5 Best Electric Wine Openers For Your Kitchen

Are you throwing out a party? It is best that you also have an electric wine opener. It’s not all about impressing your guest but eliminating pitfalls when you uncork the wine bottle and not spoiling the mood in the party. The electric wine opener will do the job and the wine can be served fast, with the intact cork that can place back later.

Best Electric Wine OpenerSince the electric wine opener is super affordable, many parties and wine lovers do not mind spending dollars on it in exchange for the ease and comfort it can do in opening the cork of the wine. We have checked several electric wine openers in the market and here is the top best rank to our bet.

Electric Wine Opener Center

The electric wine opener that enlisted here is the best wine opener that we had found it the market. The recommended list below is all cordless with beautiful sleek stainless design and a good grip for an easy handle. For every party goer and wine lover, the mood of the party is not only the things that they’ve observed. Even the way the host serves the wine and they really would appreciate if the host will invest a few dollars in an attractive and useful electric wine opener. Some of the handles of the electric wine opener are transparent and with an LED light that could better complement for the bar.

When uncorking bottle wines, this is not really much given an issue but we believe that wit everything beautifully fit, functional and transparent one can easily troubleshoot if they’d seen some fault on the mechanism but for others who like the guessing part, there are also electric wine openers for you. The electric wine openers here are cordless, that is why it is neat-looking appliance addition on our bar and kitchen.

For personal or home use, the electric wine opener will not only give elegance to the way you can serve wine to your visitor, it will reflect how perfect you can hold a party on your own, For business use, the electric wine opener also never fails most bar owners since it is durable and long-lasting. The materials used for manufacturing it were carefully selected to give it an aesthetic appearance and a very function yet easy operation-function with push-button.

#1 – Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller

The metallic collar is impressive and will easily get the appreciation of the customers. Mostly in the bar, the customer will look at how the bartender will uncork and serve the wine. With the Oster electric wine opener, even if the bartender that we hired is just a newly graduate, since we are opted to get those with lesser experience to save on wages in our startup bar business, this does not give us any troubles. It has a professional and smooth design.

We are glad that this electric wine opener comes with the foil cutter, there is no need for the bartender to keep a sharp knife to cut the seal of the wine since it has a foil cutter, The Oster electric wine opener can open an estimate of thirty to thirty-five bottles before we noticed that it needs to be recharged again. It is not difficult to use, too. One will just literally put it over the cork and press its button.

Everything is done for you, fast and easy! Starting a bar business when you had the little-invested capital for tools and gadgets to use, this is a real relief. We can able to stretch the value of our money rather than buy other expensive electric wine openers that seemingly work the same. Since we do not have trouble and problem using this Oster electric wine opener, we give our best review for this product.

Honestly, we hadn’t written the review yet until it was six months on our hands so to prove that in case there is trouble and problem we encounter we can add it on our review but as far as we experienced, it is all right. We really had thought it would fail us after a few months of use, but we are grateful that even at little investment we were able to get a helping tool in a very budget-friendly term.

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#2 – Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener

Secura Electric Wine Opener, Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener with Foil Cutter, Rechargeable (Stainless Steel)

We had been using the Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel electric wine opener that is purchased five years ago since we shifted to another city and had left the first wine opener that we had bought, but it still works well. It is such a help especially when there is a guest coming to our house for a sudden meeting, and we had to open a bottle of wine after to relax. That is why it is number one in our enlisted as the best electric wine opener because we love everything about this item.

The material is durable, ours never get rust or malfunctions even though we keep using it, even abusing at times. The presentation of the packages from the time we remember receiving this item is very neat; you will not get ashamed to gift it to your other friends who also had a bar in their house. The package box for this item includes the foil cutter, the base, the adapter, and the wine opener.

Unlike our first wine opener that has to be plugged in, this type is cordless. It does not need a reminder to charge it every now and when it is in use or charging the blue light will on, you can unplug it too if you do not want the light. If the countertop of your bar is granite or clean tile, this unit complements well and it has so many torques for effortless uncorking of wine bottles. From sleek flawless design to its functional, everything with this unit is easy, beautiful, and manageable.

No need to stress out and di manual opening of a wine bottle, just buy this SECURA electric wine opener with foil cutter. We are love to spend money on the wine itself, it works fine if we do not go through hassle fishing out the cork in opening the bottle and investing few dollars for an electric wine opener is a must.

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#3 – Ozeri Nouveaux ll Electric Wine Opener

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener in Black, with Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Stopper

Our first intention in buying in this product is to check it out and then send it as a gift to a friend, but ever since we tried it we end up loving it. Not all of us in the house are experts in uncorking the bottle wine but with this item we had, everything is easy and hassle-free. One of our family members here no longer needs assistance in opening the wine bottle since the application or process of operating can be handled on their own, and we all at ease that one of the family members will unintentionally break it. It ended up in our house and had to order again to gift to a friend.

As for the design, it is awesome! Actually, we got the red one and it adds fire when you use it at a party. This item beautifully matches the elegance and mood that set in the atmosphere. As a regular party-goer, we often appreciate when our host opens the wine bottle with a gadget like this, it added some kind of class but hey, it is very functional and useful!

It is good that we had never been swayed on our decision before to get this item since we also read negative reviews about this item on the site, now we discovered they are all wrong and we are really happy and satisfied with the product. Cheers!

