4 Best Gas Cooktops for your Kitchen

5 Best Gas Cooktops For Your KitchenYes, your Omelette Pan is important, and so is your Panini Press, no one is denying that, but what’s the one thing that has to be in every kitchen? That’s right, a cooktop!

Although preferences differ for every category, we still prefer gas cooktops over any other type. They’re practical, easy to use, and excellent for any kind of cooking. What else could you ask for?

Get a good gas cooktop, a nice Coffee Maker, and a complete Dinnerware Set, and you’ve got yourself a kitchen that can take on any recipe you throw at it.

We genuinely love gas cooktops for a couple of reasons. The first is that these cooktops give instant heat, which proves useful when you’re preparing a spicy meal from your Indian Cookbook. Besides, gas cooktops are space-efficient and can be quickly moved from one place to another, and give a professional look to kitchens, especially when paired with a Sous Vide Machine or a Pressure Cooker.

The problem is, there isn’t a single type of cooktops, nor is choosing one easy. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered as in this article, we break down the criteria that you need to focus on while making your choice and we present a list that we’ve compiled a list of the best cooktops money can get you in 2018.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 4 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Empava 30″ 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Gas Stove Cooktop

Empava 30" 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Gas Stove Cooktop Stainless Steel EMPV-30GC5B70C, 30 Inch

Empava is a well- established brand in this industry, and its customers have been praising the quality of their cooktops for years. The EMPV-30GC5B70C is no different as it has 5 sealed burners, heavy-duty control knobs thanks to which the product is durable, and cast iron continuous grates to ensure a smooth movement of your pans from one heater to the other.

Its average BTUs is about 12.000. The highest heat output reaches 12.000 BTUs, while the lowest amount to 4.400 BTUs. To give you a better picture, note that the average BTUs in other cooktops range from 7.000 to 9.000.

As for the size, its width is 20” for the full width and 30” for the cutout measurement. Its surface is adorable and helpful since it is smooth, simple and free of hard areas, which facilitates the cleaning task.

To be fair, some users reported that the central burner is the only one that provides high heat levels, while the rest are average. We don’t know how legit that is though, so if you get a faulty cooktop to contact the company immediately for a replacement, as Bosh offers a one-year warranty on this product.

What we like about it

The aspect that we dig the most is the fact that cleaning the EMPV-30GC5B70C is as easy as pie since there aren’t any hard or out-of-reach areas. Besides, the cooktop has an excellent 12.000-BTU output, which makes it perfect for any type of food. Get your Food Chopper and Wine Opener, it’s time to prepare a fancy dinner with your new cooktop.

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#2 – Frigidaire FGGC304.7QS 30 Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire Fggc304.7qs 30 Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop Product Image

Unlike the previous models, this one is smaller, with 28” ½ cutout width and 19” ¾ cutout depth, making it a perfect choice for those with a small kitchen. The outer look of this cooktop is astonishing and fancy, which is expected from a product from Frigidaire.

It contains 5 burners. The small heaters produce around 7.000 BTUs, while the center and big ones 18.000 BTUs. Interestingly, the center burner boils water quite quickly but is difficult to turn on.

The knobs are sturdy and metallic, but their paint can fade in less than a year.

Cast-iron grates come in three parts: one in the middle and two on the side.

What we like about it

First, it’s cheap, second, it’s storage-effective, and third, it’s practical as there are no spots for stains to hide in thanks to the versatile design of the cooktop. Besides, the knobs are robust and sturdy, and the cooktop comes with a standard one-year warranty.

And if you want to create a great song of ice and fire, get yourself a Frigidaire gas cooktop along with an Ice Cream Maker, as they form a harmonious combination.

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#3 – Bosch NGM8055UC 800 30” Sealed Burner Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop:

Bosch Ngm8055uc 800 30 Sealed Burner Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop Product Image

This model is suitable for small cooking spaces, as it has a cutout width of 28” and a cutout depth of 21 ¼”. Like the previous Bosch model mentioned above, its knobs are metal, heavy-duty and removable, so this cooktop I bound to lay in your kitchen for a long time.

It contains 5 burners: two with 5.000 BTUs output, two with 10.000 and one around 18.000. However, there is a severe problem. The small heaters are very weak, and the high one may burn the surface, as it is too sleek and delicate.

What we like about it

As someone who loves trying things from his Wok Cookbook, a cooktop is a necessity, and the 4.Bosch NGM8055UC fits the bill as it has a robust build, a versatile design, and grates that connect correctly for proper functionality. Besides, Bosch offers a one-year warranty; so you’re safe during your first 12 months of usage.

