10 Best Electric Skillet Reviews And Comparison 2021

Electric skillets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular ones are those that are round and rectangular. But there are also a lot of kitchen lovers who say they prefer the space-saving features of square skillets as it’s more convenient for them to carry it around the house or to a friend’s place.

In terms of size, a huge assortment of options is available. That’s because this depends on the amount of food and the number of batches that you want to cook in your electric skillet. For example, big families often choose large electric skillets as this gives them the convenience to cook big batches of food with less time and effort. Meanwhile, single men and women or couples prefer small to medium-sized electric skillets. But there are some that choose to get larger ones as they usually have lots of guests for breakfast, lunch or dinner each week.

Comparison And Ratings Of The Best Electric Skillet 2021

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So that’s our list of the top 10 electric skillets this year. And it’s time to know what we learned about each of these products — Read on to find out.

#1 – Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

The Presto 06852 electric skillet offers a large 16-inch pan. Plus, this is designed with high sidewalls, allowing more spacious capacity for larger batches of food. This also makes this product suitable for soups, sauces, and recipes with lots of herbs, spices, and a variety of juices.

Meanwhile, this product’s tempered glass lid enhances its stylish form factor. So you can use it to serve food, buffet-style, especially as its cover ensures that you can keep your food warm and safe even if you leave it on the table. Also, its non-stick material for both its inside and outside surfaces makes it more convenient to place it on top of your tables and counters.

What we Like About It:

Presto 06852 electric skillet’s base is made out of warp-proof material. So its energy-saving feature presents an advantage as you can use this product as a more economic oven or a range burner.

Plus, its temperature control panel is removable. This is designed to make the Presto 06852 electric skillet quick and easy to clean with a dishwasher. And even if you want to wash it manually, the non-stick material of its inside and outside surface areas makes this a simple task.

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#2 – Presto 06857 16-Inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet, Black

The Presto 06857 electric skillet has a lot of similarities to the company’s 06852 product, which was described earlier. It has a solid 16-inch pan that won’t warp even at high temperatures. This is also integrated with high walls, making it suitable for larger batches of food, including soups, sauces and other recipes with lots of juices and liquids.

The cover of this electric skillet is also made out of tempered glass. So aside from making this product look sleek and stylish, you can use it as a buffet-style server for your dinner parties. Plus, this is a convenient feature as you can keep your food safe and warm as you leave it on your table or counter.

What We Like About It:

The primary difference that we noticed about the Presto 06857 electric skillet from its earlier version (06852) is its built-in spout. This makes it quick and easy to serve sauces and soups or recipes with lots of juices and liquids as you can just pour it to your containers and bowls. This also serves as a spatula or spoon holder, which we found convenient when cooking and also while serving food.

Moreover, we like this electric skillet’s foldable handle design. This is another feature that isn’t found in Presto 06852. It’s more convenient to store in smaller places when this product’s base is detached from its pan, and also when its handles are folded down.

Lastly, the inside and outside surface areas of this electric skillet are made out of high-quality non-stick material. On the other hand, its temperature control can be removed. Both of these are designed for equipping dishwasher-safe and easy manual washing benefits into this product.

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#3 – Elite Platinum EG-6203 Electric Skillet

Elite Platinum EG-6203 Non-stick Deep Dish Heavy Duty Electric Skillet with Tempered Glass Vented Lid and Easy-Pour Spout, Dishwasher Safe, 1500W, 16" x 13" x 3.15" - 8 Quart, Black

The Elite Platinum EG-6203 electric skillet has a 15-inch pan that enables you to cook large servings of food at once. Its 8-quart capacity also ensures that you can cook and serve more food, especially when you have guests over for lunch and dinner. Plus, this makes it more convenient for you to prepare and cook recipes with soups, sauces, and liquids.

This electric skillet also has a transparent glass lid that adds a stylish and luxurious vibe to its form factor. This cover can lock in sumptuous flavors, retain moisture, and keep food safe from contaminants as you serve food for your family and guests. Also, you can use this electric skillet as a buffet-style server as its lid can keep your food warm.

What we Like About It:

The non-stick material of the Elite Platinum EG-6203 electric skillet has been tested to be PFOA-free. We like this feature as it keeps food safe from chemical contaminants, even when cooking at high temperatures. Plus, its thick aluminum form actor protects this product against rust and warping.

Meanwhile, it’s non-stick, non-scratch surface makes this product quicker and easier to clean than others in the market today. Its temperature control panel is also easily removable, making this electric skillet safe to use in your dishwasher.

Another feature that we like about the Elite Platinum EG-6203 electric skillet is its m-shaped heating pad. This provides an even cook for food while providing rapid heating as soon as you turn it on.

