3 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers for Your Kitchen

3 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers for Your KitchenWhy buy a cold brew coffee maker? Well, a simplistic benefit is a convenience. But did you know that cold brew coffee has unique health advantages? Do you know how long is cold brew coffee good for?

Yes. It’s known to help reduce acid reflux. It has more antioxidants. It’s less acidic. And it has less caffeine. So for you, that translates to a much healthier option, a fuller flavor, and a more frequent caffeine fix.

How did we finalize our selection? Well, this involves extensive research, thorough tests, and careful evaluation. First, we went to the bestseller lists of Amazon and other popular shopping platforms.

Second, we asked around. We studied reviews from other buyers. We focused on a preliminary collection of top-rated products. Third, we formed a group. We thoroughly tested these units. We evaluated our results. And we decided to pay more attention to what we believe, are the 3 best cold brew coffee makers today:

Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review Center

ImageCold Brew Coffee MakerRating
Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart#1 - Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker
Food-Grade, BPA-Free
Hot / Cold Brew
Effective Fine-Mesh Filtration
Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker with Handle by County Line Kitchen - 2 Quart, 64 oz – Durable Glass Jar, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Filter, Flip Cap Lid With Handle For Easy Pouring#2 - Mason Jar Coffee Maker
Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
Cold / Hot / Tea / Others
Quick Cleanup, Easy Maintenance
Toddy THM Cold Brew System, 1 EA#3 - Toddy THM Cold Brew System
Patented Cold Brew System
Long-Lasting Brew Freshness
Hot / Cold / Tea

Now that you’ve seen our top 3 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart

Takeya USA is a reputable manufacturer of top quality cold brew coffee makers. Their Deluxe unit is top on our list. This product also has a 99% rating on Amazon.

  • PROS
  • Comes in a 1-quart model, and a bigger 2-quart version;
  • Equipped with an insulated silicone handle with non-slip design; and
  • An airtight lid is integrated into its storage unit.
  • It’s made out of BPA-free materials and durable components;
  • A fine-mesh filter is also equipped into this product;
  • Its container can fit in standard refrigerators;
  • You can use your dishwasher to clean its top rack; and
  • It’s designed to withstand both low and high temperatures, so good for hot and cold brews.

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#2 – Country Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker with Handle by County Line Kitchen - 2 Quart, 64 oz – Durable Glass Jar, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Filter, Flip Cap Lid With Handle For Easy Pouring

County Line Kitchen is another popular manufacturer of world-class cold brew coffee makers. Their Cold Brew Mason Jar has a 96% rating in Amazon. They’re a credible company with many high-quality products.

  • PROS
  • This has 1 and 2-quart models;
  • Each has 2 versions, one with a handle, and another without it;
  • Equipped with a fine mesh that’s made out of high-grade stainless steel; and
  • Variants with handles have an airtight lid.
  • Its handle has a carefully engineered airtight seal in its flip cap lid;
  • Its stainless steel mesh and other components are designed to last a lifetime; and
  • It’s quite quick and easy to clean.

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#3 – Toddy THM Cold Brew System

Toddy THM Cold Brew System, 1 EA

Toddy continues to offer quality cold brew coffee makers and other kitchen appliances, among other tools. This is designed to produce a coffee concentrate that’s smooth and flavorful.

  • PROS
  • Includes a brewing container with handle, 2 reusable filters, and a glass decanter with lid;
  • A rubber stopper is also included for airtight storage;
  • A recipe guide along with Clear usage instructions are available;
  • Their patented cold brew system is incorporated into this model;
  • Produces cold brews with around 67% less acidity than hot coffee; and
  • Their cold brewing system does this without using any source of electricity.
  • Rubber stopper allows your cold brews to stay fresh even after 10 to 15 days; and
  • It can be used for tea, aside from hot and cold brews.

