5 Best Haitian Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Haitian cuisine is a complicated mixture of culinary techniques and traditions followed in Haiti. It originated from a blend of different cuisines from around the world. They include the sophisticated French culinary techniques, strong flavored African cuisine and also a mix of Arabic flavors and also Caribbean food which is native to the place.

Thus the Haitian cookbook consists of flavors originating from France, Spain and Arabic cuisines. It is mixed with a strong and spicy flavor based on African cooking methods which have also influenced the food habits of the local Haiti people. There are also notable deviations in the coking observed which comes from the Spanish and Taino regions.

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#1 – Taste of Haiti

Taste Of Haiti

The classic food of Haiti is made of staples like root vegetables, pork, fish and so on. These can be made into amazing dishes. Mirta Yurnet- Thomas has written the book in a very simple way and so it is very easy to understand and follow. The flow of the language makes it even more attractive. This cookbook has about 213 pages and there are over 100 Haitian food recipes. It is very compact. Anybody can use the book and cook. Just learning to cook or an expert in cooking, this is one of the best Haitian books available in the market. It contains, not just food, but also recipes for very famous drinks and also desserts.

The book doesn’t just stop with that. It also has some information about the history of the place and helps you make a lot of traditional Haitian food. There is also enough details on how they Haitians celebrate the festivals and their holiday food. Using this book can help you get the exact feel of being in the Haitian region. It has really good reviews and every dish listed in the book is really good to taste. All you need to do is follow all the instructions just as given by the author. The best part is that the name of every dish on this book is given in 3 languages, English, Creole (the native language of Haiti) and also in French.

What we like about it

The Taste of Haiti has very good reviews and is very easy to order it online. Many natives of Haiti who have moved away now feel that this makes them feel at home. Everything is mentioned very clearly. This is a self-explanatory book and works really well even without pictures. All the dishes mentioned are perfect and tastes just like the way Haitians make it. This is one of the must-have cookbooks to learn to cook Haitian dishes.

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#2 – 50 Favorite Haitian Recipes: Taste the Islands Essentials

50 Favorite Haitian Recipes Taste The Islands Essentials

The traditional taste of the Haitian food is legendary and this book puts forth many simple ways to cook a very good Haitian meal. This is one of the books in the series of the ‘taste the islands essentials’ and has around 132 pages. This is the 2nd book in the series and is one of the best sellers. This book has a very exclusive collection of Haitian food and makes sure the people eating the dishes mentioned in the book will take you to the original Haiti culture. When people cook a dish for the first time, they need to know what the final dish will look like. The book contains beautiful and colorful images of the finished recipes. Not just these pictures.

The book also has amazing pictures showing the breathtaking view of the landscape of the Haitians. This makes the book more attractive. There are some ingredients which are very unique and can be found only in Haitian recipes. The book has instructions on how these should be handled. The beginners will find it very comfortable as the instructions for cooking each dish is clearly mentioned. These, not only contains pictures but also the author has written very interesting notes on the background and the flavor of the dish that you are going to make. The book is entirely written in English.

What we like about it

The instructions given in this book are very clearly put in a step-by-step manner and are very easy to understand. Every dish here gives the Haitian feel. It is very easy to order and get the book online. This is a very good gift for friends and family, especially if they love cooking and eating. It is very colorful. The images help you learn how the dish is supposed to be presented to look traditional.

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#3 – Fine Haitian Cuisine

Fine Haitian Cuisine

Haitian cuisine is a mixture of many culinary techniques obtained from different cultures during the period of slavery to modern times. It also has a little Spanish and African flavor in it. But the book ‘Fine Haitian cuisine’ written by the author Mona Cassion Manager is a collection of home recipes for cooking traditional, exotic and completely authentic Haitian food with an American touch to it. Rather than completely embracing the Haitian cuisine, this book gives the recipes a touch of American cooking techniques in addition to the proper Haitian flavors. It is compiled by the author due to the love and appreciation of the author’s family to the Haitian style of cooking and the traditional culinary techniques followed by Haiti people.

The recipes help the people to make a fine and exotic dish fit for any occasion. The flavor and aroma of the dishes mentioned in the book are a gastronomical treat to the body and takes you through a trip along the Carribean and the way of life there. The book consists of 450 pages and also consists of thoughtful suggestions to modify all of the recipes mentioned in the book to suit the diners of this exotic dishes. There is also a glossary at the end of the book to help the people using the book in case of doubts with the recipes.

What we like about it

The recipes in the book are presented in a very clear manner which encourages the people using it to follow the recipes easily without any confusion. The book is very informative and people can have an entertaining time trying out the new recipes for Haitian dishes. The book also has very thoughtful suggestions for modifying the recipes. It can be given as a gift for birthdays, Christmas and any other occasion. Enjoy the taste of fine Haitian recipes mentioned in the book.

