5 Best Dutch Oven Cookbooks For Your Kitchen

Dutch ovens are cylindrical pots of iron or ceramic with or without enamel and with a hermetic lid that have the feature to provide and distribute in a constant and uniform way the heat to the foods cooked in them, and that can also be used in multiple heat sources, either fire, gas and even withstand very high temperatures such as those inside an oven, that is why almost any culinary preparation can be done in a Dutch oven.

It can be really useful in your kitchen. And you will need the best Dutch oven cookbook to help you learn how to use it.

Dutch Oven Cookbook Review Center 2021

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#1 – The Dutch Oven Cookbook: Recipes for the Best Pot in Your Kitchen by Sharon Kramis

The Dutch Oven Cookbook Recipes for the Best Pot in Your Kitchen by Sharon Kramis Product Image

Shannon Kramis is an expert in using Dutch ovens to cook various recipes. And that is evident in this huge cookbook that can really teach you all of the basics of how to use your Dutch oven to cook almost every kind of dish imaginable. There are over seventy different recipes, from beginner recipes to more advanced ones that are found in this cookbook. And all of those seventy recipes can be prepared using a Dutch oven that you have at home. This makes it easy to incorporate as part of your kitchen. Whatever you want, whether it is a classic pot roast to a simple vegetable stew, you can find the recipe for it in this amazingly complete, yet still simple cookbook.

Each of the steps in the recipe is also really well-written, so props to Shannon Kramis for writing a recipe cookbook that is relatively easy to follow. This cookbook is a great resource for Dutch oven neophytes. If you have never used a Dutch oven before, then you should find that this book is really easy to follow along to. And if that is not enough to help you create the delicious recipes, there is also a ton of high-quality photographs that come included in this recipe book. So you should have no trouble at all, visualizing how the dish should turn out.

What we liked about it:

In our Dutch oven cookbook reviews, this one is probably one of the most complete ones and easiest to follow as well. It was a real pleasure discovering basic Dutch oven recipes such as kneaded bread to more complex ones such as braised lamb. And what we loved about this Dutch oven cookbook was the fact that it made it all seems very easy to follow. Most cooks, especially newbie’s, should have no trouble following these recipes.

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#2 – Glorious One-Pot Meals: A Revolutionary New Quick and Healthy Approach to Dutch-Oven Cooking by Elizabeth Yarnell

Glorious One-Pot Meals A Revolutionary New Quick and Healthy Approach to Dutch-Oven Cooking by Elizabeth Yarnell Product Image

Just because you are using a Dutch oven to slow cook your recipes, does not mean that they should not be healthy. Robin Donovan is a great resource for any cook that wants to create slow-cooked meals that have got the best nutrition in them. All of the recipes that come included in this cookbook are simply the best in terms of benefits for your health. But that does not mean that the taste is sacrificed at all. Donovan has managed to write a cookbook that has got all of the compiled recipes for amazingly tasty food, which are still healthy for your body.

There are over two-hundred forty pages of recipes that you can find in this book. And there are a lot of options for people that have special dietary needs. For example, if you are a vegetarian, then you should be able to find a lot of the foods here such as the basmati rice slow cooked with squash to be very tasty. And that is just one of the classically tasty dishes that you are able to find within the pages of this cookbook. If you love healthy foods that are alternatives to some of the richer and typical Dutch oven recipes, then this cookbook is the one for you. This is one of those cookbooks that really are different from a lot of the other Dutch oven cookbooks out there.

What we liked about it:

We love just how healthy the recipes are in this Dutch oven cookbook. In our other cast iron Dutch oven cookbook reviews, we found the other recipes to be a bit too rich and fatty for our tastes. So if you are seeking a healthier alternative to using your Dutch oven to prepare your food, then you should definitely purchase this cookbook. In it, you will discover dozens of really healthy foods to prepare with your Dutch oven.

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#3 – Dutch Oven Obsession: A Cookbook for the Only Pot In Your Life by Robin Donovan

Dutch Oven Obsession A Cookbook for the Only Pot In Your Life by Robin Donovan Product Image

There are over a hundred different Dutch oven recipes that you can find in this cookbook. Robin Donovan has included almost all of their favorite recipes for Dutch oven cooking. Whether you want to prepare a simple meal of rice risotto that is slowly cooked, to a fancier feast of braised lamb pot roast, you will find the recipes to those dishes and more in this wonderfully complete cookbook.

And learning how to prepare dishes with your Dutch oven is not the only thing that you can find in this recipe book. There are a ton of basic things that you can learn about Dutch oven cooking in Donovan’s cookbook. All of the basics about Dutch oven cooking, such as how to care for it, and how to prep it for mealtimes, and more topics, can be found within the pages of this really helpful cookbook. You can learn everything you need inside it.

This is a lodge Dutch oven cookbook that will show you all of the best dishes to create with your slow cooker pot. Dutch oven enthusiasts should definitely purchase this cookbook and attempt to make all of the recipes in it. If you use your Dutch oven regularly at home, for example, to prepare dinner, then you will find that this cookbook will be a great resource for you.

What we liked about it

The completeness of this cookbook really makes it stand out among the competition. If you love cooking with your Dutch oven, and if you want to take your cooking level a step further, you should definitely find Donovan’s cookbook huge assistance. We know that it really did help us expand our horizons when it comes to cooking with a Dutch oven. The Dutch oven recipes here are also really varied, which will satisfy a lot of people.

