5 Best Coffee Storage for your Kitchen

Coffee is the fuel of the soul for many of us. Some people just can’t start their day, let alone go through it, without a nice and warm cup of that nectar. On the other side of the coin, a good morning can be royally ruined if that destined beverage ends up not meeting your expectations. Instead of getting a warm kiss to the heart you end up with a bland and tasteless liquid burden going through your body.

Now you might think that the fault in that can only fall on the quality of the Coffee Brand that you can purchase, the Coffee Urn, Coffee Maker, or even the Coffee Percolator. But you’d be wrong. Sometimes the blame can fall on us. How so? Well, if you’re not storing your coffee properly, then you won’t get the proper experience you crave.

Now you might not have the needed experience to know exactly how to store the coffee. But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to do to change your coffee game forever. We’ll even drop the 5 best coffee storage out there for you to buy.

Just like a Cold Brew Coffee Maker is among the College Kitchen Essentials, you cannot live without a quality coffee storage, especially if that beverage is your only solution for energy, so here are our recommendations for products in this category. So let’s start, shall we?

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Premium Quality Coffee Container By Coffee Gator

Premium Quality Coffee Container By Coffee Gator Product Image

Alright, first things first. This a stainless steel, sleek-looking piece of equipment

By now you would know that the most essential feature that any container can offer is the ability to keep air from getting inside. And thankfully this one, like some others does exactly that. No air, no light to disturb the flavor of the coffee.

But the feature that makes it stand out from the rest of the bunch is the wheel attached to the lid that’s been designed to tell the expiration date, similarly to Kitchable’s own container. Besides that, this thing also comes with the subtle addition of a scoop and an eBook that tells you the 10 hacks that will make your coffee taste better. It’s like having a Juicing Book for your Juicer or a manual for your Iced Tea Maker. Cool, huh?

Now that we went through all the nice things, there are still some issues to note here. As with Kitchable product, the expiration date timer is flawed. The dials don’t seem to turn as they should, which undermines a great feature. The other criticism has to do with how thin the material appears to be, so the quality here is questionable.

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#2 – Coffeevac 1 Lb – The Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

Coffeevac 1 Lb The Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container Product Image

This black coffee container will go hand in hand with your love for black coffee if that’s what you prefer of course. But although it may look pretty impressive, the looks aren’t what makes a suitable container at the end of the day.

Similarly to the others, this container features a valve that releases CO2 without letting oxygen get in, or at least this is what has been stated by the company that built it.

Besides the red color, the material that makes up this container aim to preserve your coffee against elements such as the light. So that’s one less thing to worry about. It’s not hard really to open or close it thanks to the button that exists on the lid. And because of that, your coffee won’t have to be exposed to the elements for an extended period of time because of how quick it is to close the container.

Now this one is made out of plastic. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easily breakable. On the contrary, this is a durable and firm container that has the seal of approval of both the FDA & the NSF.

But putting all that great stuff on the side for a minute. The Coffeevac container, unfortunately, doesn’t protect the freshness for a considerable amount of time when compared to the others. Relatively to an ordinary kitchen container, this one only beats it by some days when it comes to preservation. In addition to that, the surface is quite vulnerable to scratching.

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#3 – Friis 16-Ounce Coffee Vault

Friis 16 Ounce Coffee Vault Product Image

The Ounce Coffee Vault by Friis isn’t only an excellent example of great use of stainless steel. But it also looks pretty fancy. And that’s never a bad thing in the world of kitchen equipment.

Coming in either the 12 or the 16oz sizes, this lovely container does a bang-up job at keeping your precious coffee fresh and ready for whenever you use it. The Frii’s Coffee vault doesn’t only keep oxygen from coming in contact with the coffee, it also stops other unwanted visitors like moisture and light from doing any harm to it either.

Of course, like other containers that are available on the market, this one also comes equipped with CO2-releasing valves. But what’s great is that the folks at Friis are nice enough to grant you other spare valves for one the first ones get damaged plus a number of vacuum-packed bags. How cool is that?

But this container isn’t exactly perfect. It doesn’t have an air-tight filter. That means we can assume that the air can get inside the container even after closing the lid which of course would ruin your coffee. That being said, no difference has been noticed in the time it took for the coffee to get stale in this container versus an air-tight one.

It’s cool enough that the material is quite durable. But the downside in it is that it’s not exactly rust-resistant. Rust will, unfortunately, ruin the lid’s mechanism and also alter the flavor. So make sure that this container remains away from moisture if you decide to buy it.

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#4 – Planetary Design Coffee Storage Canister – AirScape Steel

Planetary Design Airscape Coffee And Food Storage Canister Product Image

You buy large amounts of coffee, and you have no idea how to keep it all fresh and tasty? This one is the answer for your search. While some canisters simply trap the air with the coffee inside as the lid is closed, this piece of engineering brilliance goes the extra mile to make sure that the oxygen remaining inside is sucked out of the canister when the lid is put on.

You wanna know how durable the material is? Let’s just say that this container is A-grade restaurant equipment. The best stainless steel you can find out there to buy. The easily washable hand doesn’t allow odor transfer, resists staining and rust.

