5 Best Chinese Cookbooks


One of the oldest civilizations in the world is China, and their cooking is just as old. That rich tradition of Chinese cuisine can be yours to discover if you find the right cookbook. Cookbooks can help people learn how to make Chinese dishes the right way.

Best Chinese CookbookThrough the recipes, tips, and handy guides within these following cookbooks, you are sure to make some delicious Chinese cuisine. We have compiled a list of some of the best and most accessible Chinese cuisine cookbooks around. If you are looking for a reliable cookbook on Chinese foods, then you would not go wrong if you decide to purchase one of these.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Katie Chin’s Everyday Chinese Cookbook: 101 Delicious Recipes from My Mother’s Kitchen

Katie Chins Everyday Chinese Cookbook 978-0804845229 Product Image
ISBN 978-0804845229

There are more than one hundred authentic Chinese recipes that are packed into this one slim cookbook. All of the recipes were personally written by Katie Chin, the author, herself. The recipes were handed down from her mother, so these recipes are personal for her. This is because the recipes that are found in this cookbook are handed down from a Chinese family. So readers of this cookbook are sure to be able to prepare authentic tasting and unique Chinese recipes.

Katie Chin’s mother, Leeann Chin, was a famous chef and cookbook author herself. So it was only natural for Katie to include some of the recipes that her mother handed down to her. In this cookbook, you can find recipes for delicious pork dishes such as honey barbecued pork skewers, and all sorts of recipes for dim sum and dumplings! There really is a lot to discover in this cookbook.

What we like about it: This is truly a cookbook that we can wholeheartedly recommend to beginners. This is because there is even a section that Katie Chin wrote herself, that explains how to understand and use some of the more common Chinese ingredients. We also found the recipe instructions pretty clear too.

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#2 – The Chinese Takeout Cookbook: Quick and Easy Dishes to Prepare at Home by Diana Kuan

Chinese Takeout Cookbook Diana Kuan 978-0345529121 Product Image
ISBN 978-0345529121

Who doesn’t love the taste of Chinese takeout? If you would like to make some steamed pork rice or shark fin dumplings in your own kitchen’s home, then this is the cookbook that you should be getting. Included in this cookbook are hundreds of various recipes that you can follow so that you can make some delicious yet still authentic Chinese recipes that are commonly served in takeout restaurants. The recipes that you can follow in this book taste even better than the ones that you can get from a takeout place. This is because you can make the dim sum and other dishes that you want with the freshest and best ingredients, as long as you follow all of the recipes within this book.

Cooking Chinese cuisine also has never been easier with the help of this cookbook. The instructions for the Chinese recipes that are bundled in this single cookbook are clear and pretty easy to follow as well.

What we like about it: We just loved the taste of the pork dim sum and steamed rice that we were able to make when we followed the recipes in this Chinese cuisine cookbook. Overall, we would say that this cookbook is the top one simply based on the deliciousness of the recipes.

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#3 – Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking by Fuchsia Dunlop

Every Grain of Rice Simple Chinese Home Cooking Fuchsia Dunlop 978-0393089042 Product Image
ISBN 978-0393089042

Chinese cuisine has never been simpler in this cookbook for home-style Chinese cooking. If you prefer more down to earth food, then this cookbook should be right up your alley. There are hundreds of recipes here, which include classic Chinese dishes such as Sichuan fried chicken and Hainanese fried rice. The regional variations in Chinese cuisine are also well-represented in this cookbook because there is everything from Hunan province cooking to Sichuan regional Chinese recipes as well. So if you are looking for something that has got more variation in the number of recipes that it offers, then this Chinese cuisine cookbook should not disappoint you.

Chef Fuchsia Dunlop has written a great introduction to regional Chinese cuisine and cooking. There is literally almost every type of local and regional Chinese dishes that you can find out and cook for yourself, with the help of this cookbook.

What we like about it: Based on the simplicity and the taste of the Chinese dish recipes in this cookbook, we would recommend this one to new cooks. There are a lot of recipes here that are easy to make and will taste just as good as any authentic Chinese dish.

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#4 – Essential Wok Cookbook: A Simple Chinese Cookbook for Stir-Fry, Dim Sum, and Other Restaurant Favourites by Naomi Imatome-Yun

Essential Wok Cookbook Simple Chinese Cookbook Naomi Imatome-Yun 978-1623156053 Product Image
ISBN 978-1623156053

If you would rather eat at home with freshly prepared Chinese food rather than go eat out at a restaurant, then this Chinese cuisine cookbook could be of big help to you. There is a whole load of different recipes in this single cookbook, with over a hundred variations of popular Chinese recipes. There are also dishes such as beef with broccoli, vegetable stir-fry, sweet and sour chili shrimp, and a whole lot more. And the recipes that are included in this cookbook are even better than the ones that are made in Chinese restaurants. This is because the recipes that are in this cookbook do not tell you to add more salt or MSG. So not only do these Chinese cuisine recipes taste awesome, but they are also perfectly good for your health as well. All of the Chinese recipes here are going to be good for your body.

What we like about it: We liked the simplicity, healthiness and overall taste of the recipes here. And since there were a lot of popular recipes for Chinese foods, such as Chinese fried rice, stir-fry, and beef pot, etc., we could easily find recipes of Chinese dishes that we already love!

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#5 – Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Mastery, with Authentic Recipes and Stories by Grace Young

Stir-Frying to the Skys Edge Grace Young 978-1416580577 Product Image
ISBN 978-1416580577

Stir fry is probably one of the most popular Chinese dishes around. And this book is the cookbook to get if you would like to know all of the different variations of stir fry and how to make them. With the hundred or so recipes here, you could make everything from beef stir fry, stir fry with chicken lo mein, mushroom stir fry, Sichuan beef stir Fry, and so much more. You will never run out of recipes for stir fry if you have got this Chinese cuisine cookbook in your possession.

The different regions of Chinese cooking for stir fry includes Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hunan, and even Macau, are all included here. So this Chinese cuisine cookbook has got good representation across the board, giving you a real taste of Chinese cooking. This is the most comprehensive cookbook about Chinese stir fry.

What we like about it: We would recommend this book to anyone that loves Chinese stir fry. Fortunately, even if stir fry is not your favorite Chinese dish, there are so many different variations of it, that you could easily find something that would suit your taste preferences. This cookbook is definitely the most complete one about Chinese stir fry.

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How we choose the top Chinese cookbook?

Since Chinese cooking can vary between different regions, we wanted a good representation of the different styles of Chinese cooking based on regional culinary differences. So we choose these cookbooks based on how varied their types of dishes were. We wanted to showcase as much of the unique and special dishes there are in Chinese cuisine.

Within our list are also Chinese cookbooks that have got a fairly high number of recipes. This is because we wanted to recommend cookbooks that were actually worth the price that you pay for it. That means you will get more recipes for each Chinese cuisine cookbook that you can find on this list, compared to other kinds of cookbooks.

Another factor that we looked at when choosing these Chinese cookbooks on this list was how easy to follow each recipe was. We realize that not all of the readers are trained chefs, so we wanted to show our readers cookbooks that were actually easy to understand. We looked at each and everyone one of the cookbooks on our list and made sure that each of the cookbooks that we recommended actually was fairly easy for beginners to follow.