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#4 – Presto 06858 16-Inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06858 Slimline Skillet with Glass Cover, Black

The Presto 06858 Slimline skillet is integrated with a non-stick material that’s made out of high-quality components. This is designed for its outer and inner surfaces, allowing easier frying and simpler clean-up procedures. Plus, it’s aluminum form factor protects this electric skillet from rust, while its heavy-duty design keeps it warp-free even at high-temperature levels.

This product has a 16-inch pan with high walls. We found that it’s really quick and easy to prepare and cook large servings of food with sauces, soups, and liquids through this electric skillet. Also, its heating pan is equipped with even cooking features, which beginners in the kitchen might find helpful and convenient.

What We Like About It:

The Presto 06858 Slimline skillet has a sleek tempered glass lid that makes it quicker and simpler to use this product as a buffet-style server, especially with its slim form factor. Plus, this helps retain the moisture and heat of the food while you’re serving it to your family and friends. This, in turn, locks in the flavors of your recipes for a long time and protects your food against contaminants while it’s left sitting on your table or counter.

We also like its dishwasher-safe features as its temperature control unit and fully automatic sensor can be easily detached from its base. Plus, the “stay cool” design of its handle makes it more convenient to prepare, cook, and serve food with this electric skillet.

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#5 – Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet

NESCO ES-08, Electric Skillet, Black, 8 inch, 1800 watts

The Nesco ES-08 electric skillet is among the smallest products in our roundup. This model has an 8-inch pan, while another unit in this same product line has a 12-inch form factor. Nevertheless, we found that it’s still convenient to prepare and cook large batches of food in this electric skillet at once. That’s mainly because of its high walls, and this gives it a deeper profile than what we expected.

So we were able to quickly and easily prepare large servings of recipes with soups, sauces, and liquids with this electric skillet. Its non-stick interior also gave us a more convenient time when we tested this to fry our favorite recipes and snacks.

On the other hand, its slimmer profile and smaller form factor make it quick and simple to store it in more places in the kitchen. This also makes it convenient to handle all around your kitchen and dining room as you prepare, cook, and serve food to your family and friends.

What We Like About It:

The Nesco ES-08 electric skillet’s main come-on for us is its slimmer design and smaller form factor. Coupled with a handle that’s equipped with materials that make it stay cool even when cooking at high temperatures, we found it more convenient to use this product regularly, which often requires us to serve minimal helpings of food.

Meanwhile, we also like its temperature control unit’s easy to read panel, which is also equipped with simple to operate adjustable settings. This electric skillet also has a glass cover that securely latches in place without too much effort on our side, allowing us to lock in flavors, heat, and moisture as we leave it on our tables and counters while eating with family and friends.

Plus, its non-stick surface makes the Nesco ES-08 electric skillet simpler and easier to clean than traditional pans without this feature. But keep in mind that this product isn’t integrated with dishwasher-safe features as its temperature control unit isn’t detachable. Nevertheless, you’re likely to find it straightforward to clean this product, especially because of its smaller profile and non-stick material.

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#6 – Copper Chef Removable 12-Inch Electric Skillet

Copper Chef 12" Removable Electric Use as a Skillet, Buffet Server and in The Oven

The Copper Chef electric skillet is equipped with this manufacturer’s exclusive Cerami-Tech non-stick coating design for its 12-inch square pan. This product offers the opportunity to fry and bake your favorite recipes without the need to add any oil or butter to your dishes. Our tests gave us food that tastes just as delicious, but quite likely much healthier as we didn’t need to add any oil.

This electric skillet is also integrated with a portable form factor design, making it quicker and easier for you to take it anywhere you want. We tested this feature as we were preparing, cooking, and serving food in the kitchen and dining area. Its portability, while coupled with its smaller profile as this product has a 12-inch pan and a handle that stays cool to the touch even at high temperatures, really made it more convenient for us to use it.

Meanwhile, the Copper Chef electric skillet has a removable base, adding more portability and space-saving features to its smaller profile and slimmer form factor. Also, this product is equipped with features that make it safe to use in ovens, or as a stovetop.

What We Like About It:

The primary feature that we love about the Copper Chef electric skillet is its non-stick, Cerami-Tech surface. We tested this with several gourmet recipes and healthy dishes without adding any oil or butter, and we got the same sumptuous taste.

We also like its stainless steel design, tempered glass cover, and slim profile. This allows us to use it as a stylish buffet-style server, enabling us to keep moisture, flavors, and heat locked in as we leave it on the table. Plus, its portability makes it quicker and easier to handle in and around the kitchen and dining room with many conveniences.

