5 Best Cooking Torch For Your Kitchen

For every gourmet home chef, having a quality cooking torch is important especially in roasting the peppers or caramelizing a fruit. Since it had become more and more popular for even housewives who enjoy spending their time in the kitchen, there is a wide variety of the best cooking torch you can find in the market.

Cooking TorchTo help you get started, allow us to introduce the top 5 best cooking blow torch of 2021. Each brand has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. After checking out each one of them, you will find the most suitable blow torch for you.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 picks, we’ll go into more detail on what we liked about each one. When you’re ready to see the product on Amazon, click the yellow button.

#1 – Sondiko Butane Cooking Torch

Sondiko Butane Torch, Culinary Torch Refillable Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter with Safety Lock and Adjustable Flame for Desserts, Creme Brulee, BBQ and Baking(Butane Gas Not Included)

This professional kitchen utensil is most popular for its wide variety of use. Ideal for chefs who are looking for a hassle-free way of serving the guests at a dinner party or any special occasion. It is made out of high-quality materials and has its own locking mechanism to assure the safety of the user during the cooking operation.

Now it’s easy for you to prepare cinnamon among many other desserts you’d like to try. The company is confident enough to offer a lifetime guarantee to ensure that your satisfaction is given the utmost priority. It also offers a money-back guarantee and replacement policy as well, making you more confident in purchasing the product.

Aside from that, this refillable butane torch allows you to adjust the flame regulator. Manipulating the intensity of the flame will help you to achieve the perfection of your dessert. It is ideal to use in melting cheese, searing tomato skins, glazing the ribs, and even just lighting your cigarette at home. Roasting marshmallows can never be the same with Sondiko Butane Torch. Furthermore, the ergonomic size and handy design allow you to make the most out of it. You don’t need to worry about burning yourself in the process or even accidentally igniting something.

What we like about this product

As we’ve mentioned above, this product prides itself on its high burning temperature. In fact, you can use it in welding and make jewelry! Its usefulness does not end inside your kitchen. It is one of the most significant gifts you can give to your wife who loves cooking or uncle who loves camping. This refillable torch gun is certainly a must without any doubt.

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#2 – Jo Chef Culinary Cooking Torch

Kitchen Torch, Blow Torch - Refillable Butane Torch With Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame + Fuel gauge - Culinary Torch, Creme Brûlée Torch for Cooking Food, Baking, BBQ + FREE E-book, Fuel Not Included

The second product on our list prized itself for the safety and easiness of use. Jo Chef’s cooking torch has its own security lock to prevent any accidental ignition that could otherwise lead to a fire. All you need to do is slide it off to safety, turn an on the flame knob and wait for the gas flow before you press the button for ignition. It is made out of high-quality materials and it’s relatively easy to use. Anyone in your household can benefit from this culinary torch. It is a must in any residential home or even in restaurants.

The impressive glaze this torch can offer makes it easier for you to prepare barbeque, bake your favorite cakes, creme brulee and can be also handy for camping. In order to make the most out of it, the torch is adjustable. You can customize the anti-flare flame according to your purpose. It can reach up to 1300°C and control both the gas and airflow to maximize its efficacy.

Jo Chef offers a warranty for the butane torch. If you encountered any issue, you can send it back to them and they will replace or repair it free of charge. All in all, it is the ideal culinary torch that you can use both inside the kitchen and outside the house.

What we like about this product

If there’s one thing that’s worth investing in Jo Chef’s culinary torch is its durability. The butane gas is made out of a heavy-duty metal body, specifically designed to last for a longer period of time. You can benefit from the continuous flame with little to no effort. You can refill the butane gas every time it runs out and with little maintenance, this culinary torch can serve you for a long period of time.

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#3 – Authenzo Kitchen Butane Cooking Torch

Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter (Butane Gas Not Included,Black)

This top-rated cooking torch is a worthy kitchen investment. It has all the features that you need in order to make the most out of it. It can easily fit in your hand, it has a safety lock system, it allows you to control and regulate the flame, and an easy on/off switch if you are in a hurry. It also offers great versatility. You can use it upright or inverted—perfect for busy gourmet chefs who are buzzing in the kitchen first thing in the morning.

Also, Authenzo is known for its advanced technology that allows you to adjust it and have the proper intensity of the flame you need in order to perfect the caramelization of the sugar atop of the creme brulee.

Furthermore, despite the small size of the cooking torch, rest assured that it can provide a high burning temperature. In fact, it can reach up to 2,730° F. It’s quite a big allowance because in melting the sugar, you only need a temperature of around 320° F.

Its versatility extends to the stable base of the butane torch. While you are working, you can set it down without putting out the flames. In that way, you don’t need to relight the butane torch every now and then—reducing the hassles while you are in the process of caramelizing the sugar. It’s the perfect product that you need if you wanted to achieve the perfect sugar crust burn on your creme brulee.

What we like about this product

Authenzo butane torch is one of the best butane torches we’ve ever reviewed. It’s safe and easy to use, even for beginners. It also comes with two recipe books to help you start with and perfect your creme brulee. Other additional accessories are also included in the package so that you’ll avoid messing up the measurement of the sugar and serve the best creme brulee you could ever muster.