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#4 – GE JGP3030SLSS 30 Inch Gas Cooktop

GE JGP3030SLSS 30 Inch Gas Cooktop with MAX System, Power Broil, Simmer, Continuous Grates, Sealed Burners and ADA Compliant

This is one of the best good-looking gas cooktops, and the top space-savers as well, as the cutout width is 33 7/8” and the depth is 11”. It has four burners: two 5.000 BTU burners, one 9.500, one with 12.000, and the highest with 15.000.

The knobs are made from die-cast metal and could be put in the dishwasher.

The grates have a slightly curved shape, which contributes to its aesthetic appeal, and are made of heavy cast iron. And they’re in a way that makes sliding pans from one burner to the other straightforward and smooth.

What we like about it

The cooktop features a deep-set pan that catches all the spills which make cleaning way easier and Garbage Disposal more comfortable. Besides, the knobs are dishwasher-safe which makes the process even more comfortable.

On the other hand, GE’s technical support team is one of the best in the world as they aim at satisfying customers, and they offer a one-year warranty for this cooktop, so that’s an extra guarantee when it comes to quality.

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The Winner:

Considering how many features they have, choosing the best cooktop amongst the above suggestions was a hard task. After hours of research, we can safely say that Empava 36″ is the best one. Its 20.000 BTUs makes it one of the most powerful and highly recommended gas cooktop. Besides, the price is pretty reasonable which makes it a perfect fit for any chef, aspiring or professional.

The other cooktops are excellent choices as well, as we’ve narrowed the list down from thousands of products, so rest assured as whatever product you choose to get, you’ll surely be satisfied.

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Things to consider before buying a gas cooktop

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing any kitchen item, and gas cooktops are no different. Although it may appear the simplest task to do without requiring much of your thinking, there are crucial things, if overlooked may result in a constant nuisance.

There are many types of gas cooktops and being exposed to variable choices may generate some problems to worry about.

I, therefore, list for you the most important characteristics that you should know and consider, to make your purchasing process easier and simpler!


As evident as this factor is, some people still -consciously or unconsciously- neglect it.

The first thing to be done before going to the market is measuring the free space you have available, to be able to choose a fitting cooktop. You don’t want to stack your Egg Cooker or Vacuum Sealer on top of your fridge in order to fit the cooktop.

It is also important that you mind the size of your range hood, for it should be more significant than the cooktop. Cooktops sizes generally range from 22 to 37 inches.


We cannot avoid spills when cooking, and sometimes they are hard to remove. To prevent a hard time scrubbing and keep the surface clean, it is recommended to purchase a cooktop with a spill catchment area. This would only allow little “dirt traps” and save you a lot of time.

Number and Output of Burners:

Gas cooktops have a different number of burners, each produces a different heat output.

BTU (British Thermal Units) is the unit by which the heat is measured.

BTUs differ in number in each burner. The amount generally ranges from 3.000 to 20.000.

Sealed or open burners:

There are two types of heaters: they are either sealed or open.

Open burners:

This is commercial chefs’ best type and often described as professional looking. They are growing more popular in high-residential kitchens.

Open burners have the components exposed and also have removable drip trays which can be clean after each use.  Typically, open heaters produce around 9.000 BTUs, but over 20.000 for the commercial variant.

Sealed burners:

They are the most used in residential kitchens. The stove and the flame are separated by a seal, thus there is less chance for spills and crumbs to fall onto the fire since the components are more or less well-covered. They are easier to clean than their open burners counterpart. Small sealed burners produce around 5.000 BTUs.

Both have equally advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on your priorities and preferences. If you uncompromisingly hate cleaning and want to avoid dirt as much as possible, then you’d better opt for the sealed burner. If you put much importance on efficiency, an open burner is the best choice for you.

Personally, I would prefer open burners, but I can’t make a choice for you, so read the details carefully before making a decision.


Grates are the metal bars, which hold the pans and cover most of the cooktop. The number of stoves vary from one or two, large pieces to several small pieces, one per burner.

They can be fabricated by cast iron, stainless steel, or enamel. Enamel is the easiest to clean.


Control knobs should not be overlooked as they are crucially important for durability. Surprisingly, many people neglect it.

They should preferably be made from metal or any other quality material to be as durable as possible.

A crossbar knob is the most recommended, being comfortable to hold. Another factor to be taken into consideration is a clear pointer. As the color is most likely to vanish through time, you’d better opt for an etched pointer.


It is vital that you are knowledgeable of the warranty time-length, for anything can happen at any given moment. Generally, it is a one-year warranty, and guarantees covering of any defect or accident.

What are you waiting for? Everything is laid down in front of you. Make your choice, get your gas cooktop and put that Muffin Pan of yours to good use!


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