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#4 – Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener With Charger

Electric Wine Opener Set with Charger and Batteries- Wine Lover Gift Set - Birthday Wedding Anniversary Holiday Kit with Batteries and Foil Cutter Uncle Viner G105

As an occasional drinker, we love to have wine once in a while but both of us never thought that there is a cool gadget that could replace manual uncorking for wine bottles. Our first discovery for this item was when a friend sent us a gift; it was really awesome and makes our leisure time a pleasurable experience. Everything is already in the box, one can immediately use it that is what exactly happens since we received this gift to our anniversary and so we used it after opening the box. To our delight, we had able to skip the difficulty and hassle of uncorking bottle wines. When asking a friend about the price, we are really amazed since it is super affordable.

Our second thought on the operation, well, we are not a pro in wine mixing and bartending but this item is easy to use. The design is super sexy and we were able to uncork all bottle wines we drunk on the party without interruption of trouble and other things but we’ve learned that this electric wine opener needs to be recharged.

At the party, it never fails us even if we had open too many wines since guests and visitors are flooding. This is just a wonderful addition to our mini bar at home. Starting that day, we no longer had trouble uncorking the wine. Sometimes when we mistakenly uncork it, the edge breaks, its fit is no longer the same as it was unopened yet.

That is why we really love having this gift, even recommended it to our other family members who had been used to manual uncorking. It is not really so expensive, really, even if it does, it is still worth it. The one who invented this item is a super genius. The design is so approving, it stands elegantly and so exquisite!

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#5 – Wine Enthusiast Blue Push-Button Corkscrew

Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew, Black

We had used it on our startup bar and we are so surprised how it caught the attention of our customers with its blue light on as you uncorked the bottles. It makes uncorking less mess and super convenient to use. The foil cutter was added and it can sit fitly in its base. Working in the bar and dealing with the picky and high-end customers can be a challenge. We opted to give the best services in bartending and this electric wine opener assist in our work well.

The base is made of plastic material with a foil cutter on it, you have to plug the charger into the device. When not in use, it can just be left seated on its base, and will not be misplaced or consume so much space on the counter.

It is also made from superlight materials; the handle is fit on hand for easy grip. It works well on plastic and wooden cork and will not stick on the barrel, there is no mess, and no need to get a cutter to wedge out the cork that sometimes we did on the manual uncorking process. The other thing we notice about this product is the nice and smooth design, suitable to give as a present for wine-loving people. We had used an electric wine opener before and often times it fails when we uncorked fake or plastic cork.

It is a good business investment that we had made so far and would really recommend it to the bar owner and the home buddy who loves wine. In fact, our old electric wine opener was a bit expensive than this item and yet the performance is just the same. We save a lot on our purchase for this product and would never buy again the model that we had in the past.

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What do We like About Best Electric Wine Opener?

All of the top five electric wine openers that we presented here are the best in our review since they have a stylish design that both perfect for home and business. These models that we picked were not only looking cool, but it is also easy to handle and use too. The grip handle is fit on your hand and it can be seated on its base. There is no manual corking on wine bottles with these electric wine openers!

Which is the best electric wine opener brand?

How We Choose The Best Electric Wine Opener?

Plastic and wooden cork can be both troublesome if you uncork it manually and without the use of the electric wine opener. In addition to that, it can also spoil the atmosphere if being a host to the party; you will wrestle on the cork because you do not have an electric wine opener at hand; we had made our selection and ranking it from the very least to top. With the top five electric wine openers posted in here, these are the category that we serve our guide in selecting them:

Easy Pull Application

Trials and thorough reviews had been made among the models of different electric wine openers. Those models that passed the excellence on easy pull gets the high score for this category. The electric wine opener that had gathered best scores are among the top five best wine openers reviews posted above and those model or type of electric wine opener truly deserves its ranking.

Stylish Design

Linked to the innovation of purposes, that is why gadgets are invented but look should not be compromised. The electric wine opener must not only presentable but also look cool on the outside to grab attention.


These are the electric wine openers that are typically cordless with added foil cutter. This will ultimately function for its purpose on opening the seal of the wine, then uncork it with the electric wine opener. There may be an added plus if we found something rare on the type or model of an electric wine opener. Check above our top best electric wine opener review.

Why You Need An Electric Wine Opener?

An electric wine opener is a gadget that assists you in opening the cork; both plastic and wooden, for a lesser mess and for convenience. You need to place it over the cork and pressed the button to extract the cork, but some people thought that it is just a fancy to buy this item. Here are the top reasons why you should consider getting one for your own use.

First, with an electric wine opener, the cork will come out extracted in the same shape. There is no break or damage on the edge so you can put it back on the wine bottle.

Next, convenience is an added factor why you must have it. Though we can really manually remove the cork of the wine, to make it easier and less messy process in serving our guests and visitors at the party, we should have the electric wine opener.

Lastly, it can prevent incidents like spills when you wrestle on the neck of the bottle. Have it placed on the outer top of the wooden or synthetic cork and press the button and the cork will be extracted in a few seconds. No hassle, no mess. It is all neatly done for you. You had also pristinely kept the essence of the party to enjoy, and your guest will not be disturbed on the way you remove the cork of the wine bottle. Don’t think it is a waste investing on this gadget, it is super affordable and worth it!

Note: these won’t work on bottles or jars. For that, you’ll need a bottle opener or jar opener.