This thing is durable enough to withstand all the hits and falls that it can accidentally suffer from as it’s being used. No dents or breaks.

On one hand, the double lid feature is incredible for what it does. But on the other hand, it can take a bit too much space on the inside which, of course, you want to save all for the coffee. One other thing to note is that the lid can be quite troublesome when it comes to trying to compress it evenly.

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#5 – Zurich Coffee Vault Premium Coffee Canister Airtight

Zurich coffee Vault Premium Coffee Canister Airtight Product Image

We’ve established that the design isn’t a critical factor to keep in mind. But this thing looks too nice to not compliment the effort that was put in designing the appearance of this thing. It comes in a lavender color that would fit nicely in a kitchen aiming for that good old kitchen look. It’ll also be a lovely addition to whoever wants to flavor up the color pallet of the kitchen equipment.

What’s most impressive is the CO2 air fresh valve technology that was built into the container. This feature isn’t just a bunch of nonsense fancy terms. It does exactly what it says. The oxygen will stay out, and the CO2 will be released. It can’t get any better. And the effects are noticeable straight away. Once you open the container, you’re welcomed by the beautiful sent of properly-stored coffee.

Add to that the very generous 17oz space that can sustain an average family, and you got yourself an obvious pick here. The manufacturers, of course, take it even further with a lid that actually displays the expiration date for you. If that somehow isn’t enough, you also get a nice metal scoop with it.

The material seems to be too thin for a container made of stainless steel. Besides that, it appears that the timer on the lid may be suffering from some issues.

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Keep the freshness in mind

If you’ve ever been told that coffee has a long lifespan on the shelf, then I’m afraid what you’ve heard is untrue. Actually, because of this, the majority of coffee roasters store the coffee in special packages designed to keep the beans from coming in contact with the surrounding air, which of course is one of the key reasons for why foods go bad over time.

So the moment you open the sealed package you immediately start an irreversible contact between the beans and the air that will make them lose their freshness gradually. So because of that, it is advised that coffee should be consumed before the passing of two weeks since it’s package had been opened.

What makes things harder to manage is that each type of coffee has its own time frame for losing freshness. But still, the advice should be respected in any case.

So, just like you need a FoodSaver and a Food Storage Container, you also need a storage tool for your coffee.

How to store coffee properly

Because of the explanation we’ve given above, you shouldn’t go about purchasing bulk amounts of beans. Going with smaller amounts is always better. Those who go with whole beans should also know that it’s best for them to only grind beans using their Coffee Grinder when they need them and only the amount that they intend to use so that they maintain their flavor as much as possible.

Of course, whole beans will last longer on shelves compared to ground coffee. But ground coffee can also stand the test of time if stored in small amounts properly in a proper container.

How is freshness affected?

Here are the main factors that usually influence the staleness of your beloved coffee:

  • Light is one of them. It can lead to loss of flavor and staleness
  • Odors coming from other bodies, including food, can alter the taste as they’re able to absorb the coffee’s features.
  • Moisture also plays a factor as it can affect the oils of the beans leading to an unpleasant taste
  • Coffee should never experience excessive heat if it’s not being prepared to be consumed
  • Air oxidizes the coffee. That, of course, will influence the freshness and the flavor

What makes a good coffee container?

So, we’ve covered the principles of storing coffee. Next, we will jump to talk about what can help you out in with the storage. We’re talking of course about the containers.

The Material

It’s not exactly the key feature of what makes the best container, but nevertheless, it has a crucial part in the matter. You’ll find containers made of glass or plastic, but ceramic and

stainless steel containers are the way to go in this market. You see, the reason you don’t want to have one made of glass or plastic is that they’re easily breakable, and thus your coffee will be easily ruinable.

Sealing it from the air

As we’ve mentioned before, air is the number one enemy. So naturally, this is the feature to look out for the most. Unoxidized coffee is happy coffee. Any container that you can find lying around in the house can do a pretty alright job if they’re sealed tightly with a minimum of air on the inside. But a specifically-manufactured sealing container will always be superior. One cool thing about them is that they come with one-way valves that are meant to release CO2 from the inside without letting any freshness-threatening elements go in.


Bigger isn’t necessarily better in all cases when it comes to capacity. It all comes down to what you intend to do. If you insist on buying large amounts of coffee, then a big container would make sense as it would start to get stale as you immediately open the package and you don’t want all that loveliness to be lost for no good reason.

The Design

Now, of course, you may not think of this as a crucial characteristic for the container you’d want to buy. But it can be the decisive factor for when you’re undecided between two models having very similar traits. Plus, it won’t harm anyone if you’re coffee container blends well with the rest of your kitchen equipment.

All in all, buying any of these containers is a safe choice. But if we had to choose, there are two that stand out among the others. They’re the Premium Quality Coffee Container by Coffee Gator and Kitchable’s Lavender Latte Coffee Canister. They’re practically identical in features and even flaws. But the eBook that comes with the Coffee Gator’s container makes it slightly more appealing that Kitchable’s. What are you waiting for? Pick your appliance, fill your Coffee Mug, prepare some cookies from your Cookie Cookbook or some crepes using your Crepe Maker, and get on with your day!

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