5 Best Ginsu Knives for your Kitchen

5 Best Ginsu Knives For Your KitchenIf you’ve ever been in the “Knives and Blades” aisle of Home Depot, you certainly know that knives are anything but cheap. Have you seen the prices of Wusthof Knives and Shun Knives? Moreover, if you’re just starting out in the culinary world, you may find it hard to justify spending a few hundred bucks on a knife set. Nevertheless, you still need a decent knife set if you want to cook, no matter your level of experience.

Sure, a fancy, expensive knife can allow access to some pretty advanced cutting techniques, and while cheap knives may seem like a far cry for some people, it’s essential to note that a skilled chef can get by with a cheap set of knives, at least at the beginning. Many manufacturers offer pretty good affordable blades, such as Dalstrong Knives and Cangshan Knives, but when it comes to cheap quality, no brand can rival Ginsu, which brings us to our must-read Ginsu knife review. So, are Ginsu knives good?

Without further ado, let’s get to the list of the best Ginsu knives.

Ginsu Knives Review Center 2021

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 12-Piece Japanese Steel Knife Set

Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 12 Piece Japanese Steel Knife Set Product Image

Topping our list is Ginsu’s 5-time Consumer Report “Best Buy”, which is a pretty solid option for any household. Sure, it’s not the company’s cheapest set, but it’s still very cost-efficient, and the balance between the price and the quality that it offers makes it a real bargain that you shouldn’t miss.

The set includes a Chef’s Knife, Santoku, Serrated Utility Knife, Kitchen Utility Knife, Paring Knife, and Four Steak Knives that you can add to your Steak Knife Sets. For the extras, the set contains a Honing Rod along with Shears, all in a chic Toffee Finish Block that would surely add a nice touch to your kitchen counter.

Although cheap, the blades in this Ginsu set are forged, not stamped, meaning that each blade is crafted using a set of techniques that increase both sharpness and durability. As for the material, Ginsu uses 420J Japanese Stainless steel, which, although softer than you’d want in a high-end set, can last for a lifetime if you take care of your blades properly.

It’s worth noting that the Chikara knife block comes with fine edge knives, which means that they require frequent sharpening using the included honing rod. While that may seem inconvenient, should you take care of your blades and sharpen them properly, they’re bound to hold an edge for long.

As for the handles, they are made of POM and are ergonomically designed to give you a firm and comfortable grip no matter how long you’re using it for.

What we like about it

The Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Knife set includes terrific knives and comes at an impressively affordable price. It provides a good balance between price and quality, which can prove to be hard to find in other brands. These knives will hold their edge and stay sharp with a just a little bit of maintenance, making them a great addition to your cutlery collection and an excellent way to enter the culinary world on the right foot.

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#2 – Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 8-Piece Japanese Steel Knife Set

Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 8 Piece Japanese Steel Knife Set Product Image

Another great set from Ginsu’s Chikara series, which includes all the essentials that you need at the beginning of your culinary journey or if you want a secondary set to extend your cutlery arsenal. Just like the first collection on our Ginsu Chikara review, this fine product features forged blades, which should give you enough peace of mind before delving into the review.

Five knives are included in the set, which is more than enough for a new cook: a Chef’s Knife, Santoku, Utility Knife, Paring Knife, and a Serrated Utility Knife, along with a Honing rod for maintenance and super-sharp Kitchen Shears for various small cutting tasks around the kitchen. All of the items can be nicely put together in the included sophisticated Bamboo Finish Bloc.

The blades work pretty well for knives in this price range. Not only are they super sharp out of the box and can hold their edge for long, but they are also well-balanced thanks to the full tang design for an effortless cutting every time. They are, as mentioned above, forged, not stamped, which means that they are made of a thick, folded metal and can last for as long as you’re taking care of them properly.

The handles on these knives are well-balanced and comfortable thanks to the ergonomic round design, which makes using the blades quite a pleasure rather than a laborious task.

To give your knives the longevity they deserve, make sure to hand wash and dry them after every use.

What we like about it

Granted, these knives cannot compete with high-end, super expensive blades from other brands, but you’re really getting the bang for your dollar here, as this is a set that includes all the knives you need, with forged stainless-steel blades and ergonomically-designed, comfortable handles. Quite the combo if you ask us. All the knives work perfectly, and the included shears are just the cherry on top as they are exceptionally sharp, which we didn’t expect. If you’re not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a single fancy knife, this set is worth considering.