Moreover, its oven and stovetop-safe features give us the opportunity to prepare and cook a wider variety of dishes and recipes with this electric skillet. And we also really like that the manufacturer bundled a recipe book with this product, which allowed us to learn 20 delicious gourmet meals and healthy recipes that are ideal for this electric skillet.

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#7 – Presto National IND 06856 16-Inch Electric Skillet

Presto National IND 06856 16" Ceramic Electric Skillet, Inch

This is another electric skillet from Presto. As its name suggests, the National IND 06856 ceramic electric skillet is equipped with a non-stick ceramic finish for its inner and outer surfaces. Many buyers say this is much safer to use as it won’t be susceptible to harmful chemicals being able to mix with your food even at high temperatures, which is unlike some products manufactured with non-stick materials that aren’t PFOA-free.

On the other hand, this product has a 16-inch pan that’s designed with high-density aluminum for optimum durability and warp-free features. It’s also equipped with high walls, allowing more spacious capacity for a larger batch of food to be cooked all at once, saving you time and effort. This form factor is also suitable for sauces, soups, and recipes with liquids and juices.

Plus, its ceramic surface enables you to avoid putting oil and butter for your fried meals, all the while retaining the same delicious taste that you love. So you can prepare much healthier meals for yourself, as well as for your family and friends through this electric skillet.

What We Like About It:

The Presto National IND 06856 ceramic electric skillet’s main come-on for us is its ceramic, PFOA-free non-stick surface. That’s because this allows us to prepare healthier meals and gourmet recipes. We also like its tempered glass lid that can be latched on quite securely to its rim, enabling us to retain the flavors, aroma, warmth, and moisture of the meals we prepare in this electric skillet.

Plus, it’s more convenient to directly use this as a buffet-style server because of its stylish cover and luxurious design. We also found that this product is equipped with much better power and energy-saving features than most ovens and range burners. And this benefit is enhanced by its fully automatic master heat control.

Also, this product can be completely immersed in water, making it dishwasher-safe. That’s because its temperature control unit can be easily removed without any fuss. But even with manual washing, its non-stick ceramic finish makes food particles and other stuff quickly slide off with water and soap.

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#8 – Hamilton Beach Deep Dish Electric Skillet

Hamilton Beach 38529 Durathon Ceramic Electric Skillet, 12" x 15, Bronze

The Hamilton Beach 38529 Durathon ceramic electric skillet has a 12 x 15-inch pan, which is big enough to serve 3 to 5 people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the other hand, smaller snacks can be prepared through this product for more people at a time. Plus, its deep pan is suitable for cooking recipes with sauces, soups, juices, and liquids.

This manufacturer’s Durathon design is integrated into its ceramic finish. According to some buyers, this makes it a bit sturdier and more durable than other products that use traditional non-stick materials. And as it uses ceramic components, this makes the Hamilton Beach 38529 Durathon ceramic electric skillet free from harmful PFOA and PTFE elements.

Plus, its clear tempered glass cover makes this product a suitable server for buffet-style meals during breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. That’s because its lid securely latches to its rim to lock in the moisture, flavors, aroma, and warmth of your food, even if it sits idle on your table or countertop.

What We Like About It:

Being free from PTFE and PFOA, the main thing that we like about the Hamilton Beach 38529 Durathon ceramic electric skillet is its ceramic finish. That’s because this keeps our food safe from these harmful chemicals. Plus, this allows us to cook healthier meals and gourmet recipes as we can leave out oil and butter in many of our favorite dishes.

We’re also fond of this electric skillet’s removable pan. Aside from its smaller form factor and slimmer profile than the other products in this roundup, this feature provides more convenient storage options and portability benefits. But coupled with its removable cord, the Hamilton Beach 38529 Durathon ceramic electric skillet is equipped with dishwasher-safe features.

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#9 – Dash 14-Inch Family Size Electric Skillet

Dash 14" Family Size Rapid Skillet

The Dash Family Size Rapid skillet is another product with a ceramic surface for its main cooking area. This effectively prevents PTFE and PFOA risks, which are found in some of the traditional non-stick materials for several kitchen products. These harmful chemicals can mix into your food, so many buyers say ceramic electric skillets offer a safer option.

This product is equipped with a 14-inch pan, which is suitable for preparing and cooking food for around 3 to 5 persons. But with a 2.5-inch depth, the high walls of this electric skillet allow a little bigger batch of food to be cooked and served at once. Plus, this makes the Dash Family Size Rapid skillet ideal for recipes with soups, sauces, liquids, and juices.

