5 Best Cheese Platters for your Kitchen

Say cheese! Well, there is something about this word that makes us smile in the most beautiful manner. As kids, we have always empathized with jerry mouse falling for cheese again and again. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, cheese always dominates the menu.

If cheese and other dairy based products form an indispensable part of your fridge, then perhaps investing in a cheese platter will be a decision that you won’t regret. It is a board which allows you to present your love affair with cheese in the most attractive manner. Thus, here we bring for you a comprehensive guide to help you through the purchase decision:

Cheese Platter Review Center 2021

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#1 – Bambusi Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set

Bambusi Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set product image

The very first product in our list is ruling the hearts of millions of people which is why it has been titled as the best cheese platter. They say that a good dish requires a great presentation too and this cheese platter justifies the notion. Whether it is about showing off your exclusive collection of cheese from all across the world or when it comes to presenting your new cheese recipe before your friends, a cheese platter is a kitchen tool that would always come to the rescue. This cheese board is handmade which itself speaks of the intricacy of work in it and the very fact that the material used is pure bamboo adds to the authenticity of the product. If you are thinking of a suitable gift option for your mother, father, wife or friend, a bambusi cheese platter is the one to rely on.

The additional cutlery that are attached with the cheese platter will also help you to slice and glide through the cheese like a pro. All the cutlery are made of high and superior quality stainless steel ensuring that you have an easy grip on all the products. These cheese boards are made for the cheese lovers to help them express their love for cheese in the most intricate and beautiful way. Thus, the product is an all-round winner when it comes to styling and authenticity.

What we like about it:

Although the platter managed to impress us in the first glance yet what really attracted us about the cheese tray is the attention to detail that is provided by the platter. The platter is like a mini cheese shop, containing variety of cheese at the same place beautifully and intricately placed in a way that will make you drool instantly. Apart from that, the cutlery offered with the cheese platter is designed keeping in mind the needs of cheese lover which adds to its popularity.

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#2 – Extra Large Stone Age Slate cheese boards 

Extra Large Stone Age Slate cheese boards product image

We know how much it annoys you when people are not able to resonate with your love for cheese. The underlying difference between mozzarella and cheddar, which cheese to serve with which wine and which variety of cheese would go best with which dish, these are the questions that you wish everyone knew the answer for. So if till now what you read actually struck a chord, this product would definitely impress you. A slate for cooking? Totally if you would want to brag about your collection of cheese and want the people to know what you are serving them. This large rectangular piece of slate adds the rustic touch to your cheese platter and is equipped with rubber pads that lie underneath the slate so that it may not get damaged and also may not damage the surface.

The stone that the tray is made up of is convenient to maintain and clean as well which does not pose a problem to use it for daily serving because of which the tray is used extensively in restraints and cafes as it adds the dramatic touch to your regular platter. Also the very fact that the brand offers total reliability and assurity is something that would attract any customer instantly. The brand offers money back guarantee with the product which means that if anything goes wrong with the tray, the company will replace it at any time.

What we like about it:

So how many times have you seen a cheese platter that allows you to write down the name of the cheese along with each serving the cheese! Sounds innovative right? Sounds perfectly like this cheese tray. What attracted us the most about the product is the fact that it comes along with a chalk to write down the name of the cheese? So the next time you serve something from your exclusive collection, make sure to write it down too!

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#3 – Royal Craft Wood Unique Bamboo Cheese Board

Royal Craft Wood Unique Bamboo Cheese Board product image

Yet another fine piece of art and craftsmanship is this amazing piece of platter which just makes you go gaga over it. Thinking about having a pool party with all the wine, cheese and snacks and not being able to decide as to which crockery to use? The rustic style china ones from your wedding would be too much and your regular plates will not give the feel of a fun pool party right? Well, we have something that would just be the perfect choice for you and would ease out your dilemma. This particular cheese tray will be the appropriate choice as it is as creative as it is functional. The authentic and attractive design of the platter steals our heart and makes it one of the best cheese platters.

The cheese board has been designed keeping in mind your party or gathering requirements and therefore has separate compartments for other snacks too. So don’t you worry if you have a fun party to host this Sunday? Just order this product and all your problems shall be solved. Apart from this, the side handles also make it easy for you to carry it from one place to another. The material used in the preparation of cheese board also makes it easy to cut various cheese types without spoiling your cutlery and the bamboo surface offers it the durability.

What we like about it:

What we really liked about the multipurpose use of the cheese board. The board can be used for the purpose of serving and this is not the end to it. Along with serving purpose as a cheese tray, the board can also be used to serve wine, fruits, muffins, crackers or for that matter, serving tray for anything. What more, it also ensures that you are able to show off your creativity before everyone.