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#4 – Scout’s Dutch Oven Cookbook by Tim and Christine Connors

Scout's Dutch Oven Cookbook by Tim and Christine Connors Product Image

The duo behind this outdoors Dutch oven cookbook, Christine, and Tim Conners, wanted to compile a list of all of the best outdoor dishes that you can prepare with a Dutch oven. And they have been really successful in that regard, with this recipe book.

This is one of those Dutch oven cookbook camping that is good for the outdoors. If you like camping and staying overnight outdoors, wouldn’t it be grand to also cook outside too? And a Dutch oven is the perfect piece of kitchenware to take with you outdoors. You can slowly cook food over an open campfire using your Dutch oven. But you also need to learn how to prepare foods using your Dutch oven. Cooking over an open campfire is much more different than using a stove in your kitchen, even if you are using a Dutch oven. And this is where this Dutch oven recipe book can come in handy. For example, you may think that making a simple pot of baked beans is easy, but it can be much more complex than that if you are outdoors. This cookbook can show you the best way to prepare outdoors food using your Dutch oven. This cookbook is even better for boy scouts and their troop leaders, who can learn a thing or two about food preparation from this cookbook.

What we liked about it:

When it comes to the sheer number of camping foods that you can prepare using a Dutch oven, we simply did not know the real way on how to do it. So we were really happy with what this cookbook taught us. Through it, we were able to learn all of the basic things that we should do in order to successfully prepare our camping site and our Dutch oven so that we could cook food properly.

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#5 – 101 Things to Do with a Dutch Oven by Vernon Winterton

101 Things to Do with a Dutch Oven by Vernon Winterton Product Image

This huge Dutch oven cookbook written and compiled by Vernon Winterton is the complete monograph of Dutch oven food preparation and cooking. It has guides, tips, tricks, and of course, recipes, which every cook using a Dutch oven should know about. If you consider yourself a Dutch oven cook, then get this cookbook.

Vernon Winterton has compiled all of the things that you should know about how to use your Dutch oven. These things include preparation for your Dutch oven, to ensure that the food inside of it is cooked properly. And there are also other basic tips and guides on how to clean your Dutch oven, so that food residue and odor do not stick to it after you have it cleaned.

Aside from the basic tips and guides for your Dutch oven, this cookbook is also a really huge resource for all kinds of Dutch oven recipes. These include apple cobbler, homemade tomato sauce, white chili, pot roast, braised ribs, kneaded bread, cinnamon loaves, Dutch oven pizza, and a whole lot more. You can find dozens of different recipes, which you can prepare all using your Dutch oven to cook it. So you should be able to prepare any kind of dish that you want, and these dishes should be able to satisfy your taste and whoever you are serving them too.

What we liked about it:

We loved the huge amount of basic tips and guides on how to use a Dutch oven. This cookbook really had it all in that regards. And even us, who are already fairly experienced with using our Dutch oven, were able to learn a thing or two from this cookbook. For example, did you know that there are certain ways to clean your Dutch oven properly? If you do not know that, then there are a ton of other useful tips in this cookbook.

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How we chose the top Dutch oven cookbooks in our list

Since there are tons of Dutch oven cookbooks out there on the market, we had to be selective about our choice. Here are the factors that we used to select the cookbooks on our list.

Number of recipes

An important factor that we used in order to choose our cookbooks was the number of recipes that they had in them. For the cookbook to be actually worth it, wanted it to have a fair number of recipes that cooks can prepare.

Types of recipes

Another crucial factor was what type of recipes was included in the cookbook. For example, what kind of ingredients, and how they should be prepared, etc.

Easy to follow

We also wanted to pick out Dutch oven recipe books that had recipes that are easy to follow. We know that most people that are looking for cookbooks in the first place are still beginners with using their Dutch ovens for cooking. And that is why we chose cookbooks with easy to follow steps.

Specialized topic

We also tried to look at what kind of specific topic that the Dutch oven recipe book had. For example, if a certain cookbook had a topic on cooking with a Dutch oven while camping, then we took that factor into consideration. This is because, we know that there are certain people, who are looking for a specific topic when it comes to cooking with their Dutch oven. Whether that is vegetarian recipes, or something else, we tried to look for cookbooks that tackled those topics.

Why you need a Dutch oven cookbook in your kitchen

Sure, every serious home cook needs to have a Dutch oven. After all, a Dutch oven is a really useful piece of kitchenware that you can use to practically prepare any kind of slow cooker recipe. And since you already have a Dutch oven, why do you need a cookbook specifically for it anyway? There are actually a huge number of factors why owning a cookbook that is wholly devoted to Dutch oven cooking, is a good idea. Here are some of the reasons why you need to own a cookbook on Dutch oven cooking if you are serious about it.


If you are new to Dutch oven cooking, then you can definitely learn a lot from the best Dutch oven cookbooks. If you want to learn basic ways on how to prepare your Dutch oven, or how to use it to prepare food, then you can find all of that information in these cookbooks.

Advanced recipes

There are also a number of advanced recipes that you will only be able to learn how to prepare if you had the resources that can be found in these cookbooks.

Complete recipes

If you want to prepare dishes that are actually delicious, then you need to completely follow all of the right steps. You can find some really tasty recipes in this cookbook.

Healthier dishes

Not all Dutch oven dishes have to be fatty and unhealthy recipes. There are actually a number of different cookbooks that offer much healthier alternatives to Dutch oven cooking.