At 1300w, this electric skillet can begin heating up to 450°F almost immediately. And with its even cook feature, this enables you to quickly and easily fry, sauté, simmer and bake your favorite recipes.

What We Like About It:

We’re quite fond of this electric skillet’s secure tempered glass lid, which makes it simpler to maintain the moisture, heat, and flavors of our recipes as we use it for buffet-style breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. Of course, its ceramic design is also a major come-on as it provides us with peace of mind in terms of knowing that our meals and dishes are safe from harmful PTFE and PFOA elements.

We also like the design of its handle as it stays cool even at high-temperature levels while cooking and serving food. Plus, its capability to quickly heat up to 450°F is a helpful feature for many of our favorite meals and recipes.

The Dash Family Size Rapid skillet comes bundled with a recipe book. Buyers also get access to the manufacturer’s online repository of recipes, aside from getting a 1-year warranty for this product.

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#10 – Brentwood Non-Stick Electric Skillet

Brentwood 6" Non-Stick Electric Skillet Model SK-45

The Brentwood non-stick skillet comes in a variety of sizes. It’s available as a 6 and 12-inch electric skillet. There’s also a 16-inch version under this product line.

For its 6-inch version, this electric skillet is recommended by lots of buyers for individuals who frequently find themselves outdoors for long periods regularly. These are mostly truck drivers, traveling salespeople, hikers, and campers, among others. Also, single men and women, seniors, and so on are likely to find this product helpful for preparing and cooking their daily meals.

Meanwhile, its 12 and 16-inch versions are suitable for couples, families and those who regularly have guests over for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. But in any case, the removable handle of this product provides it with optimum portability features. Also, this can help you save space in your kitchen as you can easily store this electric skillet in smaller areas by detaching its handle.

The Brentwood non-stick skillet also comes with a dishwasher-safe tempered glass lid. This can help your food retain its flavors, aromas, warmth, and moisture for much longer periods. This form factor also makes this suitable as a server for buffet-style breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners, though its 12 and 16-inch versions are highly recommended for this purpose.

What We Like About It:

The portable, small profile design of the Brentwood non-stick skillet is what counts the most for us. We like how it’s quick, easy, and convenient to carry around on regular outdoor trips. Plus, its 6-inch version is suitable for singles who just want a fast and easy way to cook delicious meals.

Its space-saving feature is also a major come-on for us with its removable handle. But despite this feature, its manufacturer didn’t cheap out on the design of its handle, which is equipped with components that stay cool even at high temperatures.

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How We Chose The Top Electric Skillet in Our List?

During our selection and review of these 10 best electric skillet products this 2021, we considered several major factors. We believe each of these can significantly affect the overall usability and benefits of these products. These include the following:

Safety of Design & Materials — Of course, this should always come first, especially when you’re trying to choose the right products for your kitchen. In our list, our highly recommended picks are those that are integrated with a ceramic finish. That’s because these are free from PTFE and PFOA components that are known to contain harmful chemicals. You wouldn’t want to risk yourself, your family and friends to any associated health issue, would you?

Plus, those with ceramic and safe non-stick components often provide more convenient clean-up and maintenance benefits. These can also offer much healthier alternative ways to cook your favorite recipes, such as avoiding oil and butter for your fried meals.

Aluminum and stainless steel components are also ideal for electric skillets. That’s because you can avoid rust from accumulating and mixing in with your food. This can be harmful to your health.

Shape & Size — An electric skillet should be suitable for the number of persons that you intend to serve regularly. This means for single men and women, products in our roundup with smaller profiles and slimmer form factors are highly recommended. After all, it’s likely an awful waste of your energy to handle a huge electric skillet when you just need to prepare and cook small servings for yourself or 2 persons most of the time, right?

On the other hand, those with families and a significant number of guests almost always over for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner are advised to get the 12 or 16-inch electric skillets in our list. After all, you wouldn’t want to cook the same meals and dishes multiple times just because you can’t do a larger batch all at once, would you? And more so, you’re recommended to get one with the right depth, especially if you prefer to cook meals with soups, sauces, liquids, and juices.

Durability & Sturdiness — Imagine the handle of your skillet breaking down while you’re cooking your favorite recipes at high temperatures. This can cause major injuries, especially if you have kids running around as you prepare their food in the kitchen.

Also, constantly replacing your electric skillet with a new one can be an awful waste of time, money, and energy on your part.

You’re advised to choose electric skillets that are manufactured from high-quality materials and durable components. There are lots of products in our roundup that match this parameter, as they’re made out of thick aluminum, stainless steel, exclusive ceramic material, or a combination of these.

