is the fact that it boasts of an integrated magnet within its core. And that lets its tools stand upright and straight. It makes the serving of food easier, in this case it is cheese. You can cut and serve it along with drinks perfectly. You can do very well with just one of these at your place, just in case you do decide to serve a wine tasting once in a while.

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#2 – Picnic time Circo Cheese Board with Cheese Tools

Picnic Time Circo Cheese Board with Cheese Tools Product Image

Now here is a product that has been designed keeping in mind the practicality of things and the way one tends to use it. One thing should be pointed out right at the beginning. It is the simple fact that you do not always indulge in having a wine tasting ceremony right at your home. On majority of occasions, it is hosted outside and the people who attend these too, do not come prepared for the task, thus you have to make sure that as host you are able to cater to the needs of the people that you have invited over for a ceremony. Events such as wine tasting are generally hosted in open and not in the confines of your kitchen. Thus this best artisan cheese plate will be the boon for your parties.

It is best for carrying around too. The tools and knives are kept inside the tray itself. It closes off to become a compact lid and keep the tools from falling out of it. This is actually quite beneficial for those who are fond of travelling and hosting outdoor get together. You can take your tray with you on the go and buy cheese from the first market that you come across. Another benefit of this plate would be that it is dual surfaced and has got two sides that can hold the cheese equally well because of its recessed moat.

What we like about it:

The fact that the practicality of the job has been kept in mind while pursuing the product. The inside cabinet for holding the knives has been made so that it does not let go of the tools mid-way. All these things will work wonders for someone who is interested in travelling and carrying his or her own equipment on the go. It is sturdy so there is no chance of any damage to the tools too.

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#3 – Round Slate Cheese Board by EMEMO

Round Slate Cheese Board By EMEMO Product Image

The classiest of the lineup is here. One look at it and you would be blown away by the sheer elegance of the product. It has been kept extremely simple and thus extremely efficient. The bare minimum theme seems to work wonderfully for the product as it makes the cheese seem more desirable as in comparison to other trays. Another thing that works wonders for it is the fact that the all black design contrasts sharply the dish that is served in it, in this case, cheese. It has been handcrafted and that just adds to the beauty of the thing. Made out of slate, it is heat resistant and does not react negatively with the cheese. It is easier to cut cheese on its surface as one can very well use the additional friction that results from the scraping against the coarse slate.

But the coarse look of the tray should not scare off diners. It has got good support to provide for with its 3 bumpers that act as a stand to set it firmly against a table top while people slice off cheese off it. Now this product might look like a tad bit different from the others on this list but that is exactly what works in its favor. Look out for it on the market

What we like about it:

The fact that it has been made into the very best cheese and charcuterie plate by the ingenuity of the maker and the work of the framer. Hand crafted items are rare to come by in days of today. In such a time this product makes waves because of its originality. You can buy it over the net or in the market. It will be a truly valuable addition to your kitchen.

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#4 – BIA Cordon Bleu assorted Salad/Dessert Plates

BIA Cordon Bleu Assorted Salad Dessert Plates Product Image

It should not always granted that one gets the perfectly accentuated one for their self. They might also want to keep things on the down low and go for a more representative kind of view when it comes to having a cheese tasting party or any gathering for that matter. It is one of the finest things that one can get for their self. Cheese is served generally in combination with wine. And this is the exact theme that the plate makes use of. If you take one look at it then you will immediately be reminded of wines and its various vintage themes. Because that is what it makes use? The plates are multiple in number and each of them is themed with something different, a different label of wine that is.

It is without doubt the best French cheese plate that you can find on this list. That is, there are no better than this one on the list. The reason is a simple one. It does not take itself too seriously and concentrates mainly on the purpose that it has been made for, and that is for serving cheese and looking good while at it. And it manages to get that job done in a splendid manner. If you do decide to go with this one, you will have a good time ahead on such gatherings.

What we like about it:

The fact that is does not take itself too seriously is what works best in its case. You want a fun time and this is exactly what it brings along with itself. A little funk, a little nostalgia, a little fun and a little party. It all goes along just fine with this plate. You can choose to order it online or buy it straight from a market retailer after taking a better, closer look at it.

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#5 – Gourmet Acacia cutting board

Gourmet Acacia Cutting Board Product Image

The best thing is that this cutting board has got a built in beauty to the product and it can be used for many purposes simultaneously. Not only slicing cheese but also chopping vegetables. You can use it in the kitchen freely. It will help you in everyday purposes as well. All this is to bring out the fact that it will not only serve in times of parties but also in times when you are having just a regular day in the kitchen. One of the most beautiful trays on this list, its sheer sight is enough to melt opinions. Simplicity is beauty is the thing this stuff is made of. Also, another factor that works in its favor is the factor that the products of acacia are known to be environmentally friendly and do not have a negative impact on it when they fall out of use.

Another thing that works in its favor is the quality of the product. Even with repetitive use, it does not fall out of shape soon. You can continue to chop on it regardless of the fact that it bears knife marks. The surface is not damaged so soon. Long life of the product is something that each one of us is looking for and it is exactly what it delivers to you. We recommend using with the best cheese knife set.

What we like about it:

The fact that it has been designed keeping in mind the everyday use of things. Therefore it will not be termed as a cheese and wine only kind of tray but a product of daily use. Thus it will not found hanging upside down when not in use but in the process of daily use as it is an integral part of daily activities. Your investment will serve you in the long term too.

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How we choose the top cheese plate in our list:

To get through with the rankings, we assemble a group of random people. These people are then handed over the products on the list and are instructed to keep in constant touch with the team that is carrying out the test survey. They are then assigned a limited amount of time to get through with it and then submit their review. They list their own ranking, their own merits and demerits as they observe with the product. Within the stipulated period of time, they have to get through the product list and use each one of them.

A second group is formed too. This comprise of our own in house panel of experts. They are observant of the product with a more critical eye and take to it in a more detailed manner. They list their own merits and flaws and discuss to make a comprehensive ranking system. At the end of the stipulated time period, they are asked to submit their own reviews. Both of these lists are combined to make cheese and charcuterie plate reviews. Then the list has been formed, it is printed in the form of the review that you just read. The list is not exclusive and you are free to refer products out of it or make your purchase independent of the ranking. All the products on the list have been reasonably priced to be kept within the reach and grasp of the common population towards whom they are targeted.

Why you need the best cheese plate in your kitchen

Taking into account the wide range of activities that you undertake at your kitchen, it is necessary that you keep arrangements for all sorts of dishes ready. You never know when the need for a particular occasion might pop up. A cheese plate is nothing too fancy but serves the purpose that it was meant for well. One may or may not have the correct glasses for drinking wine out of but not having a proper cheese plate will make the serving quite messy and untidy. A dish well prepared but coarsely served will ruin all appetite that one has thus far generated. On the other hand, a dish well served in itself works as an appetizer. One need not market it more. Similar can be the logic of a cheese plate. Cheese in itself is not a too visually appealing dish, but when served the right way, it makes for the most delicious side dish to be served with wine.

There are no separate dishes that come with cheese for serving but one has to make use of all the things that one can lay their hands upon. Cheese is made in blocks and cubes. The size that it is fermented in is quite large for direct consumption. Thus one has to make use of a cheese plate. This apparatus comes attached with cheese knives and a slicing tray. The chopping of cheese cubes has been made easier.

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