5 Best Flasks for your Kitchen


A flask is a container that is used to store liquids such as water, tea, coffee, milk or other similar items.. but mostly alcohol! These containers are usually insulating in nature and they help keep hot liquids hot or cold liquids cold. These are used mainly at the time of travel or during the parceling of the liquid. Many people refer to these containers as vacuum flasks or thermos. The interior of the flask comprises of vacuum and that is why, it is so called.

The flask prevents heat loss and blocks all three modes of heat transfer from taking place, namely conduction, convection and radiation. The interior comprises of vacuum and no material medium is present due to which conduction cannot take place. The lid prevents heat loss by convection, or the convection currents are stopped. The interior surface of the flask is usually silvered which makes it a good reflecting surface to keep the heat trapped within and prevent it from escaping via radiations.

Some of the best flasks for the kitchen are as follows:

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#1 – Simpler Life 8oz Gold Hip Flask Gift Set

Simpler Life 8oz Gold Hip Flask Gift Set product image

The Simpler Life flask set is available in three different colours. These colours include plain gold, engraved gold and silver. Instead of carrying a dull flask which is not attractive at all, it is much better to carry a gold or silver plated flask that is appealing to look at and a symbol of luxury. These flasks are an excellent mark or sign of craftsmanship and decorative skill set.  This flask is made up of stainless steel. This material is corrosion free or rust free and quite durable in nature. As such, the flask remains intact for quite a long period. It does not stain as well and hence, the looks remain approximately the same for a long time. This model definitely stand out as compared to other flasks available in the market. The flask is leak proof and designed in a way which makes it easy to carry the flask in the pocket as well. The design suits all genders and almost all age groups or generations as well. The engraving on the outer surface of the flask gives the entire container an impressive and stylish look.

This model is one of the best hip flask available in the market. It is a wonderful gift that one can give any person and on any occasion as well. The flask weighs around five ounces when empty and slightly more when filled. Most hip flask reviews rate this product quite high and positive feedbacks are also obtained. In order to clean the flask, the user ought to wash it or rinse it with warm water and wipe the entire flask dry with a piece of cloth.

What we like about it:

The makers or manufacturers of this flask laid a great amount of emphasis on the looks of the model. Apart from personal use, the flask is also a good choice for gifting others. The company that produces these flasks is quite a reputed one that has gained a great name and position for itself with its prior products and their phenomenal performance. Apart from just water, other drinks like tea, coffee or alcoholic beverages like whiskey can also be stored in it without damaging the material used in the making of the flask.

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#2 – Primo Liquor Flasks 8oz Stainless Steel

Primo Liquor Flasks 8oz Stainless Steel product image

The Primo Liquor Flask is available in two different sizes. One having the 8oz capacity while the other having a capacity of 6oz. These models are available in different colours as well.  The different colours available include black, brown, white and silver. Some of them also come with statements engraved on them. The leather covering is one of the striking features of the flask. The leather too is available in different colours. It gives the flask an interesting look or appearance and is appreciated by many people. The rough texture on these leather casings provides an extra grip for the user that is holding the particular flask. Rust proof stainless steel is used in the making of this flask. It is the best whiskey flask according to many individuals. It contains laser joined edges which is tested and it ensured that the flask is indeed leak proof.

This heavy duty flask is about fifty percent thicker than most other normal flasks. A funnel is also provided that makes it easy to fill the funnel with its respective contents. Hence, no liquid is dropped out during the filling process and as such no wastage takes place. A decorative gift box can be used, which is provided with the flask itself on purchase while gifting the flask to somebody else. The stylish copper cap of this flask can be easily removed and fit back on and hence not much human effort is spent. Superior quality material is used in the making of these flasks so that no toxic substances are released that contaminate the liquid contained within.

What we like about it:

One can tell just by looking at the flask or holding it in the hand that it is a durable product that is made to last for a long time. By ordering this product online, certain incentives and bonuses are also provided along with a discount. The soft leather covering also provides protection to some extent. If the flask fall down for instance, the inner parts will not face much impact as most of the impact will be absorbed by the leather covering itself. This leather covering is also removable, in case somebody does not want to use it.