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

So which is right for you? What’s the best cold brew coffee maker today? To accurately answer this, you’re recommended to learn about something really important. And here it is:

  1. Size & Capacity — The bigger your cold brew coffee maker, the more it can hold. Sort of like your bladder, huh? But remember, certain designs can inject an ideal balance. Focus. What we want is the right combination of capacity and size;
  2. Materials & Components — These are often associated with a product’s durability. But a long-lasting model isn’t everything. What’s more important is to avoid harmful toxins and chemicals. So aside from keeping an eye out for BPA-free units, check if it’s rust-proof. Plus, an airtight containment mechanism is important. This can keep away microbes, dust and a variety of dangerous contaminants from your coffee;
  3. Brewing System — Here’s another vital feature. That’s because of your uncanny fixation on taste and flavor. Remember, this can significantly affect your brew. At least second only to the type and quality of your beans;
  4. Filtration Mechanism — Correctly filtered brews taste much better. It’s also less acidic. It keeps any other impurity out of your coffee. And the right product can give you these benefits;
  5. Versatility — Some cold brew coffee makers are designed to also withstand high temperatures. So they’re ideal for hot coffee, too. This versatility can save you a lot of time, money, and space. Plus, other products come with support for preparing tea. Meanwhile, a few can also serve as an infuser for a variety of other brews;
  6. Safety Design — You’re recommended to treat this as a feature different from food-grade design. After all, a cold brew coffee maker has detachable components. And some of its parts are more susceptible to corrosion, deformity, and so on. That’s why a product made with industry-standard safety features can help avoid accidental cuts, choking hazards, and others. Plus, check if the cold brew coffee maker doesn’t have flimsy parts and components. Imagine the trouble of a product breaking down when you really need it. Nobody wants that;
  7. Cleanup & Maintenance — This is where quicker and simpler are crucial. Cold brew coffee makers with dishwasher-safe components are much quicker and simpler to clean. But it should also be easy to re-assemble. Plus, what it’s made can affect the sort of maintenance required, especially after prolonged heavy use;
  8. Price — Who in the world wants to pay more for the same value that you can get for much less? No sane coffee lover intentionally does this. At gunpoint, maybe. So the smart thing is to compare the prices of your top choices against the value that you can get from using each product. Ideally, always do this before making any buying decision; and
  9. Value-Added Benefits — Some manufacturers offer a reasonable warranty. The industry standard is 1 year. Though some can provide as long as 3 years. Keep in mind, certain distributors and retailers like those in Amazon often give away exclusive promos. Usually, these are free deliveries, discount coupons, and vouchers for their other products. Generally, getting these is as simple as buying their cold brew coffee maker.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker FAQs

How long does cold brew coffee stay fresh?

Even after 10 to 15 days, cold brews usually taste as good as a fresh serving. But it should be stored in an airtight container. It must be properly refrigerated as well. So choose a product that fits these requirements.

Can I use a cold brew coffee maker to make hot coffee?

All models in our selection can do this. They're tested to withstand cold and hot temperatures. And remember, reputable manufacturers, comply with local and international engineering standards, safety specifications, and other regulatory requirements. So aside from quality assurance benefits, they do this to know the right coverage for their warranties.

Can I heat up a cold brew? And can I use these coffee makers to do this?

Yes to both. First, there's no health risk in doing this. Second, the effects to a heated cold brew's taste and flavor are mostly imperceptible. Also, adding hot water to heat a fuller cold brew is known to produce less acidity than heating up the coffee itself.

Are all iced and cold coffee cold brews?

No. A cold brew isn't hot brewed coffee with ice. You also can't call it a cold brew if you just refrigerated your hot brew. Instead, it uses a brewing method that's different from hot water extraction procedures. It's where cool to ambient room temperatures are used for extraction. The result can then be chilled, served with ice, or even warmed up prior to serving.

How does cold brew coffee taste?

Generally, the same coffee beans brewed through cold extraction often taste smoother and less bitter. It also usually tastes much less sour and feels slightly thicker. And it also has a little bit more flavor.