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#3 – Ginsu Essential Series 14-Piece Stainless Steel Serrated Knife Set

Ginsu Essential Series 14 Piece Stainless Steel Serrated Knife Set Product Image

Seeing Ginsu’s from the Essential line was a fluke, but the specs impressed us, so we had to add it to our Ginsu knife set reviews with a few more expensive collections. How could anything this low-priced be worthwhile?

Ginsu’s big set includes everything you need to kickstart your cooking journey, including a Chef’s Knife, Santoku, Utility Knife, Slicing and Carving Knife, Paring Knife, Boning Knife, Six Steak Knives, and Kitchen Shears, all organized in one of the best natural Knife Blocks.

Most of the stamped, satin-finished stainless steel blades in this set are serrated, making them so darn tricky to sharpen, even if you have enough patience, time, and tools. Nevertheless, these knives can cut greatly without being sharpened, because the serration makes up for the fact that they are dull. If you dread taking care of your cutlery items, this might just be the set for you.

The Santoku blade included in the set cuts pretty well for a knife in this price range, even though it’s made out of reasonably cheap stainless steel. Just make sure to sharpen it to a fine angle using a proper Knife Sharpener, be it a Sharpening Steel or a Sharpening Stone.

Along with the full tang blades, these knives boast ergonomically-designed handles that can give you a firm and comfortable grip for hours on end. They are also suitable for both right-handed and left-handed cooks, making them quite a convenient addition.

What we like about it:

The best part of this set is definitely the price. For a beginner in the culinary world, the costs of different cutlery items may seem terrifying, so it’s nice to see a manufacturer putting in the effort to produce decent quality knives at affordable prices. Granted, you’re not getting a super high-quality set here, but it definitely lives up for the price you’re paying. If you’re on a budget and need a secondary knife set for diversification and small cutting tasks, look no further than the Ginsu Essential Series 14-Piece Knife Set.

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#4 – Ginsu Essential Series 6-Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knives Set

Ginsu Essential Series 6 Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knives Set Product Image

Do you know what my old man used to say? He says “Son, if you want to get the girls, you need a fancy set of steak knives”. Although that’s a bit of an exaggeration, steak knives are still a fundamental part of any cutlery arsenal, especially for those who like to have parties and gatherings. Ginsu has a really nice set in this category, one that’s affordable, efficient, and easy to maintain.

What’s remarkable about the Ginsu Essential Series 6-Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knives Set is the fact that all the 4.5″ knives come sharp out of the box, and they don’t require much attention as they are serrated following a dual Scalloped Serration pattern that makes cutting through steak a breeze. What adds to the convenience is that the knives are dishwasher-safe, which makes them quite the gift for those who dread hand-washing their kitchen utensils. No rusting, no spotting, no inconvenience, just straight-up quality, and safety.

The blades feature a full tang design and are made of Stainless Steel, which, although not as good as Japanese or high carbon steel, is still quite durable and robust.

The handles are triple-riveted, making them quite comfortable for a firm and comfy grip when you’re cutting your meat and prepping for your gatherings.

All in all, this is a great steak knife set that would undoubtedly make for an excellent addition to your Meat Slicers, Meat Cleaver, and Meat Tenderizers.

What we like about it:

This is honestly a no-brainer for the price you’re paying. Not only are these knives super sharp, but they are also durable and easy to clean and maintain. Just pop them in the dishwasher and voila, you’re good to go with your day. Of course, you shouldn’t compare these knives to high-end items from other brands, but if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with Ginsu’s steak knife set as it checks all the boxes when it comes to meat cutting.

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#5 – Ginsu Essential Series 10-Piece Stainless Steel Serrated Knife and Cutlery Set

Ginsu Essential Series 10 Piece Stainless Steel Serrated Knife And Cutlery Set Product Image

We’ve seen the high-end and mid-range sides of Ginsu, it’s about time we checked their really, really cheap side, isn’t it? The Ginsu Essential Series 10-Piece Serrated Knife Set is Ginsu’s gift to those who are on a really tight budget or simply those who need a simple, affordable set for their occasional cutting tasks.

The set includes all the essential knives that you need for both simple and complicated meals, such as the Chef’s Knife, Slicing and Carving Knife, Utility Knife, Paring Knife, and Four Inch Steak Knives. It also comes with a couple of Kitchen Shears and a lovely Natural wooden Block that would look great on any kitchen counter.

Surprisingly enough, these blades are pretty sharp, so sharp that you’ll have to take extra care while you’re using them if you don’t want to end up cutting yourself instead of your onions. For a knife set in this price range, that does indeed come as a surprise, a pleasing one to be exact, and it attests to the exceptional craftsmanship and care put by Ginsu even in the cheapest of their products.

