5 Best Chocolate Cookbooks for your Kitchen

There is no place on earth where you will not find a chocolate lover. Everyone loves chocolate! Kids, adults, seniors – everyone! It’s so delicious and always satisfies our sweet tooth. Most people think that you can only purchase chocolate in stores. But it’s actually really easy to make at home when you have the best chocolate cookbooks!

Thorough research has been done in order to bring you with the ultimate choice of good chocolate cookbooks which will educate you and hone your skills in preparing tasty, unique and traditional chocolate confectioneries, bars and other designer chocolate dishes right at your home kitchen. Below is the guide and reviews of top rated chocolate cookbook that every home kitchen must have.

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#1 – Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner

Chocolates And Confections Formula, Theory, And Technique For The Artisan Confectioner

Chocolates and Confections is the popular chocolate cookbook that was published in the year 2008 and this cookbook features theory, formula and methods for some of the best artisans of confectioner world. This is the comprehensive guide from some of the masters of confectionery industry like Peter Gruelling of the Culinary Institute of America and he offers some of the thorough and comprehensive explanation about the theories, processes, ingredients, formulas that go into creating the different types of confectioneries and chocolate items. With this cookbook, you can keep your home chocolate and candy making passion alive and hone your basic skills. This cookbook features the new formulas for chocolate making along with illustrations, and photographs which can support you in meeting the needs of the confectioners.

The cookbook is masterly designed and features the master level illustrations across the 250 full colored photos of ingredients and step by step methods for preparing and finishing the confections and chocolate dishes. The cookbook also features the charts which make you aware about the common candy making techniques and pitfalls and the tricks to avoid such pitfalls. It is the blend of ultimate guide and suggestions for best quality chocolate dishes and preparing the natural confectionery ingredients ad information about candy storage and packaging. The cookbook features relevant chapters and information about every type of confectioneries including the non-crystalline sugar confections, butter ganache, cream ganache, jellies, sugar candies, nut centers and more.

What We Like About It

Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner is the cookbook comprising over 200 unique formulas from classic confection to the innovative and modern methods for preparing candies at home. Apart from providing you a guide for confection preparing and candy making, it also provide you details about storage and packaging of the candies and confectionery. Moreover, the guide also provides you details about the common pitfalls of candy making and the methods to avoid it.

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#2 – The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook: Recipes and History from America’s Premier Chocolate Maker

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook Recipes And History From America's Premier Chocolate Maker

The author of this chocolate cookbook Domingo Ghirardelli first started to make chocolate shakes and drinks for the miners in the era of Gold Rush. It’s been more than 150 years and the company has been making some of the world class chocolate dishes and recipes which they have shared in this cookbook for the lovers of chocolate dishes. Because of the increasing demand of the chocolate lovers and cacao lovers and specialized chocolate products this cookbook has been designed. This cookbook is the ultimate collection of classic cookies, drinks, cakes and chocolate bars. The cookbook features authentic chocolate recipes which range from the simple and easy sweets to the show stopping desserts and even the special section where methods for hosting the chocolate parties are provided.

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook: Recipes and History from America’s Premier Chocolate Maker is the stylish and most recommended revision of the classic chocolate dishes from the longest continually operating chocolate manufacturer. The cookbook features over 80 stylish chocolate recipes and the primer on chocolate continually varieties and its uses and even more then 25 full coloured photographs. This cookbook is the ultimate gift for the for-chocolate lovers and the book also comprise of the new holiday recipe section with a guide to create the edible gifts like decadent fudge sauce and cocoa mixes. You can have this chocolate cookbook in your kitchen to enjoy different chocolate dishes.

What You Like About It

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook: Recipes and History from America’s Premier Chocolate Maker is the perfect combination of chocolate dishes and candy making methods. It provides you with different methods for creating the edible gifts like decadence fudge sauces and cocoa mixes and the best chocolate recipes and primer on chocolate varieties and uses. This cookbook provides you with the tips for preparing over hundreds of authentic chocolate and cocoa recipes right in your home and enjoys it in restaurant style.

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#3 – Chocolate Bliss: 150 Easy Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate Bliss 150 Easy Chocolate Recipes

If you are passionate about chocolate dishes and candies, then indulge yourself and your family in the recipes and dishes found in the Chocolate Bliss: 150 Easy Chocolate Recipes. This is the best chocolate cookbook comprises over 15 easy to cook chocolate recipes using simple ingredients that are easily found. The cookbook provides you with unique methods and technique to prepare the dozens of chocolate dishes and candies right in your home kitchen and also provides you ideas for preparing a variety of recipes like double chocolate nuggets, coconut swirls, rocky road candy, ten dollar bars, chocolate cinnamon rolls and more. Even the cookbook comprises of authentic recipes of chocolate cakes and bars which are derived from the age old methods of preparing cake. From brownies to muffins, cookies to chocolate bars and even more you will find recipes of different chocolate dishes right on this chocolate cookbook.

Chocolate Bliss: 150 Easy Chocolate Recipes is not just only limited to that of chocolate cakes and muffins, but it also comprises of other unusual offerings like the chocolate piazzas along with chocolate covered bacon so allure you and satisfy your cravings for chocolate in a unique way. No matter what you love to have in chocolate, you will definitely find the chocolate dishes on this chocolate cookbook and the quick and easy methods for preparing these dishes. This is the chocolate cooking which would really rekindle and revive your passion and love for chocolates.

What We Like About It

Chocolate Bliss: 150 Easy Chocolate Recipes is the complete chocolate recipe cookbook comprises the easy to prepare and cook chocolate dishes right from the muffins to brownies and even the unusual offerings like chocolate cover bacon and chocolate piazzas to satisfy your taste buds and craving for chocolate in a unique manner. The cookbook comprises of everything to rejuvenate and revive your love for chocolate with different dishes which are easy to prepare right in your home kitchen.