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#4 – Haiti Cherie, Haitian Creole Cuisine: Haitian Creole Cuisine

Haiti Cherie, Haitian Creole Cuisine Haitian Creole Cuisine

Any cookbook is made to look attractive with a lot of pictures and photographs of how the final dish will look like. Haitian food being very traditional, it is not easy to imagine how it will look when you are done. It has to be presented properly to give the person a Haitian feeling. This book has a lot of bright and colorful photographs illustrating the final dish. This helps authentic food look perfect. The author Michele Rhesia Roumain has made it a point to put a picture on all of the recipes to make sure you get the picture of it clearly in your mind. There are over 100 recipes in the book and each one is a unique, traditional Haitian cuisine.

The book is written entirely in very simple English which makes it very easy to understand. The book has about 230 pages of pictures and texts. This is perfect for all the beginners and also to the experts. They can very easily available to buy and order the book you need. With this book, there are no chances that people will miss the Haitian food anymore. This is how good the book is. There are also a lot of quotes and all the recipes are very delicious. All the food varieties are very rich and tasty. The author is very widely appreciated for the book, the dishes and the way it is presented.

What we like about it

There are many books that are available but this has very good pictures and illustrations which are very good to check how exactly the dish will look. This gives an excellent and perfect Haitian feel. The pictures are good enough to make sure your mouth starts watering. It is natural. All the recipes are very clearly explained to make sure the readers get the best results. It has very good reviews and the book can be ordered on any online store.

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#5 – Heavenly Haiti Recipes: Your 1st Go-To Cookbook of Authentic Haitian Dishes

Heavenly Haiti Recipes Your 1st Go To Cookbook Of Authentic Haitian Dishes

Who does not want a book that makes cooking easier and more fun? The main thing about the Haitians is that they never give up on the culture. Their food is one of the ways in which the culture is visible. This book makes sure that their tradition is maintained just as it has to be. The methods described are very clear and also very easy to understand and cook. Even beginners find it easy to use this book to make an excellent Haiti dish whenever they need it. Though there are only 30 recipes in this book, they are made perfect and very traditional. This book has only 101 pages and is very compact.

These dishes are usually made with fish, beef, etc. and are complimented with pepper, tomato, cabbage and so on. This can make a perfect dish when you invite guests over for a good meal. This can be cooked very fast and you need not to waste time standing in the kitchen for a very long time. As the name suggests, it is one of the very first go-to cookbooks as it is very simple to make these dishes. All these dishes are worth a try. Just make sure you put all the ingredients in the right proportion. Only if you do it perfectly, you will end up making the traditional Haitian dish.

What we like about it:

The best part here is that it is very easy to order and it will come to your doorstep in no time. The quality is perfect. There are very basic but tasty dishes and hence this is one of the best choices to people who want to have the feel of the Haitian food. This can help people make super dishes with very basic cooking knowledge. It has very good reviews and is worth buying.

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How we choose the top Haitian cookbook

There are many criteria that are checked to make a list of the top Haitian cookbooks in this list. The most important part is that the book must have a very good quality and must be very easily available online or in any other book store. This is very important as this is the way the customers can buy them from the dealer. The most important criteria we consider is the instructions. It must be very clear and understandable. Anybody must be able to cook using these books. The proportion and the ingredients have to be mentioned very clearly. This makes it a very good choice. Anybody, be it beginner or expert in cooling must be able to make all the recipes mentioned in the book. Also, we prefer books that are very colorful and has a lot of pictures. It is very easy to understand the instructions if it is put in the form of pictorial representation. This also helps the customers make and present the dish in a better way.

There is another thing that we look into. The customer reviews are very important. They have been using the cookbook and they will know the pros and cons. Reading them can help us rank the cookbooks properly

Why you need the best Haitian cookbook in your kitchen

As we have already read, the Haitians are very good at maintaining their culture and their tradition and their dishes are also one of them. They have a very unique taste and not many cookbooks have these properly. That is why it is really important to have a Haitian cookbook in the kitchen. These are usually very healthy and do not have any kind of junk ingredients in them. The authors have made sure the dishes are the exact replica of the actual traditional Haitian dish. These are also very easy to make and do not involve overnight waiting. The books are very clear and picturized. Their paper and print quality are very good.

It is now time to start making an authentic and very unique design. The steps are very clear and the presentation is also made properly. Usually, these books are written by people who are really good cooks and hence they taste perfect. They have excellent reviews and hence are very good options to people who want to learn and cook Haitian cuisine. The books help you learn and very soon become a pro in making the Haitian cuisine. The recipes are not only simple but also very easy to remember.

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