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#3 – Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask

Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask product image

The Stanley Adventure flask is available in a 5 ounces and 8 ounces sizes. The purchaser is free to choose the size he or she wants. Two different colours are available in the market namely green and black. The design of the flask is such that it gives it a very sporty and adventure type of look which is praised or appreciated by many, specially the sports or adventure junkies. These vacuum bottles are indeed rust proof and hence, no such components are formed that contaminate the contents within or destroy the flask itself. They are BPA free as well, which adds to the different plus points or pros of these flasks. A Hammer tone coating is provided which enhances the durability and due to this, one can even bang and hit the flask and it is least likely to break.

A wide mouth is provided to this flask which facilitates the filling and emptying process. In order to make the liquid contained within cold, ice cubes or blocks can also be added. They need not be crushed and then dropped in. The integrated lanyard ensures that the cap of the flask mouth is never lost as the flask loses its entire functionality and importance if even one of the parts, such as the lid is lost. According to a few flask reviews, the Stanley adventure flask is one of the best flask for alcohol. The flask is shaped and sized in order to fit in the palm and it is extremely easily to hold the flask in one single hand. It is best suited for males as well as females.

What we like about it:

It is that model of a flask which an individual can carry anywhere he or she wants, including an adventure camp. This steel flask does not require much maintenance apart from washing. The cap of the flask is also easy to open. One needs to apply very little force and pull the cap in order to open it. A slight push is also sufficient to close it. Hence, the flask is quite user friendly and not much effort is exhausted while using it. It is extremely portable and can be carried from one place to another easily.

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#4 – OUTZIE American Flag Flask

OUTZIE American Flag Flask product image

Just because the OUTZIE flask contains the American flag engraved on it, it does not mean that other people or people from other countries cannot use this flask or should refrain from using it. This model is available only in one size, the 8oz size and one colour, namely black. Food grade stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of this flask. This grade of stainless steel is the same material used in the making of other kitchen utensils, which is extremely safe to use. The entire flask is leak proof and the liquid once filled in, remains within unless emptied purposely via the mouth by the user. A funnel is provided with the entire set which can be used during the filling process of the flask. Due to the flask, no liquid is spilt out and it enhances the leak proof nature of the flask. The cap too is made up of metal with a seal to ensure no dripping of liquid. All the material or components gone into the making of this flask is light weight. This is why the user does not fill heaviness even when it is completely filled with liquid.

The leather covering for the flask gives it an adventurous look. Apart from added protection, it also enhances the insulation of the entire flask. The shape is curved so that it can easily be held by hand. It fits in the pocket or bag quite accurately as well. The flask is ideal for outdoor activity, especially adventurous ones like camping and trekking. The waiting period for the delivery is also not much and fast production with delivery services is a major advantage.

What we like about it:

The company offers a lifetime limited warranty along with the flask. A hundred percent cashback offer if the user is not satisfied with the product is also established. This portrays the amount of faith the company has in its products. This greatly impresses the buyers who tend to buy these products. Quite a few whiskey flask reviews rate these models high not only for its amazing appearance or looks but also its functionality. It is an excellent example of value for money.

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#5 – Future Hydrate Premium 8 oz Black Flask

Future Hydrate Premium 8 oz Black Flask product image

Available in two different colours, namely matte black and plain stainless steel, this model has gained great praise over the years for its looks or appearance and usability. The entire set includes a funnel which can be used while filling the flask with the particular liquid without spilling. The flask as well as the funnel is made up of the highest grade of stainless steel which is leak proof and rust proof as well. This 8oz sized flask also comes with a special gift box in which the flask can be placed while gifting it to other personnel. The different joints and edges of the flask are sealed with the help of laser and is tested for leaks of any sort. A swing arm is available for the cap which ensures that the cap is never lost. The design of the flask is a curved one which gives it a stylish look and also makes it easy to hold.

This eco-friendly and BPA free flask is a must in order to maintain the health standards of an individual. The entire piece and design is made with great precision and it is bound to deliver satisfaction. The workmanship or craftsmanship gone into the making of this flask is definitely praise worthy. It is considered as the best flask to carry during an adventure or travel. While it can be used to store hot beverages as well, people mostly use it to store alcoholic drinks. They usually drink it directly via the flask and there is no need of pouring into a separate glass before consumption.

