5 Best Cookbooks for Teenagers for your Kitchen

Do you feel like surprising your mom with all her favourite dishes on her birthday but do not know how to cook? Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore. While cooking a new dish might be scary and you might wonder whether it will turn out to be good or not or whether you will just end up with the dish getting burned or tasting entirely different than how it was supposed to.

There are now several cookbooks available in the market that are specially published for teenagers so that every teenager who has never even laid a hand in the kitchen can now cook like a pro with the easy-to-follow instructions of recipes in these cookbooks. Listed below are top 5 Best Cookbooks for Teenagers for your Kitchen that you should consider buying.

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#1 – The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

The Complete Cookbook For Young Chefs

This New York Times bestseller cookbook contains over 100 recipes including 20 dessert recipes for kids above 4th grade. Whether you want to try making homemade ice cream, cupcakes, Avocado Toast or even omelette, this cookbook specially designed for kids have simple recipes for breakfasts, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, and desserts respectively. This cookbook is created by America’s Test Kitchen and was tested by more than 750 kids to ensure that kids of all skill levels can cook food by following these recipes.

The step-by-step techniques and instructions laid down in this cookbook with pictures also gives young children more confidence and make them feel like a pro in the kitchen. This book is also really interactive as it has testimonials from the kids that had tested these recipes. So, when young cooks read reviews from people their age, they feel more encouraged to try out these recipes to see how these dishes turn out.

Also, if a cookbook has just general information then teens would feel like they are reading their academic books and might feel overwhelmed with so much information, therefore this cookbook designed by amalgamating testimonials, pictures and easy to follow instructions is just the right fit for young chefs. This cookbook has further received really amazing feedback from young chefs and their family members who were in awe that their children had cooked such tasty dishes.

What we like about it:

With snappy headlines and step-by-step instructions with pictures, browsing through this cookbook almost feels like going through Instagram or Pinterest. Also, kids who had tested these recipes have put in their reviews with some of the recipes in the cookbook. This encourages young cooks to try on different recipes for their friends, family, and other relatives. The ‘ Getting started in the Kitchen’ and ‘Healthy Eating 101’ sections of the book further educate these young cooks about the healthy recipes with sufficient nutrition amount and the kid-friendly-knives and other utensils that they should use during cooking.

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#2 – Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

Teens Cook How To Cook What You Want To Eat

Teenagers are very selective when it comes to their eating habits; they only eat what they are fond of. This cookbook helps them learn to cook these food items themselves so they can avoid mealtime strife. With more than 75 unique recipes, Teens Cook encourages young chefs to take interest in the new hobby of cooking so that they can cook and satisfy their taste buds according to their liking. Teens Cook has different recipes for vegetarians and people who are conscious of their diet, sections to educate teens on all sorts of disasters that are likely to occur in the kitchen and how to avoid them so that they don’t accidentally light their house on fire.

This cookbook is written by teenagers themselves- Megan and Jill Carle- who had an avid interest in cooking. So, whenever they used to go to a restaurant and try a new dish, they used to try cooking it when they came back to their house. They used to take some shortcuts and experiment with the dishes by added new flavours and ingredients such as honey, olive oil, and butter. The result is this cookbook with over 75 recipes with different cuisine sections including American, Mexican, German, and Chinese dishes.

This cookbook also has a section of ‘Kitchen disasters’ with amusing stories of how Carl sisters made mistakes in the kitchen. Therefore, Teens cook is an amazing gift for all the teenagers that are interested in the art of cooking; even the ones that have never stepped inside the kitchen except to eat.

What we like about it:

Since this cookbook is written by teenagers themselves, the young adults will find it easier to decipher the culinary vocabulary and will further be motivated to try on this new and tasty hobby themselves. The gently sardonic introductions given for each recipe give readers a glimpse of the personalities and relationships of siblings; giving a more personalised and emotional appeal to the cookbook. Also, since all these recipes have been tested and experimented by Carl sisters themselves, the recipes are suitable for every person above age 12 and for people of all skill levels.

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#3 – The Cookbook for Teens: The Easy Teen Cookbook with 74 Fun & Delicious Recipes to Try

The Cookbook For Teens The Easy Teen Cookbook With 74 Fun & Delicious Recipes To Try

In order to learn any hobby, one has to start somewhere but for that, they may need a helping hand or someone to guide them. Cookbooks are thus helping hand that young adults might be in need of when learning the art of cooking. With instructions on basic skills and techniques for preparing and cooking food items, how to comprehend recipes, and even for grocery shopping, the Cookbook for Teens is an excellent guide for teenagers who are interesting in cooking but know nothing except maybe how to warm milk or slice a toast. This cookbook has over 74 diverse recipes which will help teens cook delicious meals for snacks, beverages, breakfast, lunch, and dinner alike. The 12 key safety tips in this cookbook also alert teens about do’s and don’ts when it comes to chopping, cooking, and even baking.

One of the best things about this cookbook is that it has a glossary of cookery terms so that the teens are easily able to decipher all the recipes. Also, before every recipe, there is a list of required cooking equipment that one might need to cook that dish. So, for instance, if one decides to bake chocolate chip cookies by following the recipe from the cookbook, then you are likely to find a spatula, microwave, cookie plate and scoops under the tools that will be needed for baking cookies.

What we like about it:

This cookbook has very easy-to-follow instructions that teens would find easy to decipher but if they still faced problems, the glossary for cookery terms will help them further. The basic fundamental instructions for beginners who are interested in cooking are really enlightening and inform these young chefs about everything that they need to know from safety cautions, ideal tools and equipment to even how they should shop for groceries. The author of the cookbook also recommends teens to substitute certain ingredients with the other if that ingredient is not available at their house. This gives these young adults a gateway to experiment and add certain flavours of their own according to what appeal to their taste buds.

