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Best Design Bento Box

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Best Bento Box Complete List

These bento boxes are designed in France but they have their origins in Japan. It is one of the best bento box for environmentally conscious clean and modern style. It consists of two boxes one on top and the other at the bottom. Along with any color combination desired. It has a band whose purpose is to hold two containers together. The band has a monbento logo on it. Each container holds approx. 750 ml. It consists of a lid covering the whole of the box. Each box contains a hole at the lid of each box. It has a tight lid that makes it leak proof. Both the boxes have a soft smooth texture on it.

The boxes contain a separator that can be removed or inserted as per the requirement. Also, the separators can be adjusted along the box to make the segments as per the requirements. It can be used in different ways by only using one box and placing the band horizontally for closing the box. Some monbento boxes do provide with a stainless-steel set packed in a proper container. These stainless-steel sets cannot be placed inside the box but their proper packing enables them to carry them separately. These boxes are suitable when there are different varieties of foods or snacks in their different segments supported by a separator.

What we liked about it:

The bento boxes are freezer safe. They are safe from microwaving and have no threat from being washed in any dishwasher. It is convenient because it does not get replaced as it is being held by a band. The lid at the top is popped upwards so that objects like chopsticks, spoons, knives, and forks can be stored. The small hole present at the lid helps in making the microwaving convenient. It can be opened during microwaving.

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