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#4 – Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook: 60 Super Delish Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate Lover's Cookbook 60 Super Delish Chocolate Recipes

If you have a sweet tooth and passion for different chocolate dishes, then you would admire the heavenly taste of sweet and muffins that melt in mouth and this is what chocolate dish is all about. Chocolate dishes are fragrant, delicious and after consuming it you feel terrific in all senses. For all those who love eating chocolate and want to try different chocolate dishes would like the recipe book called Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook: 60 Super Delish Chocolate Recipes. This is the chocolate cookbook that features the ultimate collection of 60 wonderful chocolate recipes which are easy to prepare and can be made in different way right in your home kitchen. Pick any recipe from the collection of 60 different chocolate recipes and you will be amaze with the preparation method and the easiness of cooking this chocolate dish. You will find everything right from the chocolate cakes to muffins, chocolate candies to chocolate pastries in the chocolate cookbook.

This chocolate cookbook also comprises of skinny options which you would try in the home kitchen. Everything right from the preparation methods to the cooking and finishing of the chocolate dishes are mentioned on the cookbook and you can start choosing anyone from the recipe book and cook it right in your home kitchen using the simple and easy ingredients. This is the ultimate collection of chocolate dishes and recipes that are worth trying at home.

What We Like About It

Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook: 60 Super Delish Chocolate Recipes is the chocolate cookbook that has some of the world class and best recipes of chocolate that you can try at home. Even the beginner level lovers can make use of this cookbook because of its easy to understand recipes and dishes. You can select any of the recipes as all of them are mouth-watering and satisfy your cravings for sweet tooth.  Moreover, it comprises comprehensive guide for preparing chocolate dishes.

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#5 – Chocolate-Covered Katie: Over 80 Delicious Recipes That Are Secretly Good for You

Chocolate Covered Katie Over 80 Delicious Recipes That Are Secretly Good For You

Eating chocolate dishes and candies has its own drawbacks. People easily put on calories and get fat. But what if you can satisfy your sweet tooth with different chocolate dishes and still be fit and skinny? Well, this is made possible with the amazing chocolate cookbook called Chocolate-Covered Katie: Over 80 Delicious Recipes That Are Secretly Good for You. Katie the girl behind this cookbook has shared some of the mouth-watering and jaw dropping chocolate recipes in the cookbook which would satisfy your sugary cravings without supplying unnecessary calories to your body. She has shared some of the recipes which are prepared using the natural sugar and she started posting them online. Because of the demands of the readers she become popular and gradually she started writing books on chocolate dishes and recipes using natural sweet. This is how the cookbook came into existence.

This is her first chocolate cookbook and in the cookbook she has shared over 80 unique and best chocolate recipes like the peanut butter pudding pops, chocolate obsession cake, ultimate unbaked brownies and more which uses the real and natural ingredients like natural sugars. Apart from the common chocolate recipes, the cookbook also comprises of other desserts which are prepared using the natural ingredient without calories and saturated fats. So, you can try them all at home without worrying about getting overweight or obese.

What We Like About It

The cookbook comprises of some of the tasty treats which you will feel great to prepare and serve among your friends and family. The best part about the recipe book is that it uses natural sugar and avoid the usages of saturated fats and unnecessary calories. Besides, the author has also integrated some delicious desserts that are filled with healthy fats, whole grain flours and sinful flavors which are enough for satisfying the sweet tooth and cravings for chocolate.

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How We Choose the Top Chocolate Cookbook In Our List?

The chocolate cookbook is something that every chocolate lover must have in their home kitchen. And to make the process of choosing the best chocolate cookbook here is the small guide and review of best rated cookbooks. The collection of chocolate cookbook included in the list is selected based on certain criteria and this includes the quality of the recipes and dishes that are mentioned on the cookbook. There are also other things which are considered while selecting the chocolate cookbook for this list. Another criterion is the size of the products that are mentioned on the cookbook. The products which are mentioned in the cookbook needs to be easy to understand and readable for the readers.

The quality of the recipes and the chocolate dishes mentioned on the cookbook are also considered. It is checked if the nutritional value of the ingredients and dishes are mentioned or not and how healthy the dishes are for the users and whether the ingredients are easily available. The manufacturers of the chocolate cookbook are also an important point to consider. It is checked who has written the chocolate cookbook and the prime features of the cookbook. These are the points that are considered while choosing cookbook for this review list.

Why You Need The Best Chocolate Cookbook in Your Kitchen?

Chocolate lovers and passionate chocolate makers need to have their own recipe book which can help them explore different chocolate dishes and recipes. The chocolate cookbook not just only guide you through the process of preparing some of the great chocolate dishes and recipes, but also provide you comprehensive details regarding the nutritional value of the chocolate dishes. This way you can satisfy your cravings for sweet foods, even staying healthy and fit. The chocolate cookbook mentioned in the list above are all tested and tired and it is necessary that you try them at your home to have the restaurant style muffins and brownies right at your home kitchen using the simple to use ingredients.

Right from the preparation method to the cooking methods and even finishing and dressing, every single method is easily described in the chocolate cookbook to make your process of making chocolate cakes, brownies and muffins easier and faster for you. It is necessary that you have the chocolate cookbook at your home kitchen if you regularly cook chocolates dishes and everyone in your family has a craving for chocolate dishes. The chocolate cookbook is the must have book for your home kitchen which would definitely satisfy your cravings for chocolate while staying healthy always.

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