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#4 – MasterChef Junior Cookbook: Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks

Masterchef Junior Cookbook Bold Recipes And Essential Techniques To Inspire Young Cooks

Were you a big fan of the television show MasterChef Junior and wanted to try all the unique recipes that the talented young chefs cooked on the show? Well, now you can do so easily by purchasing MasterChef Junior Cookbook. With over 100 recipes that kids your age and even younger had used to create unique dishes, this Cookbook is ideal for you if you are an aspiring chef. You can challenge yourself and enhance your creative skills when it comes to the art of cooking and baking by following these diverse recipes.

The MasterChef Junior Cookbook is an amazing tool for any aspiring chef to hone his/her cooking and baking skills and treat their friends and family members with unique dishes every day. The cookbook also contains tips, advice columns, timeless techniques and inspiring stories of the contestants of the first five seasons of MasterChef Junior that will encourage you to enhance your cooking skills and become a great chef ahead in your life.

Some of the recipes for various dishes in this cookbook include pork chops with mustard chops, fish tacos with guacamole, and even a variety of recipes for vegetarians. Though, this is an advanced cookbook that is ideal for children who are really interested in cooking and is not suitable for beginners who know little to nothing about the art of cooking.

What we like about it:

Aspiring chefs and bakers often get inspired by seeing children their age cooking a variety of unique dishes of different cuisines on a television show. So, for these curious young adults, this is a perfect book for enhancing their culinary skills by trying out these varieties of recipes. The stories of the contestants of MasterChef Junior in this cookbook also serves to encourage these young chefs to take up new challenges and create something extraordinary and different from the dishes that they are used to cooking and eating.

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#5 – The Baking Cookbook for Teens: 75 Delicious Recipes for Sweet and Savory Treats

The Baking Cookbook For Teens 75 Delicious Recipes For Sweet And Savory Treats

Do you have a sweet tooth and are always looking forward to having your next treat of cake, cookies and other baked goods? Well, why not try creating these yummy goods yourself then? You never know, you might just realize that along with eating these savoury goods, you also have a hidden passion for creating them.

The Baking Cookbook for Teens has over 75 recipes sectioned into 3 levels on their level of difficulty. So, if you are a beginner, you can try baking some of the items from Level 1 and accordingly switch to Level 2 and Level 3 when you are able to execute the recipes from previous levels perfectly. The cookbook also has some cartoon drawings and photos that will show you the correct way to whisk and bake items so it is less likely for you to make a mistake.

There are recipes ranging from cakes, cookies, tarts, pizza brownies, bars, bread and variety of other baked goods in this cookbook. Further, there are also separate sections of recipes divided on the basis of occasions such as for birthday parties, pep rally, study sessions or bake sales. So, if you want to bake something for your friend’s birthday party, you can look under the party section and browse through the variety of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies and choose the one that you think your friend would like the most. Imagine how happy he would be to know that it was you who created his delicious birthday cake!

What we like about it:

This cookbook gives an overview to baking and educates young aspiring bakers about all the tools and equipment that are required during the baking process, the essential terminology, effective techniques and also the measures that should be taken to ensure kitchen safety. Before each recipe, the ingredient list will be laid down so the young bakers can decide upon the item that they want to prepare for the day, and go to the market and buy the required ingredients accordingly.

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How we choose the Top Cookbooks for Teenagers in our List

In order to choose the top 5 cookbooks for teenagers, we conducted research as to what types of food are well-liked by teenagers these days and if the cookbooks have recipes of a variety of food items or not. Following are some of the other features that were taken into account when choosing these cookbooks.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

Every cookbook generally has a certain age that the author recommends and finds suitable for the readers. These cookbooks had recommended age for teenagers and in some cases; even kids were eligible to try cooking these recipes. The age criterion is necessary as it gives us an insight into the level of culinary vocabulary used and if the instructions are easy enough to follow when it comes to teenagers. All the aforementioned cookbooks qualified in this area and most of them had step-by-step procedures laid down with pictures so that young chefs are able to follow them easily.

  • Customer reviews

All the cookbooks mentioned in the top 5 have received amazing feedback from the customers who had purchased them. Some were even bestseller which shows that the cookbook is preferred and well-liked by many people.

  • Well-informative with a variety of recipes

It is important that a cookbook has a variety of recipes from different cuisines and for all times; whether it is for breakfast, lunch, sides, dinner or beverages. And these 5 cookbooks qualified to a great extent when it comes to the range of recipes that they contain.

  • Design

The layout and design were also taken into account when choosing these cookbooks. All of these cookbooks are a blend of pictures as well as recipes organised systematically with an index, so that young chefs are able to find the recipe to their desired dish easily.

Why you need the Best Cookbooks for Teenagers in your Kitchen

Teenagers, girls, and boys alike, are very choosy when it comes to their eating habits. They demand a dish from one cuisine for lunch and then even before a couple of hours have passed, they want a snack from a different cuisine. They look up different unique dishes on the Internet and demand their mothers to make that dish for them. So, if from a young age they are introduced to the art of cooking, then they will be able to live more independently and will learn to cook and experiment dishes for themselves.

Subsequently, if your kitchen has the best cookbooks for teenagers, then these young adults will be much more curious as to how these dishes will turn out. You will see them wearing an apron, with the cookbook open on the counter, trying to bake the best cupcakes for their siblings and parents using a variety of baking tools one day. And the next day, they may be seen in the same position but with the initiative to cook pasta for the family this time. You might not know now but who knows that this new interest in cooking and the urge to try every recipe of the cookbook may one day actually turn them into real chefs. But for all this, it is necessary that you the best cookbooks for teenagers in your kitchen!

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