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#4 – Kollea Kitchen Butane Cooking Torch

Butane Torch, Kollea Kitchen Blow Torch Refillable Cooking Torch Lighter, Mini Creme Brulee Torch with Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame for Desserts, BBQ, Soldering(Butane Gas Not Included)

Sous vide cooking is most popular nowadays because of the health benefits that it can offer. This cooking method allows you to serve the best beef steak you thought you could only find in fancy restaurants. Now, how would you like to steer your cooked steak to perfection?

Introducing the Kollea Kitchen Butane Cooking Torch. It’s easy to use. The flame size can be adjusted according to your preferences and you can also shape it so that you could achieve the perfect flame for your beef steak. This one-touch piezo ignition is specifically designed for both young and professional sous vide chefs. It also includes a safe place that can reduce the risks of doubling over in your countertops while you are busy working on your steak. Each time you’re going to run out of butane gas, all you need to do is to twist and it will automatically lock into place.

Kollea Kitchen Butane Cooking Torch is also known for its 8-10g unit that gives you the maximum burning temperature of 2500/1500 compared to other models of blow torches you can find in the market. Made out of high-quality materials in Japan, durable and extremely useful in any kitchen out there.

What we like about this product

Chefs who love the sous vide cooking method will also love this product. It is one of the best blowtorches in the market that can create the perfect sear on your cooked meat. It is also durable, it can last for an extended period of time. The sleek design and compact size of the product make it the perfect kitchen tool every chef must-have.

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#5 – Cadrim Butane Cooking Torch

Cadrim Butane Torch, Refillable Culinary Blow Torch Double Fire Cooking Torch and Small Adjustable Flame Kitchen Torch for Creme Brulee, Baking BBQ(Butane Fuel Not Included)

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket if you want to have world-class desserts and steaks like the one you see in fancy restaurants. You can do it on your own! With the help of this professional culinary torch, you are one step closer to achieve the perfect sear of your sous vides cooked meat of the perfect sugar caramelization of your creme brulee.

For your safety, this culinary torch has an extended angled nozzle. No need to worry about burning your hands in the process because you have full control of the culinary torch, making it ideal for searing and caramelizing the sugar. Aside from that, the product prides itself because of its anti-flare technology and safety lock for extra safety purposes.

It’s relatively easy to use and it can burn up to 2730 degrees. It is also designed for an extended period of use because of its durable heavy-duty metal body and the fuel gauge window will automatically inform you if you need to refill the gas.

What we like about this product

The efficacy of this culinary torch in both sous vide cooking and dessert-making is remarkable. In fact, you can use the flame continuously for an hour without stopping. It requires little to no maintenance, specifically designed to last for years. It can be easily your kitchen repertoire.

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How we choose the best cooking torch?

In choosing the best cooking blowing torch we’ve mentioned above, we considered the following factors:

  1. It is important that aside from its versatility, you can make the most out of it for an extended period of time. All butane torch we’ve listed are made out of high-quality materials, designed to withstand everyday use from the owner
  2. We also prioritize the safety of the user in our reviews. We narrow down our options to culinary torches that utilize safety technology and has safety features. We make sure that it does not pose a threat of burning the hands of the user while working.
  3. All aforementioned products are cost-effective. You can use in both inside the kitchen in preparing steaks and desserts; and outside the house in camping and hiking, making it a worthy investment.

Which is the best cooking torch brand?

Why you need a cooking torch?

So, why exactly do you need a blowing torch? To better understand its importance, we’ve listed the following reasons to invest in a culinary torch.

It helps you to achieve perfect sous vide meat

One of the reasons for investing in a blowing torch is that it can help you to achieve the perfect sous vide meat. If you are a fan of sous vide cooking method, you can sear the cooked meat from your meat grinder to perfection because of the full control you can gain when using a culinary torch. There’s nothing more like eating tasty food without compromising the health benefits that it can offer.

It helps you to achieve the perfect creme brulee

Perhaps the most daunting part of preparing the creme brulee is the caramelization of the sugar. No need to worry. A professional quality blowing torch can help you to achieve the perfect creme brulee. Through the help of a blowtorch, you can produce the perfect sugar burnt you need your creme brulee served in ramekins.

Culinary torches offer a wide variety of uses

Of course, it does not end in making creme brulee and sous vide cooking. In fact, some people use the culinary torch for melting the cheese, toasting the bread, and grilling every topping they wanted to throw into their dish or dessert. Baked salmon, sous vide meat, cupcakes, and cakes with creme brulee frosting, mash potatoes, and anything else you could imagine using your culinary torch with. Aside from that, culinary torches are also handy in camping because of the full control of flame you can have. It prevents you the risks of burning your hand or causing an accidental flame while you are outdoors.

We really love using ours after making waffles in our waffle maker and paninis in our panini press. I know it’s weird to do that, especially since a convection oven can do the same thing, but we really like it. We also like torching out fruit that comes out of the food dehydrator before we seal it in our vacuum sealer. Oh, and if you haven’t torched your coffee beans before you put them in your coffee grinder, you haven’t lived!

It offers great convenient

If you are one of the busy gourmet chefs who wake up early in the morning to work in the kitchen, then you need to invest yourself a blowing torch. Some models have a stable base, so you could focus on shaping and controlling the fire to achieve the perfect texture of your dessert or dish. Culinary torches are specifically designed to last for a longer period of time. It’s a great investment for both chefs and outdoor hikers who are in need of instant flame in order to get through the day. All in all, a culinary torch is a great kitchen investment, regardless if you are a professional chef or not.