The knives also boast the same full-tang, the triple-riveted design shown in the other knife sets in our Ginsu knife set review, which makes them pretty balanced and comfortable to grip.

It’s worth noting that these knives aren’t dishwasher safe. You need to hand wash and dry them after every usage.

What we like about it

Seeing the price of this knife set, it’s entirely normal to expect standard quality at best. Surprisingly, the collection does live up to the Ginsu name, and offers unrivaled quality in this price range, with razor-sharp blades that are easy to maintain, triple-riveted handles that allow for a comfortable and firm grip, and a nice-looking block that keeps the set organized all the time. You shouldn’t expect the world, of course, but for the price, boy, this is a real bargain for any novice or pro chef looking for a side knife set on a budget.

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How We Chose the Top Ginsu Knives in Our List

When you’re on a budget, it’s hard to find something that’s decent enough to be a part of your cutlery arsenal. Nevertheless, you can get still get pretty good stuff without breaking the bank, if you look hard enough, that is. The knife sets reviewed above were hand-picked after going over a set of features and characteristics that reflect the quality and craftsmanship you can expect. Here’s why the above products were chosen over hundreds of Ginsu knife sets:

They Are Cost-Efficient

Although Ginsu is known for producing low-cost cutlery items, it’s essential to note that not every cheap knife set is worth it. The above products aren’t only affordable, but also cost-efficient, meaning that they do live up to their price and offer excellent quality despite their affordability.

They Offer an Excellent Quality and Great Craftsmanship

All of the above knife sets offer high-quality knives that have sharp blades and comfortable handles, making each one of them a bargain for specific needs and purposes.

They Are Complete and Beginner-Friendly

While they differ in the number of items, the reviewed sets have something in common: they all cover all the basics. In other words, even if you don’t have any cutlery item altogether, you can get any of the recommended sets, and you’ll be good to go with your culinary journey.

They Are Durable

Ginsu uses Stainless steel and full tang design on all their knives, making them quite durable. Besides, they boast an impressive serration that eliminates the need for maintenance altogether.

Different Types of Ginsu Knives

Ginsu Knives come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but the major differences lie in the material and the manufacturing process.

Forged Vs. Stamped

Stamped knives are made by stamping a big sheet of metal than adding a handle and finally sharpening, whereas the crafting of forged blades includes several special techniques that enhance the knife’s sharpness and durability.

While stamped knives might be good enough when it comes to holding an edge, forged knives are superior as they are more stylish, stronger on a molecular level, and easy to sharpen, which makes using them a bit more pleasant.

High-Carbon Steel Vs. Japanese Stainless Steel

It goes without saying the Carbon is the hardest material, and when it comes to knives and blades, high-carbon steel is no exception. It’s hard and strong, which means that high-carbon knives can hold their edge for quite longer than Japanese Stainless-Steel blades. They are also incredibly sharp, giving them the advantage over knives made of other materials.

Japanese stainless steel, on the other hand, is tough. It’s not harder than high-carbon steel, but it’s tougher. Besides, a Japanese Knife tends to be sharper. As a general rule of thumb, Japanese knives rely on their sharpness when cutting through different materials, while high-carbon blades rely on their weight.

As with almost everything in the cutlery world, it all boils down to your preferences. No blade is perfect, and each knife has its own perks and uses. Your choice depends on what you really need and what you’re willing to sacrifice; determine those and picking the best Ginsu knife set will become much easier.

Why You Need the Best Ginsu Knives in Your Kitchen

While some people may feel comfortable paying hundreds of dollars for their knife sets, others would rather avoid shelling out such amount of money on cutlery. True, a fancy Chef’s knife can unlock new possibilities for you when it comes to cutting techniques, but for an average household, there is no need for such methods, and for any fancy knife for that matter.

Ginsu knives, although quite cheap, are pretty efficient. They are sharp, comfortable to grip, and durable, making them a necessity in any novice chef’s arsenal. Not only will they allow you to sharpen your culinary skills without making a hole in your wallet, but they can also turn your experience into an enjoyable and effortless one.

We all know how frustrating it is to use a dull knife. Besides, they can be really dangerous, especially if you’re of the impatient kind. By getting yourself a kitchen knife set from Ginsu, you get some of the finest affordable knives on the market. They come exceptionally sharp out of the box, and they don’t require further honing nor maintenance as the boast a serrated design that ensures an ever-sharp edge. The sets also include pretty much everything a cook needs in his journey, from the essential Chef’s knife to the must-have paring and carving knife.

In a nutshell, the Best Ginsu Knives can make your culinary experience easier, safer, and more pleasurable, things that any chef, be it an experienced or a novice one, would dig.