5 Best Egg Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Cooking is a huge culinary experience and everything about is should be dealt with perfection. In order to master the art of cooking any dish or cuisine for that matter, one must have good experience and practice to enjoy the art of preparing a dish.

Generally, protein dishes like chicken, egg require a time to cook and one must be sure that the time and temperature must be set accordingly for the food to cook. In order to bring out the best egg cookbooks that are widely sold in the market, one can come across huge recipes that are currently on a trend and are the top picks.

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#1 – Egg: a culinary exploration of the world’s most versatile ingredient

Egg A Culinary Exploration Of The World's Most Versatile Ingredient

If any book reviews are counted among the top favourites, this book by Michael Ruhlman has been mostly seen with gratitude amongst the most versatile of cookbooks ever. Exploring wide range of recipes and managing to greatly use the egg as an ingredient, everything can be done, from a poached, boiled one and even a half-boiled egg. In addition, there are several ways in which the book tells that the egg can be used as the key ingredient in several dishes.

Combined with pasta, noodles or even a wrap, many of the best food items on the menu have an egg on it. Especially the use of the scrambled egg can be inserted into any item to give it a nice flavour and texture. There are so many ways in which the egg can stand out of the crowd and making even a simple egg dish can work wonders for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having hard boiled eggs can also curb hunger pangs and make the stomach full and there are no reasons as to why should anybody run away from an egg. The egg has so much of protein in it that it is regarded to be one of the best items to be consumed for breakfast. And because of its healthy nature, the egg destroys the bad cholesterol in the body and builds up new ones.

What we like about it:

This egg cookbook vastly encapsulates all the significant aspects and other features that can be done with an egg. There are so many options that the cookbook has and it also features the egg chart that has all its various wings attached like the boiled, poached, soft boiled, scrambled etc. Even the importance of the egg diet is specified and one can clearly get the book to understand the importance of eating an egg every day.

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#2 – Egg shop: the cookbook

Egg Shop The Cookbook

Understanding the Importance of eating an egg, the cookbook very smartly targets the customers into proclaiming the major significance of eating an egg. Owing to high protein, the egg is simply a must and low cost option that individuals can opt for to make vast life changes. In order to understand the vast variety of recipes that can be made from an egg, this cookbook can help deal with the issue. Common recipes like an omelette or a scrambled egg is likely everyone’s favourite and having to cook that can be made just less than 10 minutes.

The book even states the relative significance of the vast majority of cuisines that use egg as the main primary ingredient. Having to say this, but a lot of things can be done with an egg. But everything depends on its freshness and juiciness and how firm it stays. Dipping egg in hot water for about 10 minutes can make relatively good soft boiled eggs that can be taken by most individuals for breakfast. The importance of an egg must never be misunderstood and one must equally strive to derive the best benefits from it, in order to derive its nutrients properly. This cookbook unlocks certain great qualities of the egg and because of which it is widely used by almost chefs in the world in their restaurants.

What we like about it:

This egg cookbook has everything for everyone. Be it the Devil eggs or eggs Benedict, or just a simple bread with eggs, all of it renders a spark when the egg falls into the right place. Especially the book tells the vast importance of consuming an egg everyday as a mandatory protein, in order to make the body stable and less curated towards diseases. It is surely one of the most major foods to be taken on a moderate basis daily.

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#3 – The fresh egg cookbook

The Fresh Egg Cookbook

While answering the question as to what came first, the chicken or the egg, this book can be read as the manifesto to it. Deriving the utmost nutritional importance of an egg, the author deliberately states the fact as to what it counts to take an egg on an ever day basis in the diet. Packed with so much of nutrients and other proteins, an egg can cure several diseases and even stop sudden hunger pangs. In fact, who doesn’t love to have some boiled eggs along with some black pepper sprinkled on it?

This book too brings a list of total 101 recipes that are cherished by most of the chefs all over the world. Taking up all simple ingredients, one can make the easiest egg dishes like egg wrap, egg in bread, French toast, Italian fluffy eggs and even scotch eggs. It is so simple to collect all the basic ingredients and use egg in it as most of it are found in the kitchens and also used for daily cooking. The cookbook also states the fact that an egg is actually used as a binding and crisping agent and is used before frying any food in a skillet. Usually, the food to be fried is dipped in the egg batter and then coated in flour and fried in oil so that the outer remains crisp and the inside stays moist.

What we like about it:

The main aim of the cookbook is to make all simple egg recipes available to all the enthusiastic individuals, who prefer to make something different everyday with an egg. Owing to its high nutritional content, it is over and over suggested to eat an egg to keep the body healthy and fit. Also, the book lists a variety of egg recipes that are easy to cook from the daily ingredients that are available in the kitchen.