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#4 – Lipper International 1030 Acacia Tree Bark Footed Server for Cheese

Lipper International 1030 Acacia Tree Bark Footed Server for Cheese product image

Well, as they say there is no school like old school. Looking back in the past always helps you to find some relics to cherish. This particular product is also the same and this is the reason it immediately caught our attention. This amazing piece of serving tray is highly recommended by us if you would want to add a rustic and contemporary look to your serving style. The piece looks like a piece of wood which is just amazing to look at as you feel you are back in the time of yore. This can be used to serve cheese, crackers and a whole lot of other stuff as well, making it the best cheese platter. Each and every piece of this beautiful piece of cheese tray is unique and boasts of superior craftsmanship. From the rings of the trunk to the color of the tray, everything aptly speaks of the thought that has been put into it.

The quality of material used in the tray is worth mentioning for the intricacy it delivered. The tray is made of acacia wood which makes it durable and beautiful at the same time and also adds the right color and texture to the tray. You can serve various types of cheese from mozzarella to cheddar to parmesan in the tray without the slightest fear of damaging the tray.

What we like about it:

Although the product manages to steal our heart in the first impression. Just by looking at the tray, you are teleported centuries back, straight in the woods to enjoy the mouthwatering cheese platters. Well, the product does something similar to your senses. What we really liked about the product is the fact that the tray pays attention to details. The wooden style cheese board offers completeness and wholesomeness in every way possible to the users.

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#5 – Picnic at Ascot Vienna Multi Level Bamboo Board for Cheese & Appetizers

Picnic at Ascot Vienna Multi Level Bamboo Board for Cheese Appetizers product image

The last of the product that forms a part of our review list is this amazing piece of work. Planning a picnic with your family and not being able to find the right tool to pack all the relevant snacks for the day out? Obviously, you would want to travel light and therefore carrying a separate tray for every item is not just the right thing to do. So, what if we introduce you to this beautiful and highly efficient cheese platter that does not occupy much of the space of your picnic bag and is able to accommodate various varieties of snacks. What more, it also looks ethereal! Okay, alright this is not a dream as we have just begun to describe our cheese tray. This particular cheese board can easily be transformed from a wedge to a highly functional cheese board which has a 18” diameter allowing you to serve all the cheese platters and other snacks all at the same time.

The sturdy designing of the product adds to the popularity of the product along with the fact that the product is easily foldable. The cheese tray is easy to clean as all you require is warm and soapy water or a cloth that is damp and you are sorted. The brand in itself, is a legit assurance of quality of the product.

What we like about it:

Well, to begin with, what we really liked about the product was the fact that the tray was designed keeping in mind the outdoor requirements of the people and therefore attention was paid to make it foldable so that you can easily take it for a picnic or a playdate or for that matter, any other outdoor activity. Thus, the cheese tray ensures that you do not have to pack or rely on junk food and can easily accommodate all of the healthy and homemade food in this tray.

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How we choose the top cheese platter in our list

A cheese platter is a tool which is designed to offer you the ultimate convenience and comfort and therefore before selecting the top 5 cheese platters for our review list, we had to make sure that all the products live up to the basic two parameters- ease of use and functionality. All the cheese platters that are a part of our list are highly suited for everyday use for the simple reason that these trays are extremely easy to use. If you are planning to host a pool side party or a picnic or just a get together with your near ones, we always have the right choice for you. We also make sure that the functionality of the cheese tray is worth appealing and therefore all the cheese trays in our list are designed to complement other snacks as well, which is why they are also referred as the best meat and cheese platter. Another important factor that we do keep in mind is the cleaning process of the cheese trays. We would never want you to strain your hands to keep our products clean and therefore the material used in the designing of the cheese platter is something that would add to your comfort. All you have to do is clean these cheese trays with a damp cloth and feel free to use them again. Apart from that, the warranty and guarantee are important to judge the brand name that is associated with the product and our products do live up to them.

Why do you need the best cheese platter in your kitchen?

Cheese is something that forms an important part of our daily diet. Whether it is in the form of morning breakfast or evening snack or dinner, cheese is an essential part of our diet. It is something that you require to curb your midnight cravings and between the meals hunger. And then, should we even start taking about cheese and wine! Oh yes, even we couldn’t help drooling. So, don’t you think that when cheese serves so many purpose for you, you should do something to make your cheese plate more attractive than ever? Well, the cheese platters are designed with the intention to pamper your cheese cravings in the most appetizing manner.

These amazing piece of work do not just make your cheese servings look attractive but also enable you to neatly arrange all the dishes on the plate. We all know that a good dish requires an equally good presentation and these cheese platters, with their amazing intricacy and details makes your dish a big hit even before it is tasted. Apart from that, these cheese trays are also designed to suit various occasions. So whether it’s a formal gathering or a fun party or a playdate, we have the right cheese tray for you to suit all purpose. Also, the material used for designing is also something that will add to your comfort and style, allowing you to show off your culinary skills and presentation skills all at the same time. Thus, you need a cheese platter to add the Midas touch to your cheese snacks and dishes to brag your skills before everyone.

So, these were our cheese platter reviews. We hope to have helped you in making a choice.

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