What we like about it:

The matte finish provided to this flask gives it a classic and appreciable look. It is quite appealing and pleasing to the eye as well. A lifetime warranty and cent percent satisfaction is guaranteed. If the user is not satisfied, the company returns all his or her money without asking any questions.  The drink does not acquire a metal taste even if stored in the flask for a long time. Certain engraved flasks are available of this kind which too look extremely appealing.

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How we choose the best flasks in our list

A great deal of efforts and patience has gone into the making of the review. The market was visited and quite a few online shopping websites were also visited to draw a list of the different flasks that can be considered as the best. A committee comprising of several experts was then hired and each expert was assigned a particular product which he or she had to review. These reviews were collected after a brief time interval and the observations were noted down. These reviews focussed mainly on the technical aspects. Another group of users was made who too, were assigned one product each to review. These reviews focussed mainly on the usability and design. These reviews were collected after some time and were noted down as well. Finally, the two drafts were clubbed together to obtain the final review that is published above. The review focussed on different aspects such as

  • Material used– the material used in the making of the flask should be durable and of good or superior quality. Nobody would want a flask that deteriorates quite easily.
  • Company or manufacturers– the company that produces the flask should be a well-known and well reputed one. It should provide the customers with good products which definitely provide good service and are maintenance free.
  • Pricing- the products should be appropriately priced. Nobody prefers or buys overpriced products as the value for money is something everybody stresses on.
  • Size– the size should be apt and the product should be portable. Some of the flasks are easy to hold and they fit in the pocket as well.

A great amount of care was taken in order to ensure that each and every aspect was covered in the review. The review does not establish a relative ranking system but it only aims at providing the buyers with the exact information they are looking for. It is important that the particular user takes well informed decisions.

Different types of flasks

Flasks form important components of the storage facilities available in the kitchen. They are used to store liquids and maintain their temperature or thermodynamic state. While some of them ought to be kept outside, others can be placed in refrigerated conditions as well. The flasks can mainly be classified into different types depending on the material used in the production or the type of liquid stored in it. Some of the important types of flasks are as follows:

  • Soup flasks are used mainly to store hot soup. These are slightly different from alcohol flasks. The soup flasks are made up of material that is more capable of withstanding high temperatures whereas alcohol flasks cannot withstand such high temperatures and tend to crack.
  • Soup flasks will have specially designed caps which serve as a cup as well. The soup can be poured into this cap and consumed. In case of alcohol flasks, the user can directly drink from the flask itself without the requirement of a cap for this purpose.
  • Soup flasks usually have greater capacity as compared to alcohol flasks.
  • Silver flasks are also very popular. It is believed that the silver used in making the flask enhances the taste of the alcohol. The pure silver flasks are quite expensive. This is why, impure silver is bought by many individuals.
  • Stainless steel flasks are the most popular ones available and bought in the market or online today. They are rust proof and stain proof as well.

It is important for each buyer to know about the different types of flasks and the options available to him or her. Only after knowing the pros and cons of the different types of flasks, should an individual take the important decision.

Why you need the best flask in your kitchen

Flasks are indeed very handy products for storage purposes. These are bought using the buyer’s hard earned money, who definitely is expecting great service from these products. The liquid that is stored inside the flask is consumed by the user and hence, it is important that the liquid does not get contaminated. If it does get contaminated due to any reason, the health of the consumer might get adversely affected.

Some of the important uses of a flask include

  • Storing hot beverages like soup, tea, coffee or hot milk.
  • Cold beverages can also be stored.
  • Water storage is an important function of these flasks.
  • The insulating properties of the flasks help keep hot water hot and cold water cold for a long period of time.
  • It is an important or integral part of adventure sports, which involves the consumption of large amounts of water in order to deal with thirst and dehydration.
  • The travellers in the desert too use these flasks to carry water with them due to the scarcity of water in the desert.
  • Not just on the move but it can be used to store liquids at home in the kitchen as well.

The flasks when kept in the kitchen are observed or looked at by several individuals and other visitors that visit the home. As such, the flasks should look good as well. This is why the appearance of the products is also considered as an important aspect in this review.

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