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#4 – Egg Cookbook: the creative farm to table guide to cooking fresh eggs

Egg Cookbook The Creative Farm To Table Guide To Cooking Fresh Eggs

There is something unique and special when it comes to eating fresh farm eggs. The classic entity that is associated with these eggs is the quality along with its exotic freshness. In addition, this cookbook essentially highlights all the extravagant features of eating fresh farm eggs for everyday meals. The intake of such eggs is usually associated with the best nutritional option that is available. Because it is not likely that much processed in nature, the eggs tend to be less harmless and pure in comparison to other eggs.

This cookbook also highlights all the major recipes that can be cooked with farm eggs. Usually the best scrambled eggs and omelettes are made with fresh farm eggs. Since egg is the most distinguishable and most used ingredient in the world, anything unique and simple can be made with an egg. Chefs take special care in making simple egg recipes glamorous and nutritious. It is right up to the very start that the eggs are kept in the boiler to cook them half and then the perfect boiled egg recipe is bought to the forefront. In addition, the recipes are quite easy to make and can be done just under 10 minutes, owing to its simple nature. Even if chicken harvesting is done, this book also guides to raise the chickens in the right way so as to derive the maximum nutrients.

What we like about it:

This is nothing negative about this cookbook that would make customers stay away from it. All of it has the most unique recipes and features that make all individuals discover new things that can be done with an egg. Additionally, the nature of the farm egg illustrates the basic significance of how the fresh and raw eggs can bring in some change in texture and flavour after it has been cooked to the state of perfection.

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#5 – The perfect egg: A fresh take on recipes for morning, noon and night

The Perfect Egg A Fresh Take On Recipes For Morning, Noon, And Night

The basic thing about an egg is that it can be taken anytime of the day, i.e. in breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a light snack. Since eggs are of a high nutritional value, one can choose to complement it with variety of recipes that are exotic and tasty. For breakfast, one can have scrambled eggs, poached eggs or even a simple French toast. The book explains the importance of having eggs for breakfast and how it curbs down further hunger pangs and over eating of food.

For lunch, one can have a simple egg curry, or just soft or hard boiled eggs. Even egg salads are high in nutrients along with some raw tomatoes, onions and some herbs and spices. For dinner, one can keep it simple and opt for some scrambled eggs or classic eggs Benedict, which is enough to fulfill one’s appetite. Deriving the utmost nutritional importance of an egg, the author deliberately states the fact as to what it counts to take an egg on an ever day basis in the diet. Packed with so much of nutrients and other proteins, an egg should be taken by everyone. Exploring wide range of recipes and managing to greatly use the egg as an important ingredient every day, everything can be done, from a poached, boiled one and even a half-boiled egg.

What we like about it:

This cookbook manages to portray to its readers what is the essential of eating an egg every day. The most important part of it is that the egg destroys all the bad cholesterol in the body and rejuvenates the entire system so that good cholesterol is able to form in the body. There are so many options that the cookbook has and it also features the egg chart that has all its various wings attached like the boiled, poached, soft boiled, scrambled etc.

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How we choose the Top Egg Cookbooks in our list:

The Top egg cookbooks should feature all the basic nutritional value of an egg and should also state as to what the importance of eating an egg actually is. In addition, a cookbook must also entertain all the basic egg recipes that can be made easily from scratch. Who doesn’t love to have the famous Indo Chinese dish which is the Egg fried rice? A mixture of simple scrambled eggs, rice and some vegetables, it hardly takes 10 minutes to make this perfect dish. In addition, the top cookbook also illustrates the best reviews that are given by customers and what opinions are formed about a particular cookbook. Generally, everything about it must be versatile and flexible, in addition to providing all the nutrient contents of each recipe. Also good egg cookbooks have the recipes divided in to the categories, which is breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that different items can be made with an egg at different point of time. Generally, the recipes given in the cookbooks are not that hard to make and the descriptions of it are given in simple language so that it is easy for everybody to replicate the dish and impress their loved ones.

Why you need the Best Egg Cookbooks in your kitchen:

It is really essential to get hold of the best egg cookbook for the sole reason that everything is listed juts point to point and in simple language. Some cookbooks feature certain tough egg recipes, whose ingredients are very difficult to purchase. While anything can be created out of an egg, simple recipes are the best and can be done in minutes. Usually, the versatility of an egg renders it to be one of the most used ingredients by chefs in their kitchens and also in the home kitchens as well. The greatest victory that can be achieved with an egg is that it does not make the stomach too heavy, unlike heavy and rich protein foods like red meat and beef.  Since most individuals love to eat eggs, having the best cookbook in the kitchen helps to make and try new recipes every day that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Owing to the low cost of eggs as well, one can chose between fresh farm eggs and normal eggs and make unique recipes every time by consulting the cookbook. There is so much to learn from a good egg cookbook and one can get all nutritional information that is featured alongside each recipe.

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