Portability & Space-Saving Features — We know for a fact that lots of us regularly travel for work or recreational purposes. We often visit our family, friends, and colleagues in their homes and offices. We might want to bring along portable electric skillets to cook our favorite recipes and meals.

Plus, we also know that saving space in our kitchen helps de-clutter our area as we prepare and cook food daily. This helps us save a lot of time, energy, and effort as we can quickly and easily store our products right after using them.

You’re recommended to take a closer look at the electric skillets in our roundup with optimum portability and space-saving benefits. These are mostly products that have detachable handles, pans, bases, and temperature control units.

Convenience & Ease of Use — Obviously, difficult to use electric skillets are out of the question. After all, we want products for our kitchen that can make things faster and more straightforward to do, right?

Consider the electric skillets in our list with fully automated temperature control features, easy to use panels and dishwasher-safe designs. You’re also recommended to choose an electric skillet with detachable components as these are generally quicker and easier to clean.

Price & Add-on Deals — Electric skillets that match your parameters for the things described above shouldn’t be more expensive than the value that you can get from using them. Instead, it should come with a fair and reasonable price tag that can give you the best bang for your buck.

You’re recommended to choose an electric skillet with the right shape, size, features, designs, and components. This way, you’ll be able to find the best deal in the market today from our roundup.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for beneficial bundles. Many of these are warranties, guarantees, and freebies like recipe books and the like.

So what exactly is an electric skillet? And what can you do with it? Learning about this can enable you to easily select the right types of skillets to consider. So here you go:

What Are Electric Skillets?

An electric skillet is a pan that you can directly plug into a wall socket. That’s right — You don’t need to put it on top of a stove or any other heat source. The heating surface is the pan itself. And one of the benefits that this can provide is a more even cooking surface for your food, unlike what you get with traditional pans where the heat source is primarily in the center.

Many of these electric skillets also have lots of additional features. This primarily depends on its manufacturer and its target groups of buyers. For example, there are electric skillets that come with rechargeable battery packs, which are obviously for campers and those who love the outdoors.

And most electric skillets aren’t just suitable for frying. Rather, these are also designed to be ideal for baking and keeping food warm, such as sauces and soups. But in most cases, an electric skillet has a knob or a panel to control the temperature of its heating pan.

On the other hand, many electric skillets are made out of aluminum or stainless steel. The former is often more inexpensive, while the latter is quite challenging to find and usually comes with a higher price tag. Plus, square electric skillets can normally cook bigger batches of food at a time, as opposed to round and rectangular ones. Meanwhile, keep in mind that not all electric skillets are designed with dishwasher-safe features.

How to Choose the Best Electric Skillet?

So the shape, size, and features of an electric skillet should be the main factors that you should consider when trying to search for the most suitable one in the market today. For instance, the amount of food that you want to cook at a time is an important aspect that you should remember. But don’t forget to consider your storage space at your kitchen for your electric skillet.

However, the large variety of choices out there today can confuse a lot of buyers. Add the different features that are integrated into each of these products, and you might find it a bit difficult to pinpoint the right electric skillet.

Do You Need an Electric Skillet for Your Kitchen?

To answer this — You need to think about your relevant daily activities. Do you spend a lot of time at home? Do you often prepare and cook food in your kitchen? Are you living alone, or with a partner, a spouse and children, a bunch of friends and so on? More importantly, what kind of food do you cook most of the time?

You’ll be able to make a more informed decision when you know the answers to these questions. For example, if you cook food for yourself regularly, then an electric skillet can come real handy. And if you travel a lot but still enjoy preparing your food, then a portable electric skillet is highly recommended. This also applies when you’re living with a partner or a group of friends, or if you have a spouse and kids. Moreover, if you enjoy hot food, then an electric skillet offers a quick and easy way to re-heat your food and keep it warm and protected against contaminants.

Also, keep in mind that some of the best electric skillets in our 2019 roundup can offer healthier ways to prepare and cook your favorite recipes. So if you enjoy bacon and other fried recipes, then the ceramic and non-stick electric skillets in our list can help you avoid putting too much oil or butter in your food. And if you like gourmet meals, soups, recipes with sauces, juices, spices, and other liquids, then you’re recommended to get an electric skillet with high walls.

So remember these tips and suggestions whenever you’re looking closer at each of the electric skillets in our list. This way, you’ll be able to pinpoint the most suitable product that exactly matches your parameters, habits, and preferences.

And keep in mind, the best electric skillet is a product that gives you all the benefits that you expect from it. This means you should be more than willing to pay the right price for the value that you want to gain from using that particular electric skillet. Plus, you wouldn’t want to constantly replace your electric skillet. So don’t forget to factor in the warranty of the product before purchasing it.